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You're just like me and everyone else. We're all insecure! But, you know how to handle yourself. You might call it a front but it's real.
— Mike to Jessica

Michael "Mike" Munroe is one of the eight main protagonists and a playable character in Until Dawn. He is portrayed by actor Brett Dalton.


Mike is a young man with short black hair, brown eyes, and fair skin.

In the Prologue, he wears a brown plaid shirt and a pair of jeans. When the group meets up a year later, Mike wears a flannel jacket underneath a dark blue padded vest, a white tank top undershirt, and a pair of jeans.

In Chapter 3, Mike removes most of his clothing, leaving his jeans and a white tank top undershirt. He will later find and wear a green army jacket in Chapter 5. After Wendigo attacks and various other injuries, his face will start to look rougher, covered with dirt and scars. He will later receive a black eye, a big scar beside his mouth, and can get multiple gashes across his neck. The fingers on one of his hands may also be amputated in Chapter 5 if he decides to do so, or bloody if he freed himself from the beartrap.


Mike is like 'big guy on campus.' He's the class president who has some charm, and has brain. I don't know, people seem to like Mike. He gets away with a lot though. He can be kind of jerky.
— Brett Dalton on Mike
Mike's personality traits.

Described in-game as intelligent, driven and persuasive, Mike is known among the survivors for being promiscuous, and "loves women" despite his hatred of commitment.

According to a hallucination of Dr. Hill, Mike has a fear of isolation despite being on his own more than any other character in the game. However, this could just be a misrepresentation of Mike from the patient's perspective. It should be noted Mike may have a fear of misfortune towards his friends or them turning against him or each other. This is supported by the fact he fears the idea of Emily becoming a Wendigo, considers Chris unreliable after Chris knocks out Josh, expresses disbelief at the idea of Hannah cannibalizing Beth, and is also shown to exhibit a slight martyr complex, declaring that he will keep his friends safe and will risk himself to go to the Wendigos' lair alone, as well as sacrificing his own life to kill the Wendigos if needed.

Mike initially comes across as being self-absorbed, somewhat vain, immature and an all round stereotypical 'jock'. However, over the events of the game he emerges as a brave and resourceful young man, putting his own life at risk to help his friends and trying to ensure the others' survival.

Until Dawn


Good looking, smooth as silk, and silver-tongued, Mike is the resident ladykiller. He's had more girlfriends than he's had hot dinners, which can cause a few problems when a few of them are in his immediate circle of friends.

Mike is a man of action. He's always the first to volunteer, the first to make a suggestion. With a narcissistic streak, there's no denying that he likes the attention that comes with being the man who stands up and can get things done.


One Year Ago

Mike is first seen watching Jessica and Sam argue over their prank on Hannah. He, Ashley, Emily, Jessica, and Matt go down to the guest room wait for Hannah, and when she walks in, he convinces her to take off her blouse. As she is unbuttoning her shirt, the rest of the group reveal themselves to her just as Sam walks in the room warning her too late, and a humiliated Hannah runs out of the room. He, along with everyone else, goes after her outside the lodge and calls for her to come back. Once Hannah's twin sister Beth gets outside, she asks him what happened, to which he replies that it was all just a prank. As Beth runs off to find Hannah, Mike asks Sam if they should go after them. Sam tells him that he's probably the last person they want to see.

Chapter 1

A year later, he returns to the lodge on the anniversary of Hannah and Beth's disappearance. He first appears when he scares Emily, his ex-girlfriend, and Matt, her new boyfriend, after they walk across the bridge outside the lodge. After settling some tensions between himself and Matt, he starts walking to the cable car station when Emily catches up with him to talk and later, embrace. Ashley sees this event through the lodge's telescope, and she may either tell Matt or keep him in the dark. 

He continues on his way to the station and startles Jessica, his new girlfriend, with a snowball. They begin to flirt with each other, eventually escalating into a snowball fight between the pair, which ends with them falling on top of one another. Depending on the choices made, the scene can be romantic, funny or chilling if Jessica had killed an innocent bird in the fight, causing an icicle to fall down. Eventually, they decide to head back to the lodge, all the while continuing their flirting.

Chapter 2

Mike and Jessica meet up with everyone else inside the lodge and, depending on whether or not Matt saw the embrace between Mike and Emily, a heated argument can start. If Matt did not see the exchange or does not push the argument too far, Mike then witnesses a quarrel between Emily and Jessica, but in either case, Josh defuses the fight and tells him to check out the guest cabin along with Jessica.

After clearing his mind outside, Jessica comes out and comforts him before Josh follows, apologizing for kicking them out of the lodge in such an abrupt manner. He reminds them to turn on the generator so that the lights outside will turn on and the gate will unlock, as it is dark.

Mike and Jess in the mines.

