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At least I can think. 4.0, bitch, honor roll. Suck on that when you're trying to sleep your way into a job.
— Emily

Emily "Em" Davis is one of the eight main protagonists and a playable character in Until Dawn. She is portrayed by actress Nichole Bloom.


Emily is a young Asian-American woman with above shoulder-length black hair and light brown eyes. She has an olive complexion and a small birthmark above her left eyebrow.

During the Prologue, she wears a low collar dark cerulean-blue racer-styled jacket, covering a plain white t-shirt in addition to a silver necklace.

When the group meets up a year later, Emily wears a white blouse underneath a ribbed dark grey turtleneck covered by the same silver necklace and a black leather jacket with fur trim. Emily dons black jeans and snow boots, also with fur trim. She has black nail polish on her hands, along with a few rings.

Depending on the player's actions in Chapter 6  when the tower is falling, Emily may receive a wound to her forehead when the radio falls toward her, as well as have her mascara smudged. Additionally, Emily will receive an injury to the knee due to the tower's debris and can have a bite wound on her shoulder should she not use/have the flare gun against the Wendigo attack.


She really knows what she wants, and she manages to get that from whoever it is, whether it be Matt or Mike. Y'know, she's really driven, and I can definitely relate to that. (...) But also like, this character is just so fun. I really get to play the bitch, and so it was really fun to do that.
— Nichole Bloom on Emily

Emily is described in-game as intelligent, resourceful, and persuasive. She has a quick tongue and a sharp wit, and is known in the group for her withering put-downs. She mentions that she has a 4.0 GPA during an argument with Jessica.

Emily dreams of being a magazine style editor, has a passion for fashion, and dislikes not getting her way in situations. She is quick to temper, and very disagreeable when another's line of thinking is not her own.

Emily possesses what can be considered a narcissistic attitude. In a conversation with Matt, she invented two rules she praised Matt for following: "1: Emily is always right. 2: Nothing else matters because Emily is always right." Even in the face of being wrong, Emily's pride forces her to verbally lash out and put another down, Matt being at the forefront of those insults.

During the game, it is portrayed that she is "never wrong", and "everything is everyone else's fault." Whenever challenged, Emily has a talent for redirecting conversations and digressing in order to get a one up.

Despite her adamant personality, she shows a weaker side when in danger, feeling the need to be protected, and will only protect herself if needed. However, when she is alone she shows courage and independence.

Emily shows a deep remorse for the disappearance of Beth and Hannah. In a session with Dr. Hill, he talks about her fear of failure, which he claims Emily has.

Until Dawn


Emily has a quick tongue and a sharp wit. She's well-known within the group for her withering put-downs, but that does mean that she can come across as a bit of a bitch. Always immaculately dressed, Emily prizes her appearance very highly. She believes that good taste is everything, and isn't afraid of dropping serious cash on clothes and making sure that everyone knows about it.

Emily is currently dating Matt, but only because she's rebounding pretty hard after Mike dumped her a few weeks back.


One Year Ago

Emily is first seen when Jessica and Sam are arguing about the prank they are about to perform on Hannah. Jessica mentions that she is just looking out for "her girl Em", as Emily and Mike were in a relationship at the time. She and Jessica hide under the bed and laugh while Hannah begins to remove her clothes for Mike. Emily and her friends then reveal themselves to Hannah, and she walks out of the room, mortified. They chase after Hannah as she flees from the lodge, while Emily calls out after her, insisting it was just a prank.

Chapter 1

A year later, she and the others return to the lodge. Emily and her new boyfriend, Matt, begin to walk from the cable car station to the lodge when Mike, who had recently dumped her, scares them.

After Mike and Matt converse, Mike walks off toward the cable car station. Emily tells Matt that she remembered she had to talk to Sam and leaves in the direction Mike walked off. Soon afterwards, while Ashley is looking through the telescope, she sees Emily and Mike having a talk. When Matt asks if she sees anything interesting, she can choose to show the two in an embrace, leaving Matt upset and angry.

Chapter 2

Back at the lodge, Emily can engage in a quarrel with Jessica, ultimately ending in Jessica and Mike being sent to the guest cabin, and Emily complaining to Matt about her missing bag.

The following segment is included only in the extended and pre-order editions of the game.


Matt and Emily begin to walk back to the cable car station in search for her bag. If Matt fought Mike, Emily will ask him about his motivations behind the attack. If Emily and Jessica fought instead, Matt can either criticize her or tell her that they should start over. They find that the gate leading to the cable car is locked, so they take a detour to take them to the station. 

