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Looks like it was written by Josh's mom.
— Chris

The Native American Letter is the eleventh clue in the Mystery Man Clueline. It can be found by Chris in the lodge's library, in Chapter 3 of Until Dawn.


An elaborate letter from Melinda Washington to Dr. C. J. Swaffham from the Race and Ethnicity Department in Vancouver. She expresses respect towards the sacred land of the Native American forefathers, and concern about a strange man she saw near the generator shed.


November 8, 2013

Dr. C. J. Swaffham

Race and Ethnicity Department

183 Haskell Hall 6130 Amsterdam Road

Vancouver, BC V72 9B1

Dear Dr. Swaffham,

Thank you for your response. It's good to know that the tribe still feel an attachment to the land here, even if we have a few unfortunate problems (graffiti, people sleeping in the outbuildings). This is their ancestral home, after all.

I have made contact with the descendants of the tribe and intend to make a donation to their elder council.

Healing the wounds of the past won't be easy, but I feel it's a step that is necessary.

Yours sincerely,

Melinda Washington

(On reverse side)

Saw that crazy guy again,

Thurs 9.17pm - hanging around the generator shed,

I'm going to start keeping a record.


In Chapter 3, after Chris finds the Portrait Photo and the Threatening Letter, a door will creak open. Walk through the door and continue down the hall. Instead of opening the closed door in front of you, turn left and there will be a desk with the clue on it.


  • The strange man near the lodge was the flamethrower guy.
  • The clue will only be counted when turned around.

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