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STOP! Enough. This place... belongs to me. And I belong to it.
— Jefferson Bragg

Jefferson Bragg was the owner and operator of the Blackwood Sanatorium, as well as the establisher of the North West Mines and the Blackwood Pines Hotel. Having been dead long before the events of Until Dawn take place, Jefferson Bragg serves as a primary character only in the Until Dawn prequel The Inpatient, 60 years before the main events. He was voiced by Bruce Gray and modelled on Simon Bond.


A young Bragg.

Jefferson Bragg established the North West Mines and later operated the Blackwood Sanatorium. Surveyors had previously discovered an abundance of tin and radium beneath the surface of the mountain. After setting up more formalized operations, which then turned into a fully fledged mining company, it wasn't long before the money began to flow. The success of Bragg's mining operation led him to expand and diversify his business portfolio. The mine was soon followed by the discovery of hot springs in the mountain, which led him to establish the luxurious Blackwood Pines Hotel and Sanatorium resort in 1922.

When the mining disaster occurred during the winter of 1951-1952, Bragg saw an opportunity to experiment on the survivors. His plan later backfired as the miners that turned into Wendigos eventually escaped from their cells, took over the Sanatorium, and killed all of the staff. Later after convincing his colleagues to leave him behind, he committed suicide by drinking poison. In his final act, he scrawled out a suicide note in which he admits to his mistakes and laments his fate.

Until Dawn

While in pursuit of the Stranger, Mike makes it to the Blackwood Sanatorium in Chapter 5. There he can come across clues related to the Sanatorium's operation which mention Bragg and his involvement with it. Upon his return to the site in Chapter 9, Mike can come across Bragg's corpse in the hidden study of his B-Wing office in Ward A. Because of the cold conditions of the mountain and the lack of disturbance, his body is still relatively well preserved even after more than five decades.

Because of the optional nature of the clues, it's possible to play the whole game without coming across any mention of Jefferson Bragg, but the player will miss out on the greater narrative of the plot.