They find a giant totem, which Emily dares Matt to stick his hand into, before seemingly being sucked into it herself. Matt soon realizes that Emily was just playing a prank on him, but they will be interrupted by a loud mysterious noise in the distance. They continue on their path and find a pig's head alongside a bloody note, with the text "Welcome Back". They then decide to head back to the lodge.

Chapter 4

The couple stumble upon Ashley and Chris, the latter of whom believed he had just killed Josh in order to save Ashley from one of the Psycho's traps. Emily, now frightened, insists that it is best to find help and heads toward the cable car station with Matt.

Chapter 5

Emily and Matt reach the cable car station to find that it has been ransacked. They discover that the cable car is suspended away from the station without a key to operate it, so they head towards a fire tower to radio for help. They are pushed back by a herd of deer to the edge of the cliff where Hannah and Beth fell a year before.

Chapter 6

Emily manages to get past the deer and, with or without Matt, ventures to the radio tower to signal for help. Emily switches on the power and may also find a flare gun, which she will either keep to herself or give it to Matt if he is with her. She contacts the Park Ranger Service, and the ranger on duty promises to dispatch help to the lodge, but because of the inclement weather it will not arrive until dawn.

Suddenly, the cable supports to the tower are cut by a Wendigo, which causes the tower to fall. Emily falls out of one of the tower's windows. The tower catches on fire, falls over, and slides downwards into the mines where it then collapses into itself. If Matt is still alive, he can attempt to help her up. If Matt sided with Jessica during the argument, she will show aggression towards him. Matt can choose to confront her about Mike. He can choose to save Emily or jump to safety, but she will fall regardless of his decision.

Chapter 7

Emily Hanging 3.png

Emily is shown to have survived her fall due to a rope catching her foot, suspending her upside down. After swinging to a ledge, her knee will be injured when the tower collapses deeper into the mines. She explores the mines looking for Matt and an exit, possibly finding clues about the disappearance of Beth and Hannah on her way.

During that time she will hear mysterious screeches and see flames coming from a flamethrower. She eventually makes her way to the elevator. After stepping out, she comes into contact with The Stranger, whom she believes to be the killer, and hides from. Emily is either caught, or attempts to make a run for it, but her path will eventually be lead to a dead end where the Stranger tries to find and assist her, despite her initial impression of him.

Chapter 8

Escaping death.

After discovering no way out, she soon encounters the Stranger who, as a Wendigo attacks, reveals himself to be friendly despite her protests for him to get away. She is given a bag of flares and falls down deeper into the mines as the Stranger keeps the Wendigo at bay. She will try to find another way out but is quickly attacked by the Wendigo.

During her escape, Emily may be killed by having her eyes gouged out. She is chased into a mine elevator which takes her to the above ground mining facility. She scrambles up a conveyor belt with a Wendigo on her tail, during which she may fall into an ore grinder from the conveyor belt and be killed. If she survives, she may be bitten if she gave Matt the flare gun, shot the flare to signal for help, or never found it in the first place. She escapes the Wendigo by either falling or zip lining down the ridge back towards the lodge where she finds safety with the others.

Emily, in shock of what had just occurred, struggles to explain the situation to the other members. Chris may ask her what happened and be concerned about her or Matt's well-being, but their conversation will quickly be interrupted when someone bangs on the door. At this point, the Stranger enters the lodge and explains the Wendigo to them. Emily waits with Sam, Mike, and Ashley while Chris attempts to retrieve Josh from a shed outside.

Once he returns without Josh or doesn't return at all, the group hides in the basement where Ashley may discover Emily's bite. If so, they worry that it may be contagious. Ashley claims that the Stranger told them that being bitten by a Wendigo will transform you into one. Mike agrees with Ashley and demands Emily to leave the room. Upon her refusal, he picks up the revolver and aims it at Emily's head. He can either shoot her in the eye or say that he can't go through with it and put down the gun.

Emily cowers in fear over Mike debating to shoot her.

Ashley picks up The Stranger's Journal and begins to read through it. On the final page, she discovers that the Wendigo's bite is, in fact, not infectious. If she reveals to the group that Emily is going to be safe, and Emily survived the previous encounter, she becomes angered at the thought of her almost dying for no reason and slaps Ashley.

