What is this, like a fucking hit list?
— Chris

The Photos of Friends is the twenty-second clue in the Mystery Man Clueline. It can be found by Ashley in the old hotel, in Chapter 6 of Until Dawn.


Six photos of friends among the group, with one person having their eyes crossed out. It almost seems to be some sort of hit list.


A door will slam shut behind Ashley and Chris in the basement. Walk straight across the room and you will find the photos of friends on the wall in front of you.


  • Josh had plenty of opportunity to take these over the last year.
  • During the sessions with Dr. Hill, the player chooses which character they dislike the most. That character will have their eyes crossed out, since the sessions are in the head of the Mystery Man, and he dislikes them the most.
    • The photos of Sam, Mike, Josh, Ashley, and Chris will always appear.
      • The photo of Jessica, without her eyes crossed out, will appear if the player chose to dislike Josh, Mike, or Ashley. 

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