They start to walk through the woods towards the cabin, where they have the opportunity to take a selfie with each other, discuss the fight that occurred in the lodge, and continue to rally cheesy sexual references between themselves. They discover the path is blocked by natural debris, so they are forced to investigate the mine, but Jessica accidentally falls down after some old boards break under her weight. Mike checks on her and eventually follows her down, and they slowly progress through the mine shafts.

Once outside again, they make it to another viewpoint with a telescope and Jessica takes the opportunity to look out at their cabin, but claims to see a figure near it. Mike takes a look. After not seeing anything, he turns his head and criticizes Jessica for being paranoid, yet being too late to acknowledge a weird figure appear in front of the telescope (where it is later revealed to be a Wendigo).

They proceed down the hill, and Mike is startled once again by a bird, which Jessica takes advantage of and makes fun of his cowardice. They once again meet a blockage in their path, this time a fallen tree, and Jessica starts to climb over it, but not before hitting Mike with another snowball. Just as he turns around and is about to retaliate, he discovers she has suddenly vanished before hearing her piercing scream as the chapter ends.

Chapter 3

Mike gets worried and quickly follows Jessica over the fallen tree. After he searches for a while, Jessica jumps out and scares him with a deer's skull all while recording it on her phone, much to his dismay and his jokey death threats.

As they continue on their journey, Mike stops and listens out as he feels someone might be following them. He has the option to throw a rock to draw out the presence, but a deer jumps out at them, knocking them over. Once they pick themselves up, they come to an old shack. If Mike takes a look inside the shack he can find an old mask, which he can either show to Jessica, creeping her out, or use it as a revenge prank against her, making her fall into a shallow stream of water and generally annoying her.

As they move on, the deer jumps out at them once again, but as it goes back into the bushes it is heard screeching. They meet it again shortly as it lays injured in their path, and Mike can comfort the dying animal or give it a swift and quick death.

Regardless, the deer suddenly gets pulled away, surprising the couple and causing them to sprint away, thinking they are being chased by a bear. They barely make it into the cabin, and depending on Mike's choices, Jessica can thank him or berate him.

They soon shake off their fears, and Mike starts to make his advances on Jessica. However, she realizes she has lost her phone, and if Mike failed to be romantic during the trip she will be open with him and have an honest discussion about her feelings and inhibitions, but Mike still has an opportunity to seduce her. If Mike was romantic during the trip, Jessica will be a pushover and the whole conversation about her feelings will be skipped.

Before they have a chance to engage in further romance, one of the cabin windows is smashed and Mike goes to investigate, finding Jessica's missing phone. Thinking that her friends took it to prank them, she storms outside in anger and gloats about the fact that she is going to enjoy having sex with Mike. Not long after she goes back inside, a Wendigo suddenly grabs Jessica and forcefully pulls her through the door window.

Chapter 4

Mike immediately grabs the gun left in the lodge and chases after Jessica through the woods. Depending on whether or not he takes the safe paths or the risky shortcuts, he can reach her at the old mine before she is killed, and the elevator she lays on collapses into the abyss and Mike will think that she is dead.

Shortly after, he spots a figure further up the mine shaft and has a chance to shoot it before following up. Once he climbs his way up he has a chance to shoot another mysterious figure, but will find out the gun is jammed and throws it away in favor of chasing the figure down, leading him to the Blackwood Sanatorium.

Chapter 5

Mike making shocking discoveries in the Sanatorium.

Mike investigates the building to find The Stranger and retrieves a machete stuck in a corpse. He finds the majority of the clues about the events from 1952 in the mines.

His curiosity can cause him to accidentally touch a bear trap, presumably set up by The Stranger. His fingers are stuck, giving the player two choices; either amputate them or try to open the trap with the machete he found earlier on. If he amputates them, he can still use his machete, but if he tries to save his fingers, the machete breaks.

As his search continues, he has the option to befriend one of the wolves that live in the Sanatorium, who can help him from time to time. This location is also where Mike finds the army jacket he wears throughout the other remaining chapters.

When Mike is in the deepest halls of the building, he moves a barrel aside to open a door behind it, which he must shoot the lock to access. Unfortunately, the barrel he moves is full of oil, and the sparks from the gunshot cause an explosion that Mike is barely able to escape from.

Chapter 6

While he does not physically appear in the chapter, Mike is mentioned as "Hannah's crush" by Ashley and Chris.

Chapter 7

He reappears at the start of this chapter, either waking up Sam if she was knocked out and captured by the Psychopath or grabbing her ankle to get her attention as she is investigating The Psycho's lair, teaming up with her to find their friends. They quickly find Ashley and Chris, where they discover the true identity of the Psycho that has been chasing them.

Once he discovers the Psycho is Josh, he is enraged at the possibility that he killed Jessica, and so he punches Josh in the face, knocking him out cold.

