PS4 Trophies

Until Dawn Trophies

This is a list of the 19 trophies that can be obtained throughout Until Dawn.

A Symphony of Horror Trophies You collected all Gold, Silver and Bronze trophies in Until Dawn. PlatinumPlatinumIcon Platinum
You Opened Their Eyes The group found all the clues from the Mystery Man Clueline. DLC clues 31 and 32 don't count. GoldGoldIcon Gold
This Is THE End Nobody survived until dawn. GoldGoldIcon Gold
They All Live All eight friends survived until dawn. GoldGoldIcon Gold
The Tale of The Two Sisters The group found all the clues from the Twins Clueline. GoldGoldIcon Gold
The Skillful Wolf Man Mike kept the wolf alive throughout the Sanatorium. GoldGoldIcon Gold
The Quicker Man All the boys escaped death. GoldGoldIcon Gold
The Fateful Descent The group found all the clues from the 1952 Clueline. GoldGoldIcon Gold
Night of the Totem Hunter The group found all the totems on the mountain. GoldGoldIcon Gold
Four Daughters Of Darkness All of the girls survived until dawn. GoldGoldIcon Gold
The Psycho Path Sam or Ashley attacked the Psycho with a weapon. SilverSilverIcon Silver
Scream Too! Mike cut off his fingers to free himself from the bear trap. SilverSilverIcon Silver
Instant Inferno Sam immediately flicked the switch to set the lodge ablaze. SilverSilverIcon Silver
Don't Scare Jessica To Death Jessica survived her night of terror. SilverSilverIcon Silver
Ashley Snaps Ashley snapped and let Chris die. SilverSilverIcon Silver
You Let The Wrong One In! Ashley or Chris opened the trap door and let the monster in. BronzeBronzeIcon Bronze
The Exorcism of Emily Mike shot Emily. BronzeBronzeIcon Bronze
Let eM In Mike allowed Emily to stay in the basement. BronzeBronzeIcon Bronze
Fatal Grudge Chris chose to shoot Ashley. BronzeBronzeIcon Bronze


1. Do a playthrough where you save every character (making sure that Emily gets bit, Wolfie survives, Mike cuts off his fingers, and Ashley stabs the Psycho or Sam throws a vase) and collect every clue and totem along the way. This gives you the trophies: They All Live, Four Daughters of Darkness, The Quicker Man, Don't Scare Jessica To Death, Let eM In, The Skillful Wolf Man, Scream Too!, The Psycho Path, The Fateful Descent, The Tale of The Two Sisters, You Opened Their Eyes, and Night of the Totem Hunter.

2. After completing the previous playthrough, go back to Chapter 6 through the Episodes menu and do another playthrough until the scene where the Psycho forces Chris to choose between shooting Ashley and himself. Chris must shoot Ashley. Continue playing until Chapter 8 and make sure Emily gets bit. When it comes to Chris' segment in the same chapter, keep him alive until he gets back to the lodge where Ashley leaves him outside. In the basement, shoot Emily. In Chapter 9, Ashley must open the trap door. Kill all the remaining characters in Chapter 10 (by not finding the diary and failing all "Don't Move" segments. This gives you the trophies: This Is THE end, Ashley Snaps, Fatal Grudge, The Exorcism of Emily, and You Let The Wrong One In.

3. Go back to Chapter 10 and play until the final lodge scene. Pass the first few "Don't Move" segments, then choose to run to the switch instead of saving Mike. This gives you the trophies: Instant Inferno and A Symphony of Horror Trophies.


  • The trophy names are all thinly disguised references to classic movies:
    • Nosferatu: A Symphony of Horror: F.W. Murnau's classic German Expressionist vampire movie.
    • Open Your Eyes: A classic psychological thriller by Spanish director Alejandro Amenábar's.
    • This is the End: In this 2013 movie, James Franco and his friends are faced with the apocalypse.
    • They Live: John Carpenter's satirical 1988 sci-fi horror film about corporations taken over by aliens.
    • A Tale of Two Sisters: A Korean psychological horror film.
    • The Wolf Man: Classic 1941 monster movie starring Lon Chaney Jr.
    • The Wicker Man: A British mystery horror film wherein a police officer is sent to a Scottish island finds a community that he suspects practices human sacrifice.
    • The Descent: A British psychological horror/monster movie set in a cave in the Appalachians.
    • The Night of the Hunter: A 1955 film noir directed by Charles Laughton.
    • Daughters of Darkness: A 1971 vampire movie loosely based on the life of Elizabeth Bathory.
    • Psycho: A classic psychological horror slasher flick directed and produced by Alfred Hitchcock.
    • Scream 2: Wes Craven's second outing in the successful Scream film series.
    • Inferno: Dario Argento's horror film which features a coven of witches.
    • Let's Scare Jessica to Death: A 1971 psychological horror movie.
    • Ginger Snaps: Classic cult Canadian werewolf movie.
    • Let the Right One In: A Swedish vampire movie.
    • The Exorcism of Emily Rose: A 2005 courtroom drama / horror film.
    • Let Me In: A 2010 Thriller movie.
    • The Grudge: A 2004 Japanese horror film.

