Hannah's Diary is an item located in the Dollhouse. It is found by Ashley, while she and Chris explore the basement of the lodge in Chapter 6 of Until Dawn, in search of Sam.


Hannah's diary. The diary is immediately opened to January 9th's entry, while sliding left to right on the touch pad will turn back to the earliest entry, October 29th.


October 29th

I really think Josh is doing better now that he's out of the hospital. I saw him today and he seemed better. He's pretty upbeat, but he talked like he's been doing therapy for such a long time. I guess I didn't know. Mom and Dad never let on. Funny how you can not even know your own brother. I kinda need a good cry thinking about how lonely he must feel...

January 9th

Mom finally agreed. The invitations are out! The party is gonna happen!! I HATE that I have to wait. So far Ash, Matt + Sam have said definitely yes. Nothing from Mike... :(

January 18th

O.M.G!! Mike confirmed!! He phoned Josh this afternoon. :D

February 1st

Woohoo!! PARTY TIME tomorrow! Everyone being here together on the mountain is gonna be SO AWESOME! cozy fires and hot tubs and OMG Mike! I am so psyched to spend some time with him! Totally got to stop obsessing but I can't help it - and don't want to. 


  • Originally, the entries included the following dates: October 29th, February 9th, February 18th, and February 22nd. However, these dates conflict with the established timeline and have since been resolved.
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