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Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE), formerly Sony Computer Entertainment, is a video game company in Japan which specializes in producing, developing and publishing games for Playstation systems, including Until Dawn and Until Dawn: Rush of Blood.


It is a Japanese multinational video game company specializing in a variety of areas in the video game industry and is a wholly owned subsidiary and part of the Consumer Products & Services Group of Sony. The company was established on November 16, 1993, in Tokyo, Japan, prior to the launch of the original PlayStation video game system.

Sony Interactive Entertainment handles the research and development, production, and sales of both hardware and software for the PlayStation line of handheld and home console video game systems. It is also a developer and publisher of video game titles and is composed of several subsidiaries covering the company's largest markets: North America, Europe, and Asia. SIE's largest workforce is in the United States and has 8,000 employees in more than 50 countries. As of September 20, 2016, the company has sold more than 486 million consoles worldwide.

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