Rush of Blood Trophies

This is a list of the 40 trophies that can be obtained throughout Until Dawn: Rush of Blood.

Final Treatment Collect all trophies. PlatinumPlatinumIcon BulletTrophyPlatinum
The Nightmare Ends Finish the story on Psychotic. GoldGoldIcon BulletTrophyGold
Obsessive Collector Collect all the skittles. GoldGoldIcon BulletTrophyGold
Haunted Lodge Killer Finish “Haunted Lodge” on Insane. SilverSilverIcon BulletTrophySilver
Nightmare Descent Killer Finish “Nightmare Descent” on Insane. SilverSilverIcon BulletTrophySilver
Hotel Hell Killer Finish “Hotel Hell” on Insane SilverSilverIcon BulletTrophySilver
Psycho Cellblock Killer Finish “Psycho Cellblock” on Insane. SilverSilverIcon BulletTrophySilver
Ghost Town Killer Finish “Ghost Town” on Insane. SilverSilverIcon BulletTrophySilver
Mines of Death Killer Finish “Mines of Death” on Insane. SilverSilverIcon BulletTrophySilver
Final Inferno Killer Finish “Final Inferno” on Insane. SilverSilverIcon BulletTrophySilver
Diagnosis Complete Finish the story on any difficulty. SilverSilverIcon BulletTrophySilver
Secret Spotter Collect all the skittles in one level. SilverSilverIcon BulletTrophySilver
Unstoppable Reach multiplier x8 SilverSilverIcon BulletTrophySilver
Duck Hunter Shoot all the moving ducks in “Haunted Lodge” SilverSilverIcon BulletTrophySilver
Old School Complete a level using only pistols. SilverSilverIcon BulletTrophySilver
Won Armed Complete a level using only one hand. SilverSilverIcon BulletTrophySilver
Blow Your Mind Get 100 headshots. SilverSilverIcon BulletTrophySilver
Dead Eye Get >80% accuracy on a level. SilverSilverIcon BulletTrophySilver
Moment of Sanity See all the “Moment of Sanity” sequences. SilverSilverIcon BulletTrophySilver
Haunted Lodge Survivor Finish “Haunted Lodge”. BronzeBronzeIcon BulletTrophyBronze
Nightmare Descent Survivor Finish “Nightmare Descent”. BronzeBronzeIcon BulletTrophyBronze
Hotel Hell Survivor Finish “Hotel Hell”. BronzeBronzeIcon BulletTrophyBronze
Psycho Cellblock Survivor Finish “Psycho Cellblock”. BronzeBronzeIcon BulletTrophyBronze
Ghost Town Survivor Finish “Ghost Town”. BronzeBronzeIcon BulletTrophyBronze
Mines of Death Survivor Finish “Mines of Death”. BronzeBronzeIcon BulletTrophyBronze
Final Inferno Survivor Finish “Final Inferno”. BronzeBronzeIcon BulletTrophyBronze
I bestow this fire-power Pick up a new weapon. BronzeBronzeIcon BulletTrophyBronze
Master Arsenal Pick up all weapons. BronzeBronzeIcon BulletTrophyBronze
Four Barrel Spray of Death Dual wield shotguns. BronzeBronzeIcon BulletTrophyBronze
A Storm of Bullets Dual wield machine pistols. BronzeBronzeIcon BulletTrophyBronze
Do you feel lucky? Dual wield revolvers. BronzeBronzeIcon BulletTrophyBronze
On a roll Reach multiplier x4. BronzeBronzeIcon BulletTrophyBronze
I shoot, therefore I am Beat a previous set score on a level. BronzeBronzeIcon BulletTrophyBronze
Barrel of Laughs Kill 20 enemies with barrels. BronzeBronzeIcon BulletTrophyBronze
Mostly Armless Blast off 100 limbs. BronzeBronzeIcon BulletTrophyBronze
Arachnophobia Die from spider venom. BronzeBronzeIcon BulletTrophyBronze
Head Trauma Die from hitting head on a barrier. BronzeBronzeIcon BulletTrophyBronze
For My Next Trick Get killed by a sawblade. BronzeBronzeIcon BulletTrophyBronze
Nowhere to Hide Hit three targets with one shot from the revolver. BronzeBronzeIcon BulletTrophyBronze
Spitting Lead Hit three or more targets with a blast from the shotgun. BronzeBronzeIcon BulletTrophyBronze

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