What was that about?
— Sam

Josh's Cellphone is the twenty-seventh clue in the Mystery Man Clueline. It can be found by Sam in the lodge's basement, in Chapter 7 of Until Dawn.


Josh's cellphone. The messages display a worrisome conversation between Josh and his psychiatrist, named Dr. Hill.



Dr. Hill

Tue, Jan 13, 09:47 AM

Dr. Hill: Hi Josh, it's Alan. I hope you don't mind me texting you, but this is important. I got your email. I don't think that your plan is going to help. I think you need to stop what you're doing and come to see me.

Dr. Hill: Please, pick up your phone. I'm getting worried.


Dr. Hill: Are you still taking your meds?

Josh: im fine

Dr. Hill: It's very dangerous to stop taking your drugs mid course Josh.

Dr. Hill: Contact my office to make an appointment, please.

Dr. Hill: Josh?

Dr. Hill: Josh, please respond.


  • This clue can only be found by Sam if she escaped the Psycho in Chapter 5.
  • This is one of two times there is a reference to Dr. Hill outside of the therapy sessions, the other being the Psychiatric Report.
    • Dr. Hill is only shown in-game as a hallucination in Josh's mind.

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