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I thought we were close. After his sisters disappeared, he'd come and talk to me... He said I was the only one who understood him... I thought we had a connection.


Josh and Sam is a friendship in Until Dawn


Josh and Sam are close friends, Sam being Josh's second highest relationship.

After the disappearance of Josh's sisters, Josh and Sam seemed to lean on each other for support for their mutual loss of people close to them. During a quiet moment when the two are alone, he thanks her for coming to the annual meet-up. Josh likes to tease Sam, and occasionally makes jokes like asking if she needs help with the bath.

Despite Sam's attempts to find Hannah and stop the prank from occurring, Josh still targets Sam and attempts to capture her, successfully or unsuccessfully. These actions leave Sam feeling betrayed, believing that they were closer than they really were, even hinting that she had feelings for josh, claiming that she thought they had a connection.

Until Dawn

Chapter 1

A year after the disappearance of Hannah and Beth, Sam is seen on the bus, listening to a podcast reporting the anniversary. She rewatches Josh's video invite that  he sent to all his friends calling them back up to the mountain again. While with Chris, waiting for the cable car, Sam can mention concern for Josh claiming that it must be really hard for him. She says that they all need to keep an eye on him because he doesnt seem like one to ask for help. Later in the cable car Sam will question if getting everyone back on the anniversy was the right thing to do, worried if Josh is really alright, since its hard to tell with him.

Chapter 2

Once Mike and Jessica are sent to the cabin after the fight, Sam will opt to take a bath instead of sticking around downstairs. Josh calls up for her, asking if he wants to help her get the fire going.  She exclaims that shes taking bath, which in return, Josh will then joke if she needs any help getting into the bath. She heads back downstairs to report to Josh that the hot water isn't working, in which he invites her down into the basement to fire up the boiler.

The two discuss Chris and Ashley's relationship, and Josh later stops her to say he's grateful everyone came back - and personally thanks her alluding to the fact that Sam being there meant the most to him. Sam can either say it's weird to be back, or enforce that they're all here for him. In the basment Sam can pick up Josh's baseball bat that he left, and Josh will give her some detail to his family life, either saying that his family used to play baseball on the mountain during summer or saying that he used to play with his dad all the time, before he got to busy to hang out. He'll set it down, and asks Sam to help shine the light so he can see what he's doing. 

Sam will the fire up the boiler for him, and hi-five him (or leave him hanging). After completing their task, they hear a loud noise which scares Sam while Josh teases her for beng scared. Sam can either defend herself claiming she wasn't scared and possibly acusse Josh of being scared too, which he wil deny, or she will atempt to scare him by caiming there is somthing behind him; Josh is able to fall for Sams prank but only if she persits that somthing is really behind him. No matter what choice the player makes the two will share a laugh together. Soon after, another loud noise will accur, which will scare Sam and Josh this time too. Sam can either look for the noise herself or choose to inspect it with Josh. Either way, they are both scared and chased by an individual later revealed to be Chris playing a prank. Sam gets annoyed while Josh jokes about her reaction. When meeting up with Ashley again, Sam decides not to get involved in the Ouija board affair and to finally take a warm bath.

Relationship status

  • If Sam was mocking when talking about Chris and Ashley, her relationship with Josh will slightly decrease.
  • If Sam is serious about the baseball bat, their relationship will slightly increase.
  • If Sam is humorous about the baseball bat, their relationship will slightly decrease.
  • If Sam is heroic when checking out the noise in the basement, their relationship will increase.

Chapter 5

While in the bath, Josh - as The Psycho - will be silently watching her. He closes the door, blowing out her candles and disrupting her peace. She gets out to discover her clothes are missing. She starts to call out for Josh and the others, saying that their little prank on her isn't funny.

In the cinema room, the Psycho will greet her, and show her footage of herself in the bath. After, he shows her Josh's death by the saw blade, asking as the Psycho,  How does this make you feel?;  in which she will start to freak out and sob. He gives her a chance to run, before he starts pursuing her. Sam can evade him, but if he captures her, he will knock her out with either gas or a needle while apologizing saying that he's so sorry.

Chapter 7

If Sam had successfully escaped the Psycho, she will come across his workshop. Here, Sam will learn more about Josh and his mental health problems, and ultimately deduce that Josh is the Psycho.

When Josh reveals his identity, Sam will be shocked, questioning his motives. If she found the workshop clues, she can say that his name was written all over the prank and that it was a cry for help.

Chapter 10

Alongside Mike, Sam searches for Josh while down in the mines. Down here, Sam can find out the truth about what happened to Josh's sisters and urge Mike to hurry in finding Josh. She and Mike will find Josh talking to himself in one of the caves. Mike will snap him back into reality, and Sam will inform Josh about Hannah if the clue was found. Sam's knowledge will ultimately save Josh's life. She'll obtain the cable car key from him, and leaves the mines on her own, sending Mike and Josh back the other way.

When Mike meets back up with her in the lodge, Sam will ask Mike what happened to Josh. She will be saddened to hear that the Wendigo got him, saying it's an awful way to go.


In Sam's interview, regardless, she will always comment on Josh. She will talk about how after his sisters disappeared he would confide in her, and how she thought they had a connection. It's evident she feels betrayed by what happened between them, but her tone pities him. She also rebukes the interviewer's effort to get her to open up about it.


  • They are the only characters in the game who don't have any romantic relationships prior, or after the game.


  • "It really means a lot to me that everyone came back this year and you know, that you came, Sam." - Josh to Sam in the basement, Chapter 2.
  • "And Mike... I think somehow Josh is involved in all of this-" - Sam
    • "Wait... what? How?" - Mike
    • "I'm really not sure, but... there was a message from his doctor, and it mentioned a 'plan', that was like a 'bad idea' and now he's dead!" - Sam talking to Mike about her findings in the Psycho's workshop, Chapter 7.
  • "Josh, your fingerprints were all over this, it was obviously you..." - Sam
    • "Oh really? Really really really?" - Josh
    • "You're crying out for help, Josh... Come on, you wanted to get caught, didn't you?" - Sam
    • "Oh sure. I'm totally just crying out for help. 'Help me! Oh help me! Help help...'" - Josh and Sam after he tells the group about his prank.
  • "I thought we were close... After his sisters disappeared he'd come and talk to me... He said I was the only one who understood him. I thought... I thought we had a connection." - Sam about Josh, Credits.


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