Aw shit.
— Chris

The Pig's Head is the fifteenth clue in the Mystery Man Clueline. It can be found by Chris on the mountainside, in Chapter 4 or Chapter 8 of Until Dawn.


The clue hints that someone gutted a pig and used only its body, dumping its head, and leaving it outside.


When Chris is walking to the shed in Chapter 4 or Chapter 8, turn left at the intersection. After the dummy pops out at you, go around it and you will find the Pig's Head at the base of the tree.


  • How many pigs died just so that Josh could prank his friends?
    • The intestines were used as Josh's "body" (functions as a mannequin) to be severed in half when Chris decides who he will save between Ashley and Josh.
  • Matt and Emily will find a similar pig's head. They will also find a note attached to it. Ashley and Chris will later find pig corpses in the basement.
  • In Chapter 10, during Josh's hallucination, a pig head appears as a representation of the pigs Josh had to kill in order to pull off his prank.

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