The Pistol is a weapon that appears in Until Dawn. It was given to Chris on the table by The Psycho in Chapter 6.


The pistol is a silver and black firearm. It will be found and possibly used in Chapter 6 by Chris, when it is left on the table as he is forced to make a decision on whether to shoot Ashley, shoot himself, or not shoot at all.

In Chapter 7, Chris attempts to shoot the Psycho several times before revealing himself, only to discover the gun was blanks.

In Chapter 8, Mike uses the pistol to taunt Josh going to and inside the shed. Chris will have the choice to disarm him.


  • The pistol is revealed to be full of blanks in Chapter 7. Blanks, however have shown to be seriously dangerous and even fatal if shot at close-range, begging the question how Chris or Ashley (depending on who got "shot") sustain no damage from the "shot".
  • The sound of a shot indicates that Chris did the trigger. However it appears that Chris does not realise that the bullets are fake even though he/Ashley is clearly still alive, as he tries to shoot the Psycho with it. He also doesn't seem to notice the fake bullets when he initially shots the descending blades.
  • The Pistol's design appears to be based on the SIG Sauer P226, a 9mm semi-automatic pistol. It may look longer than a real P226, so it could be a hybrid of the P226 with a Browning Hi Power.
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