Soon after, Mike and Chris tie Josh up and march him out to the shed to prevent him from harming everyone else. Josh's deluded blubbers start to make Mike angry, provoking him to point a gun at Josh, which Chris can either knock out of his hand, revealing that he didn't intend to actually shoot him, or berate Chris if he knocks out Josh with his stick. He tells Chris to head back to the lodge and keep an eye on everyone else while he stays with Josh for the night.

Chapter 8

Regardless of his initial intentions to stay with Josh, he comes back to the lodge after either Emily or The Stranger arrives. When The Stranger starts talking about the Wendigo, Mike doubts all of his claims in hope of blaming him, but then flashes back to his previous mistaken encounters and remains quiet. After Chris and the Stranger leave to search for Josh, Mike and the other survivors hide in the safe room located in the basement.

If Chris does not survive the journey, Mike will be there to console Ashley when she witnesses his death.

When he returns down to the basement safe room, he starts to panic and looks for any other exits in the building, as he does not want to stay in the room out of fear of the Wendigos finding the survivors. He comes up with the idea of getting the cable car key off of Josh, but the rest of the survivors fear for his safety given Josh's disappearance, and if Emily has survived up until this point, she suggests that he may have been taken down to the mines where she ended up after the fire tower incident. Once the survivors discover The Stranger's Journal, Mike relays his knowledge of the 1950's incident to the others.

A tough decision.

If Emily had been bitten during her escape from the mines, Ashley will notice the bite on her shoulder and will freak out, assuming that the Wendigo's bites are infectious and that it will turn Emily into one of the creatures. Mike sides with Ashley during this fight, picks up a gun and faces the tough decision of whether or not to shoot Emily. Shortly after making up his mind, Mike tells everyone to stay in the safe room as he goes off to the Sanatorium once more.

Chapter 9

In the Sanatorium.

Mike arrives at the Sanatorium once again to search for Josh to obtain the cable car keys. At the Sanatorium, he finds more objects and evidence that reveals the disturbing events that took place in the Sanatorium before arming himself with a sawed-off shotgun and descending deeper into the facility.

In the bowels of the Sanatorium, Mike has various encounters with the Wendigos and inadvertently releases several. Mike will attempt to fight off the Wendigos as they aggressively pursue him. He blows up the Sanatorium by shooting an oil drum during the escape. However, one of the Wendigos (Billy Bates), survives the explosion and resumes chasing him. Near the end, Sam arrives in time to attack and help finish off the flaming Billy before/after escaping the Sanatorium.

Chapter 10

Mike and Sam in the mine.

Mike and Sam continue their journey in the mines, where Mike deduces that the Wendigos from the 1950s incident must be at least 80 years old. It is here that they also have the opportunity to find Hannah's journal and figure out what really happened after the twins disappeared, as well as the mutilated corpses of recent Wendigo victims to their horror (the number can vary depending on how many of the survivors have been killed).

Eventually, they manage to find Josh in his hallucinatory state, and Mike slaps him on the face to bring him back into reality. After retrieving the keys, Sam decides to climb up the cliff in order to get back to the lodge as quickly as possible, but Mike is forced to backtrack and escort Josh given his mental state. As they make their way back wading through the water, Mike suddenly gets dragged below and the Wendigo emerges to grab Josh, either killing him or capturing him as Mike tries to hide.

Mike successfully emerges from the mines and startles Sam when she tries to open one of the lodge's doors. He explains to her that Josh had been taken by the Wendigo, and she expresses pity for his fate.

The final confrontation.

Mike suggests that they go back down to the basement to see if any of the survivors are still alive. On their way, they discover that a pair of Wendigos have invaded the basement, and any remaining survivors will run out in fear. They run back up to the main floor, only to find Wendigo Hannah hanging off of the chandelier in the lobby, causing them all to freeze in place. Hannah then begins fighting her older brethren, easily overpowering them and causing a gas leak in the process.

Mike and Sam notice the leak and non-verbally coordinate a plan to destroy the Wendigos by incinerating the lodge. Mike will attempt to sneak by and break a light bulb while Sam uses the light switch at the exit to ignite the gas. Hannah will notice movement near the light bulb and patrol near Mike, and Sam can save him by yelling to attract Hannah's attention. If Sam successfully distracts Hannah, Mike will succeed in breaking the light bulb without being noticed by the Wendigos and escape right before Sam. Alternately, Mike can be incinerated by the blast if Sam runs for the switch early or if she gets killed by Hannah and forces Mike to use his lighter to set off the gas.


During the Interview

  • If Mike survived until dawn, he will appear in the police interviews in the end credits. He talks about Josh and his unstable mental state and admits that he was wrong about accusing him of attacking Jessica.
  • If Mike failed to save her in time, he will tearfully blame himself for her death.
  • If he shot Emily, he will be distressed and will try to defend his actions to the police.
  • If Sam was killed, he will state that the Wendigo came out of nowhere, and he left Josh behind after hearing him scream.