Chapter 9

Emily, along with Sam, Ashley, and potentially Chris, try to locate Mike by heading through the lodge tunnel to the Sanatorium. The group soon discovers that Mike locked the door behind him, and they travel through the mines upon Ashley's suggestion. As Sam asks who wants to descend into the tunnels first, Emily replies, "after you". She and Sam, and possibly Ashley and Chris, find a huge rock wall blocking their path. Emily, still recovering from her earlier time in the mines, turns around and heads back to the lodge with the rest of the survivors while Sam climbs up a rock wall.

Chapter 10

Emily and the other survivors watch the lodge burn.

If Emily had died while attempting to escape from the Wendigo, her body will be found hanging along with Chris, Jessica and Matt (if they had died before this point), and the Stranger when Sam and Mike visit the Wendigo's lair. If the Wendigo had caught her and gouged her eyes out, her body will be whole. If she fell into an ore grinder and died, her body will be hanging from head to stomach.

As the Wendigos begin to invade the lodge in numbers, Emily and whoever is left all flee from the basement to the lobby floor where they are stopped in their tracks by another Wendigo waiting for them. If Ashley concealed the truth about Emily's bite, or if she wasn't bitten at all, Emily will be the last one to leave. However, if Ashley reassured Emily, she will push Ashley into the wall, putting her at risk and making her the last one to leave. If Chris and Ashley ran outside the lodge first and Sam failed the first Don't Move Challenge while succeeding the second Don't Move Challenge, Emily will be threatened by a Wendigo. Sam here has the option of either saving Emily or running to the switch.

If Sam does nothing, Emily will be attacked by the Wendigo and have her eyes gouged out. If Sam chooses to run to the switch too early, Emily and the remaining members of the group (Mike and Ashley) will die in the explosion. If successful, Emily runs outside the lodge before the lodge explodes, killing all the Wendigos inside. She and the others that survived watch the lodge burn as the sun rises in the background, and a rescue helicopter is seen approaching them for pickup.


After the survivors are picked up, they are interviewed by the police. The number and nature of her interviews depend on the choices made.

During the Interview

  • If Emily was bitten, she angrily tells them that Mike pointed a gun at her and almost shot her.
  • If her relationship with Matt is high, and Matt died, she will express remorse over not treating him better.
  • If he survived, she asks if they are done looking at him and hopes that Matt still wants to be her boyfriend despite her being a "bitch" to him.
  • If her relationship with Matt is low and Matt died, she will tell the police to not put an effort into looking for him because he abandoned her at the radio tower (regardless of whether he tried to save her or not, or if he fell from the cliff).
  • If he survived, she will tell the police to be rough with him since he left her for dead (regardless of whether he tried to save her or not).
  • If Sam, Mike, Jessica, Matt, and Ashley have all died and she found Beth's head, she will explain the Wendigo to the police and report about her discoveries in the mines, most notably Beth's head. Once asked about Josh by the interviewers, she will state that Josh is most likely dead and that his body is probably in the mines.

She may also be mentioned by Matt and Mike.

  • If Matt survived the night while Emily died in the lodge, he will learn of her demise and will be extremely dumbfounded before breaking down.
  • If Matt survived the night while Emily was killed by Mike, he will learn of her demise and will be very confused.
  • If Mike survived the night and killed Emily, he will confess to murdering her but will try to defend his position by claiming that she was infected and that he needed to stop her.

Possible Deaths

  • Emily's eyes can be gouged out by a Wendigo if she fails to outrun it in the mines or if Sam fails to save her in the lodge.
  • Emily can fall into a grinding mill while escaping from a Wendigo, crushing her legs and lower abdomen.
  • Emily can be shot in the eye by Mike, who fears that her bite will turn her into a Wendigo.
  • Emily can be burned alive in the lodge if Sam chooses to run for the switch too early.


Hannah and Beth

When alive, Hannah wasn't taken very seriously by Emily. She willingly went along with the prank, saying "it was just a prank" while calling out to Hannah. Beth calls Emily, along with Ashley, Jessica, Matt, and Mike, jerks for pranking her sister. However, after Hannah and Beth's disappearance, Emily will show remorse for them and starts taking the blame on herself after finding clues about Beth and Hannah in the mines. Regardless, Hannah will sadistically kill Emily by gouging her eyes out when caught. Emily may find Beth's head in the mines, causing her to later inform her friends and possibly the police.


