Looks like we weren't the only ones to meet the friendly neighborhood terror bears.
— Mike

The Native American Book is the seventh clue in the Mystery Man Clueline. It can be found by Mike in the cabin in Chapter 3 of Until Dawn.


A book with Native American myths and legends. The book consists of a small story, and information on Native American beliefs and symbols.



Joseph Malick


The mother bear returned. She was enraged and attacked the merchant, but he managed to escape with her cubs' pelts.

A mighty eagle saw this, and swooped at the merchant as he ran through the trees, but a gunshot frightened the eagle away.

The merchant was leaving the forest, and was gleeful, thinking of the money that would soon be his.

But a great tree fell, blocking his way. He had to turn back and find another route.

And that is where he met the bear once more.

The Great Spirit stopped him that day, and the bear had its revenge.

To anger the earth is to sacrifice your life. The Great Spirit sees all. Remember that, and be wary. Respect is the way of the tribe.


Native American Signs and Symbols

Native American hunters used symbols and signs scratched on to trees or daubed on to walls to communicate with other tribe members. Many symbols conveyed religious or mystical beliefs, others warned of danger or offered protection, and some told of good hunting grounds. Most symbols were specific to the tribe that used it and would be unrecognizable to other tribes.

Shown below and opposite are some symbols used by tribes in North America and Canada.

(Imagine of a hunter symbol)

Good hunting ground

(Image of a butterfly symbol)

A vision or dream of the future

(Image of a skull symbol)

A ward or spell protecting against evil spirits


When Mike and Jessica make it to the cabin, go to the left of the fire place, where you will see a book on the local environment. Flip through all the pages for it to be counted as a clue.


  • As can be read in The Stranger's Journal, he copied native artifacts: totems with bunches of herbs and feathers. The Mystical Symbol thus means that these places will keep you safe from the Wendigo.
  • The story in the book is a reference to the beliefs of the Cree, who respected the mountain and believed harming it would bring bad karma.

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