He may also be mentioned by other protagonists:

  • If Jessica survived until dawn, she will tell the interviewers that Mike came for her and asks them if he survived.
  • If Sam survived the night while Mike did not, she will blame herself for his death and state that he saved her life.
  • If Emily survived until dawn and was bitten, she will antagonize Mike throughout the whole interview, stating that he pointed a gun at her, calling him a prick, and expressing her disbelief of his intentions because of them having dated.
  • If Ashley survived the night, while Sam, Mike, Jessica, Matt, Emily(or she survived, but did not find Beth's head in the mines) did not, she will briefly mention Mike, saying that everyone was supposed to meet up with him and Sam.

Possible Deaths

  • If Sam fails the first "Don't Move" segment during the final lodge confrontation, he will be forced to save her and will be thrown on the ground by Hannah. Afterwards, he is noticed by Hannah after breaking the light bulb and will have his abdomen cut and be thrown against a pillar, preventing him from escaping and killing him in the explosion.
    • If Sam succeeds in the first "Don't Move" segment but does nothing when given the choice to save Mike, he will still be noticed by Hannah and have his abdomen cut and be thrown against the pillar, preventing him from escaping.
  • If Sam dies and Mike was already injured by the aforementioned "Don't Move" segment or choice, Mike will be forced to use his lighter to set the lodge ablaze, killing himself along with the remaining Wendigos in the lodge explosion.
  • If Sam chooses to run for the light switch before Mike escapes the lodge, he will be incinerated in the lodge explosion.

Killed Victims

  • Emily (Intentional, Direct, Determinant)
  • Multiple Wendigos (Intentional, Direct, Determinant)
    • Billy Bates (Intentional, Indirect, Determinant)
    • Hannah (Intentional, Indirect, Determinant)
  • A deer (Intentional, Direct, Determinant)


Hannah and Beth

Hannah had a crush on Mike prior to the incident at the lodge. Mike's feelings towards Hannah are unclear, but he apparently does not return or take seriously her affections and sees nothing wrong with manipulating her emotions as part of a prank. Just before the game begins, Mike writes Hannah a note telling her to come to the guest room. As she arrives, Mike convinces Hannah to strip for him. Unbeknownst to her, Mike's advances were part of a prank that he, Emily, Jessica, Matt, and Ashley were playing on her. When she finds out, she becomes humiliated and flees the lodge, and ultimately falls off a cliff with her sister. Mike can express remorse over the prank and his involvement, and is horrified upon learning Hannah's fate, indicating he at least cared for her.

As Mike and most of the survivors call after Hannah as she flees the lodge, Beth runs up to them and asks what happened. After learning that Hannah's emotional state was due to the group playing a prank on her, Beth calls Mike and the rest of the gang jerks and runs after Hannah. When it is revealed that Hannah cannibalized Beth in the Mines, he initially denies it, not wanting to believe that Hannah would do such a thing.

As a Wendigo, Hannah appears to have remnants of her care towards Mike. While she would kill every other person when given the chance, she never entirely kills him herself. She may, however, cause direct fatal injuries to Mike.


Mike and Ashley do not appear to get along very well, nor are they close. His lowest base relationships in the game are with her and Matt. However, they were in agreement on forcing Emily to leave they realize she was bitten. If Chris dies before making it back to the lodge, he will console Ashley and escort her to the basement.

Relationship Decreases

  • If Emily was bitten and Mike shot Emily, his relationship with Ashley will drop to zero.


Mike and Chris do not have a lot of interaction in the game and seem like very different people personality-wise. However, when the group comes back together in Chapter 7 and find out the truth about The Psycho, it's Chris and Mike who take Josh out to the shed and tie him up. Based on who Chris chose to sacrifice during the saw blade trap, Josh will choose to antagonize one of them (regarding their romantic interests) and Chris has the option to disarm Mike when Mike gets frustrated and points a gun at Josh.

If Chris disarms Mike, there's an awkward moment between the two as Mike claims that Chris 'knows him better' than to believe he'd actually hurt Josh, and Chris asks Mike to warn him next time, implying they actually are at least good friends, though we see little of it in the game. Later, they interact again; when the Stranger comes to the lodge, Chris can either open the door for Mike or ask Mike to give him the gun and demand Mike to open the door. If Mike protests giving up the gun, Chris claims that Mike can "take whatever it is with sheer good looks and muscles", and Mike agrees, handing him the gun. Chris also subtly gives Mike the opinion that he believes Emily needs to leave the lodge if she's bitten by the Wendigo in the mine, yet seems frightened if Mike chooses to shoot Emily.

Relationship Increases

  • If Chris scolds Josh, his relationship with Chris will slightly increase.

Relationship Decreases

  • If Chris knocks out Josh, his relationship with Chris will decrease.
  • If Emily was bitten and Mike shot Emily, his relationship with Chris will drastically decrease.

  • Emily

    See Emily and Mike for more information.

