So what have we here...
— Chris

The Newspaper Fragment is the second clue in the Mystery Man Clueline. It can be found by Chris in the lodge in Chapter 2 of Until Dawn.


A ripped piece of newspaper, covering a gripping story on the Washington family.


5th June 1997 - The Alberta Bugle
Ex-Janitor Convicted For Arson
Swears revenge on movie mogul's family
By Charlie Scott - Chief Reporter

Victor Milgram, 52, was yesterday sentenced to 16 years in prison for aggravated arson committed on Blackwood Pines. Milgram was employed as the janitor of the mountain's old hotel for 28 years. However, when Hollywood producer Bob Washington acquired the property, Milgram was fired.

In a sensational twist, the sentencing ended with an enraged Milgram screaming obscenities at Washington's heavily pregnant wife, Melinda. Calling her a f------ whore, he vowed to get all of you, your f------ husband and kids, and said that he would make them suffer. Melinda had visibly struggled to maintain her composure throughout the case, and later claimed that though she was upset by Milgram's threats, she had full faith in the legal system to keep her and her family safe.


It can be found by Chris in the lodge in Chapter 2, when he is in the storage room. Instead of going through the door on the right, go through the door on the left, where the clue will be resting on a shelf.



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