Emily and Ashley are not very close friends, but she will comfort Ashley if Chris died while trying to go back to the lodge. However, their friendship may be severely damaged (drop to zero) if Ashley argues to exile Emily from the basement after the survivors notice that Emily had been bitten. If Emily finds out that the Wendigo bite is harmless, she will respond by initially slapping Ashley, then later pushing Ashley out of the way when the survivors are escaping from the lodge basement during the final Wendigo attack. That being said, if Emily got shot by Mike, Ashley will seem frightened by him as she is seen stepping away after he tries comforting her.

Relationship Decreases

  • If Emily was bitten but wasn't shot by Mike and Ashley tells the truth about the bites, her relationship with Ashley will drop to zero.


Emily and Chris have a positive relationship but are rarely seen interacting together in-game. Though when Chris and Ashley make their way out of the shed, panicking over Josh's "death", they will bump into Matt and Emily. Emily will ask them what happened, express her disbelief and will insist on getting help. Chris can accuse her of just wanting to save herself. When Emily makes her way back to the lodge after her mine escape, Chris will interrogate her about what happened or express concern about her or Matt's well-being. If Emily was bitten and Chris is alive at that point, he will support the idea of Emily leaving the basement out of fear for the Wendigos from his previous encounter, but won’t explicitly state that Emily should be put down. If Emily is shot by Mike, Chris will appear to be shocked by her death.


See Emily and Jessica for more information.


During the prologue, Jessica and Emily were best friends. They both hid under the bed together during the prank and, along with Mike, appear to be the most involved in the prank on Hannah. Jessica's initial intention to partake in the prank was to protect Emily's former relationship with Mike.

In the year after, Jessica and Emily have developed an antagonistic relationship due to Mike's new relationship with Jessica, leaving Emily torn up from being dumped and feeling betrayed by her former friend. Emily and Jessica have an argument about Mike which can be encouraged or diffused by Matt. While talking to Mike, Jessica calls Emily a whore and tells him that she hopes Emily gets eaten by a bear.


Josh is the only protagonist who does not directly interact with Emily throughout the game. Their relationship is low on both ends, presumably due to Emily's persistent involvement in the prank. Josh will end the argument between her and Jess, and it is assumed he also took Emily's bag in order to prank her and Matt with the pig head. Even though Emily played a big part in the prank against Hannah, Josh did not actively seek revenge against her, but this could be because the Wendigos got in the way of Josh's initial prank. Emily will show remorse if Josh "died" in the shed and will insist on getting help.

Relationship Increases

  • If Josh prefers Emily over Matt, her relationship with Josh will slightly increase.

Relationship Decreases

  • If Josh doesn't prefer Emily over Matt, her relationship with Josh will slightly decrease.

  • Matt

    See Emily and Matt for more information.


    Emily and Matt began dating a few weeks after Mike left her for Jessica. Throughout the game, Emily is shown to be extremely inconsiderate to her new boyfriend: calling him out on her missing bag, giving him orders, and letting him carry her bags, although Matt always complies. However, as the game progresses, it is shown that Emily actually cares for Matt, especially in the pre-order bonus chapter. By the end of the game, Emily will show concern over his well-being, and if Matt died while trying to save her, she will feel guilt and remorse for not treating him better and not doing enough to save him. If he survived and they had a positive relationship, she will ask the interviewers about Matt and worries that he may not know how "devoted" she is to him, suggesting that she truly was fond of him. If they didn't have such a positive relationship before Matt died, Emily doesn't seem too concerned and will berate him for 'abandoning' her.

    Matt would think that Emily was cheating on him with Mike if Ashley lets Matt see them hugging through a telescope. Furthermore, attempting to rescue her from the toppled radio tower, he can choose to confront her over her ex, and his persistence can get Emily to reassure him she and Mike are done. Despite this, Matt has the option to risk his own life to save Emily, or jump to his own safety during the radio tower collapse.