    In the prologue, Mike and Emily are in a relationship but broke up afterwards when Mike left her for Jessica. Despite this, Mike and Emily still remain as good friends, with Emily being his second highest base relationship. Later in the game, Mike can choose to say whether Jessica brings out the worst in Emily or tell Jessica to lay off Emily.

    In Chapter 8, their relationship will be completely damaged if Emily was bitten. In fear of the bite being infectious and to ensure the safety of the remaining group, Mike will demand her to leave the room. When Emily refuses, Mike will point a gun at her and can choose to shoot her. If he does so, the group may later learn the bite was harmless. He will show remorse and guilt, though desperately tries to justify his actions by blaming the unfortunate circumstances during the police interview. Regardless of whether or not he shot her, their relationship will always drop to zero.

    Relationship Decreases

    • If Emily was bitten, regardless if Mike decided to shoot her or not, his relationship with Emily will drop to zero.



    See Jessica and Mike for more information.

    Jessica and Mike are known to be in a relationship. His highest base relationship in the game is with her. In Chapter 1, Jessica patiently waits at the ski lift to see Mike, where they later have a playful snowball fight. They then go to a cabin to have intercourse, and Mike is distraught when Jessica is kidnapped, and risks his life to save her. Believing that she is dead following her fall to the bottom of the shaft, he becomes extremely angry and upset and attempts to hunt down her killer. If Jessica dies because Mike was not able to save her, he will blame himself in the post-game interview, tearful and repentant. Jessica will always show concern for Mike in her post-game interview, asking if he made it out. The two clearly care about each other very much.

    Relationship Increases

    • If Jessica kisses Mike, his relationship with Jessica will increase.
    • If Jessica and Emily fought and Mike agrees with Jessica that Emily was being a bitch, his relationship with Jessica will increase.
    • If Mike and Matt fought and Mike calls Matt a dick, his relationship with Jessica will increase.
    • If Mike shows respect towards Hannah and Beth, his relationship with Jessica will slightly increase.
    • If Mike comes to Jessica's aid immediately, his relationship with Jessica will increase.
    • If Mike is witty after the bird scares him, his relationship with Jessica will slightly increase.
    • If Mike is witty after Jessica scares him, his relationship with Jessica will slightly increase.
    • If Mike admits the truth about the tree carving, his relationship with Jessica will slightly increase.
    • If Mike grabs the key to open the cabin door, his relationship with Jessica will slightly increase.
    • If Jessica resisted Mike's advances, and Mike asks her what's wrong, his relationship with Jessica will increase.
    • If Jessica resisted Mike's advances, and Mike reassures her that she's super hot, his relationship with Jessica will slightly increase.

    Relationship Decreases

  • If Jessica hit the bird with a snowball, his relationship with Jessica will slightly decrease.
  • If Mike and Matt fought and Mike is evasive on both occasions afterward, his relationship with Jessica will slightly decrease.
  • If Jessica and Emily fought, Mike defends Emily, but then agrees with Jessica about her afterward, his relationship with Jessica will slightly decrease.
  • If Mike asks Jessica if she remembers anything about the night of the prank, his relationship with Jessica will slightly decrease.
  • If Mike comes to Jessica's aid reluctantly, his relationship with Jessica will slightly decrease.
  • If Mike is grumpy after Jessica scares him, his relationship with Jessica will slightly decrease.
  • If Mike conceals the truth about the tree carving, his relationship with Jessica will slightly decrease.
  • If Mike scares Jessica with the mask he found, his relationship with Jessica will slightly decrease.
  • If Mike and Jessica's relationship is maximized and Mike doesn't grab the key to open the cabin door, his relationship with Jessica will slightly decrease.
  • If Mike scares Jessica with the gun he found at the cabin, his relationship with Jessica will decrease.
  • However, If Mike shows Jessica the gun he found at the cabin, his relationship with Jessica will only slightly decrease.
  • If Jessica resisted Mike's advances, and Mike attempts to seduce her, his relationship with Jessica will slightly decrease.
  • If Jessica resisted Mike's advances, and Mike is dismissive about her feelings, his relationship with Jessica will slightly decrease.

  • Josh

    Mike and Josh initially do not have the highest relationship values, but they tend to get along relatively well together at the beginning of the game, anyway. Josh does not seem hostile at Mike regarding his involvement in the disappearance of Hannah and Beth last year. They've apparently talked about a cabin farther up in the woods for Mike to take Jessica, and Josh jokes with him and apologizes for having to send the pair of them away after Jessica and Emily fight. Josh may have been intending to prank them later, but we never see it come to fruition.

