Players who are looking for enhanced replay value may want to consider the following choices as a way to increase the difficulty level for the following characters.

Characters / Chapters


Chapter 8

After The Stranger is killed, have Chris aim for the explosive options with the shotgun.

  • First is the flamethrower canister on the Stranger's body. It is the first QTE immediately after the Stranger's body.
  • The second is the propane take at the outdoor grill behind the bushes near the lodge. It is the last QTE before he makes it to the door.


Chapter 8

During Emily's mine escape sequence, stay on the conveyor belt to trigger an extra set of QTEs at the end of the conveyor.

  • If Emily does not hit both of the QTEs, she'll fall into the rock crusher and her lower half will be ground killing her.


Chapter 4

When Mike is chasing after Jessica's abductor, you can choose at least three of the slower options and still reach Jess in time, as long as you successfully complete all the QTEs.


Chapter 5

When asked by Emily if you want to go to the fire tower, disagree and go to the tower.

Chapter 6


A QTE to attack a deer.

During the sequence when Matt and Emily are confronted with the deer, have Matt kill the deer. This sets up a difficult QTE sequence which Matt can, with skill, survive.

As Emily, give the flare gun to Matt. After the fire tower falls, save Emily twice when prompted to. Then you take control of Matt after he lands in a cave. He will call to Emily and starts to sob. After he regains his composure, walk into the mines until a shadow flashes behind Matt. Then an action sequence will happen with Matt struggling to have his attacker let go of him. He will remember acquiring the flare gun from Emily, grab it, and he will have to shoot behind him at his attacker.

  • Successfully shooting the target will guarantee Matt to live until Chapter 10. Not shooting it will lead Matt to his demise.


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