    Later, Mike is angry with Josh over the 'death' of Jessica, believing that he is the culprit, and helps Chris tie Josh up in the shed nearby so they can keep an eye on him. Mike volunteers to stay with Josh in the shed while Chris heads back with the others. When the truth comes out, Mike figures that Josh must have the cable car key, and goes back to the mines to find him and retrieve both him and the key. Mike apologizes and says "I was wrong" about Josh being responsible for Jessica's death, and the two of them are amicable and even somewhat friendly while traveling together in the mines. When Hannah captures Josh, regardless of what happens, Mike runs, believing Josh to be dead. He expresses some level of guilt over what happened with Josh in his post-game interview. Mike subtly admits to abandoning Josh to Hannah in the mines rather than try to hide him from her, which is the only time Mike is truly selfish regarding another character's survival.

    Relationship Increases

    • If Josh prefers Mike over Jessica, his relationship with Josh will slightly increase.

    Relationship Decreases

  • If Josh doesn't prefer Mike over Jessica, his relationship with Josh will slightly decrease.

  • Matt

    See Matt and Mike for more information.

    Depending on the player's actions, Mike and Matt can fight after Mike jumps out at Matt and Emily to scare them. They do not initially get along well due to Mike's former and present relationships with Emily. Mike's lowest base relationships in the game are with Matt and Ashley. Notably, Mike attempts to diffuse the situation between himself and Matt both times Matt acts initially aggressive, though he will fight back if Matt jumps at him. Additionally, later on in the game, if Emily shows back up alive after the attack in the mines, Mike asks about Matt almost immediately, wondering where he is and implying that maybe Matt has harder feelings against Mike than the other way around.

    Relationship Increases

    • If Matt welcomes Mike after he scares him and Emily, his relationship with Matt will slightly increase.

    Relationship Decreases

  • If Matt demands Mike to back off after he scares him and Emily, his relationship with Matt will slightly decrease.
  • If Matt saw Mike and Emily flirting, challenges Mike, and then distrusts him, his relationship with Matt will slightly decrease.
  • If Matt saw Mike and Emily flirting, then warns Mike to stay away from Emily, but backs off, his relationship with Matt will drastically decrease.
  • If Matt saw Mike and Emily flirting and then fights with Mike, his relationship with Matt will drop to zero.
  • If Jessica and Emily fought and Matt tells Jessica that she's making everybody uncomfortable, his relationship with Matt will slightly decrease.
  • If Jessica and Emily fought and Matt tells Jessica to shut her mouth, his relationship with Matt will decrease.

  • Sam

    See Mike and Sam for more information.

    Mike and Sam have markedly different personalities that can put them at odds with each other at the beginning of the game. However, their trust and support for each other gradually increase as the situation becomes increasingly grim, forcing both of them to take action and eventually depend on each other for survival. When they are reunited after being separated, they are happy to see each other alive and Sam can even show concern towards Mike's fingers if he had them amputated, showing that she cares for his well-being. Regardless of Mike's and Sam's differences in personality, their survival skills and resourcefulness allowed them to rely on each other and develop a strong mutual trust for each other towards the end. However, their relationship can be significantly damaged (dropping to zero) if Emily is bitten, Mike shoots her and Ashley reveals afterwards that this was unnecessary, as a person cannot become a Wendigo by being bitten. If Mike dies, Sam will blame herself and express sadness and remorse in her interview. In Chapter 8, Sam tells Mike to shut up when he attempts to accuse the Stranger of being involved in Hannah and Beth's death.

    Relationship Increases

    • If Mike didn't amputate his fingers and Sam shows concern for Jessica after Mike returns from the Sanatorium, his relationship with Sam will increase.
    • If Emily was bitten and Mike spared Emily, his relationship with Sam will drastically increase.

    Relationship Decreases

  • If Emily was bitten and Mike shot Emily, his relationship with Sam will drop to zero.

  • Trivia


    • Mike is playable in 6 chapters (23, 45, 8, 9).
      • He also has 7 playable segments. One in Chapter 2 (22:43), one in Chapter 3 (23:22), two in Chapter 4 (23:59, 00:12), one in Chapter 5 (01:03), one in Chapter 8 (04:47), and one in Chapter 9 (05:03).
      • This makes him the second most playable protagonist (tied with Sam).
    • Mike, along with Emily, Chris, and Ashley, appears in 9 chapters.


    • He can find the most totems out of all the playable characters, with ten.
      • He can also find half of the total Danger totems.


    (See: Clues found by Mike)

    • Mike can find the most clues out of all the protagonists, with twenty-four.
    • Mike can find 5 clues in the Mystery Man Clueline, 1 clue in Twins Clueline, and 18 clues in 1952 Clueline.
    • He and Ashley are the only protagonists able to find clues from all three cluelines.
      • He is also able to find two-thirds of the 1952 clueline.


    The following contains information from the companion app and the Press Kit edition of the game.

    • He was class president in high school.
    • His dream job is president.
    • He loves women and hates commitment.
    • He was voted most likely to run for president.
    • In ten years, he sees himself working hard and playing hard.
    • Mike's favorite quote is by James Dean: "Dream as if you'll live forever. Live as if you'll die today."
    • His highest traits are romantic, funny, and brave.
    • His lowest traits are honest, charitable, and curious.
      • Mike is the most romantic and least honest out of all the protagonists.
    • His highest base relationship status is with Jessica and Emily.
    • His lowest base relationship status is with Matt and Ashley.
      • Mike's relationship with every character can drop to zero except Josh.
    • Mike has a fear of isolation, according to Dr. Hill.
    • Mike, along with Emily and Sam, is affected by 5 Butterfly Effect segments.
      • This makes them the third least affected protagonists.


    • He is one of three characters who cannot die until Chapter 10. The other two are Sam and Josh.
    • Along with Josh, his fate depends only on another character's (Sam) action.
    • If Mike is attacked by the Wendigo in the lodge, he isn't completely dead as he may use his lighter to burn down the lodge. However, during the credits, it is counted and shown as a death scene as the one where he is incinerated in the explosion is not shown if this occurs.
    • If Mike dies, he is always the last character to die.


    • His lines of dialogue are often reused, especially while he is in the Sanatorium the second time and the final showdown with the Wendigos in Chapter 10. His flirting line with Hannah is exactly the same with his flirting line with Jessica if she resists his advances.
    • He is one of the three protagonists who could possibly kill another protagonist by intention (Emily). The other two being Ashley, who indirectly kills Chris if he chose to shoot her, and Matt, who indirectly kills Jessica by abandoning her in the mines.
    • Mike is able to be heard briefly and quietly in Josh's hallucinations.
      • As an error, his only line is subtitled as "Josh."
    • Brett Dalton, as well as Ella Lentini (Hannah and Beth) and Noah Fleiss (Chris), joined the cast of Until Dawn while it was being developed for the PlayStation 3. They are the only actors confirmed to have appeared in both the PS3 and PS4 incarnations of the game.


    • "Jesus hot sauce Christmas cake, this is fucking unbelievable."
    • "Fuck nuggets!"
    • "That scared the blue outta my jeans."
    • "Got any marshmallows?"
    • "Ha! Ha! How's that feel you fuck?"


    • "Just because he's Class Prez doesn't mean he belongs to everyone, Mike is my man." - Emily
      • "Hey Em, I'm not anybody's man."
    • "We were just messing around Beth. It wasn't serious." - to Beth after she questions the group about their prank on Hannah.

    Chapter 1

    • "Come on guys, we're all friends here, right? No need for violence, just a little harmless fun! We're out in the woods! It's spooky! Come on, let's get into the spirit of things!" - after scaring Matt and Emily.
    • "Oh my God totally, we're sooo gonna make out."' - Mike playfully joking on Emily's sarcastic remark about him making out with Matt.
    • "Swish! Nothin' but net!" - after hitting Jessica with a snowball.
    • "If your legs were as quick as your mouth then you wouldn't be having this problem." - to Jessica if she fails to dodge a snowball during their snowball fight in Chapter 1.
    • "Well, well, well. What's the snowball king get for defending his kingdom from oppression and tyranny?"
      • "Oh I'm 'oppression and tyranny' in this scenario?" - Jessica
      • "Hey we've all got parts to play." - to Jessica if he wins their snowball fight.

    Chapter 2

    • "What's up party people!" - after entering the lodge.
    • "Whoa, easy there cowboy." - to Matt after Matt confronts him about Emily.
    • "Seriously, what's your problem meathead?!" - to Matt after he calls him a dick.
    • "Exiled."
      • "Sex-iled." - Jessica
      • "Works for me."
      • "How far is this 'cabin' anyway?" - Jessica
      • "This cabin... is the coziest, most romantic love den you will ever lay your eyes upon." - to Jessica after getting kicked out of the lodge.
    • "I think you bring out the worst in her." - Mike agreeing with Jessica about Emily.
    • "Ahh yeah. How's it my fault she doesn't understand what 'beat it, ya skank' means?" - Mike agreeing with Jessica about Emily after he disagrees with her at first.
    • "Ahh yeah, she's a handful. But maybe ease up on her, she's still kinda torn up from being dumped."
      • "Um, hello? Not my problem, Mike. And not yours either!" - Jessica
      • "No, I mean, of course not... I'm just sayin' it's... it's not worth kicking her when she's down. 'Cause I'd much rather spend my time gettin' down... with you. You see what I did there? I did that for you." - Mike defending Emily to Jessica.
    • "What a dick, right? Dude has no business coming at me like that. If he's got any brain in that huge dumb melon he better find it and use it or he's gonna get wrecked." - Mike aggressive about Matt after Jessica asks him about their possible fight earlier.
    • "It's all such a blur. I can barely even remember what happened."
      • "Well, what I remember is that we played a stupid half-baked prank that probably got Hannah and Beth killed." - Jessica.
      • "Hey, it's not our fault they ran into the woods." - Mike and Jessica after seeing the police tape. (1)
    • "Well wherever they are, I'm sure they're happy we're all thinking about them."
      • "That's a nice way of thinking about it." - Mike and Jessica after seeing the police tape. (2)
    • "JESS! Fuck! Hey, Jessica?"
      • "Yep! Hey I'm okay!"
      • "Holy crap you scared the heck out of me." - after Jessica falls down into the mines.
    • "When I imagined us grunting together... this is not what I pictured." - Mike after pushing a minecart with Jessica.
    • "I was just... just answering its mating call."
      • "Wow you're easy." - Jessica
      • "Yeah. Got a lotta love to give." - Mike and Jessica after he gets scared by a bird.

    Chapter 3

    • "Fuck nuggets!"
    • "That scared the blue outta my jeans." - Mike startled by a mask in an abandoned truck.
    • "You can't just jump out at somebody! I'm in the middle of the woods, it's scary!" - after Jessica scares him.
    • "Jess. You've got to be kidding me."
      • "What?" - Jessica
      • "You have nothing to be insecure about."
      • "Oh, you have no idea-" - Jessica
      • "Sure I do! You're just like me and everyone else. We're all insecure! But, you know how to handle yourself. You might call it a front but it's real." - Mike reassures Jessica after she reveals her insecurities to him.
    • "Oh come on. Don't give me all this scaredy cat little girl BS."
      • "It's true." - Jessica
      • "Sounds complicated."
      • "Well maybe I'm complicated." - Jessica
      • "Great..."
      • "What?!" - Jessica
      • "I thought you were a... I thought you were a what-you-see is what-you-get sort of girl." - Mike being dismissive about Jessica's feelings.

    Chapter 4

    • "Jessica I'm coming!" - Mike comforts Jessica after she calls out for help in the mines.
    • "Jesus. The fuck is that place?" - after seeing the Sanatorium in the distance.

    Chapter 5

    • "Awesome. Why wouldn't I end up in the creepiest place on planet earth?" - after reaching the Sanatorium.
    • "'Sup chatterbox. Hangin' out? Me too." - after seeing the strange skull.
    • "What- are you serious? Now I gotta find a fucking keycard!?" - after finding a door that requires a security pass.
    • "Everyone likes a little lovin' right? Mmm?" - Mike petting Wolfie.

    Chapter 6

    The character does not appear in this chapter.

    Chapter 7

    • "Jessica is dead. He killed her, Sam. There's some maniac on the mountain who is trying to kill us. All of us. And I swear to God when everyone is safe and accounted for I am gonna hunt that fucker down and rip his nuts off one at a goddamn time." - to Sam if she asks him about Jessica.

    Chapter 8

    • "Oh? Yeah? All wrapped up like a little present with a bow on top for that thing to tear us apart on Christmas morning?" - Mike.
    • "I was down there. It was horrible."
      • "You were?" - Sam
      • "There had been a cave-in, in the fifties I guess, and these miners got trapped down there. Some of them survived, but like... fifteen of 'em didn't make it. There was this reporter and I think he figured out there had been some, like, big cover-up going on. I found these plans - they knew the mines was a death trap, but they let the miners keep working anyway. And... I'm not sure what it means, but... I found this chair, with dried blood all over the place... like somebody'd been tortured."
      • "Michael, I'd like to maybe focus on how we're going to get the fuck out of here please?" - Emily
      • "I'm just saying it's weird how much crazy shit's gone up here." - Mike explaining his findings in the Sanatorium to the group.
    • "It was all this crazy shit, like, cages, and weapons, and wolves... Yeah! Fucking wolves!"
      • "You sure you weren't at a truck stop?" - Emily
      • "I'm just saying it's weird." - Mike explaining his findings in the Sanatorium to the group if he didn't find enough clues.

    Chapter 9

    • "You see that? I do got moves. Don't I wolfie?"
    • "Jesus hot sauce Christmas cake, this is fucking unbelievable." - Mike after reading through the Case Study Dossier.
    • "Got any marshmallows?" - Mike after blowing up the Sanatorium with Sam.

    Chapter 10

    • "You were deep in it man. Full mental jacket." - to Josh after he recovers from his hallucinations.
    • "Alright, let's go you fucked up son of a bitch." - to Josh after they were left alone by Sam.
    • "Don't move... don't fucking move a muscle..." - to Sam.
    • "Ha! Ha! How's that feel, you fuck?" - Mike after shooting a Wendigo in the Sanatorium. Also Mike's last line in the game (determinant).


    • "I just wasn't fast enough. I was so close man. If I've just been, just a little faster I... I could have saved her... I could have saved her. So it's my fault. I'm the reason Jess is dead."
    • "He was out of his fucking mind. He wanted to hurt us. Yeah, he... and... I thought he was the one who attacked Jess."
    • "Josh helped us and then... Fuck, man... That thing... okay? The Wendigo. It came out of the darkness and it just... I don't know... I heard screaming, I got out of there. There's no point in both of us dying!"


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