    Relationship Increases

    • If Matt demands Mike to back off, her relationship with Matt will slightly increase.
    • If Matt agrees to take the bags to the lodge, her relationship with Matt will slightly increase.
    • If Matt saw Mike and Emily flirting, then warns Mike to stay away from Emily, but backs off, her relationship with Matt will slightly increase.
    • If Matt saw Mike and Emily flirting and fights with Mike, her relationship with Matt will increase.
    • If Jessica and Emily fought and Matt tells Jessica that she's making everybody uncomfortable, her relationship with Matt will increase.
    • If Jessica and Emily fought and Matt tells Jessica to shut her mouth during her fight with Emily, her relationship with Matt will slightly increase.
    • If Matt saw Mike and Emily flirting and is dismissive, her relationship with Matt will slightly increase.
    • If Matt didn't see Mike and Emily flirting and is sympathetic, her relationship with Matt will slightly increase.
    • If Matt suggests that he and Emily find somewhere private to go, her relationship with Matt will slightly increase.
    • If Matt agrees to break down the cable car station door, her relationship with Matt will slightly increase.
    • If Matt saw Mike and Emily flirting and agreed to go to the fire tower to get help, her relationship with Matt will slightly increase.
    • If Matt didn't see Mike and Emily flirting and suggest him and Emily go back to the lodge, her relationship with Matt will slightly increase.
    • If Matt calms Emily down about the herd, her relationship with Matt will slightly increase.
    • If Emily gives the flare gun to Matt, her relationship with Matt will slightly increase.
    • If Matt chooses to be supportive towards Emily, her relationship with Matt will slightly increase.
    • If Matt chooses to show concern towards Emily, her relationship with Matt will slightly increase.
    • If Matt tries to save Emily, her relationship with Matt will increase.

    Relationship Decreases

  • If Matt welcomes Mike after he scares her and Matt, her relationship with Matt will slightly decrease.
  • If Matt persists about not leaving Emily alone, her relationship with Matt will slightly decrease.
  • If Matt saw Mike and Emily flirting, challenges Mike, but then apologizes afterwards, her relationship with Matt will slightly decrease.
  • If Jessica and Emily fought and Matt sides with Jessica on both occasions, her relationship with Matt will slightly decrease.
  • If Jessica and Emily fought, Matt sided with Jessica on at least one occasion, criticized Emily about her fight with Jessica, and then protests, his relationship with Emily will decrease.
  • However, if Jessica and Emily fought, Matt sided with Jessica on at least one occasion, criticized Emily about her fight with Jessica, and then backs off, his relationship with Emily will only slightly decrease.
  • If Matt resists on following Emily, her relationship with Matt will slightly decrease.
  • If Matt suggests for Emily to go through the window, her relationship with Matt will slightly decrease.
  • If Matt saw Mike and Emily flirting and suggest him and Emily go back to the lodge, her relationship with Matt will slightly decrease.
  • If Matt didn't see Mike and Emily flirting and agreed to go to the fire tower to get help, her relationship with Matt will slightly decrease.
  • If Matt rebukes Emily about the herd, her relationship with Matt will slightly decrease.
  • If Emily keeps the flare gun, her relationship with Matt will slightly decrease.
  • If Matt doesn't choose to be supportive towards Emily, her relationship with Matt will decrease.
  • If Matt doesn't choose to show concern towards Emily, her relationship with Matt will decrease.
  • If Matt jumps to safety, her relationship with Matt will decrease.

  • Mike

    See Emily and Mike for more information.

    Mike and Emily were in a relationship at the beginning of the game but broke up during the year between the disappearance of the twins Hannah and Beth. Emily was known to be trying to make amends with Mike. Throughout the ordeal, Emily is grateful to see Mike alive and well and vice versa. However, if she was bitten, it will irreparably damage their relationship, as Mike will point a gun to her face and may even shoot her. If alive, she will express disgust for him in the police interview.

    Relationship Decreases

    • If Emily was bitten, Mike spared Emily, her relationship with Mike will drop to zero.


    Sam and Emily appear to be good friends. Although criticizing Emily for her involvement in the prank, the two seem to have a good relationship according to their relationship statuses. In the beginning of the game, Emily tells Matt she needs to go find Sam. After Emily makes it back from the mines, Sam will listen to her story. If Emily is bitten, Sam will defend her by urging against hastily shooting her and will assure her she'll be fine if Mike spares her and Ashley reveals the truth. If Emily was killed by Mike, she will be heartbroken and upset over her death. If Mike does shoot Emily, and Ashley chooses to reveal what she finds in the book, Sam is apologetic and heartbroken. Her relationship with Mike at that point will drop to zero.



    • Emily is playable in 3 chapters (Chapter 6, Chapter 7, Chapter 8).
      • She also has 3 playable segments (once in Chapter 6, once in Chapter 7, and once in Chapter 8).
      • This makes her the third least playable protagonist.
    • Emily, along with Mike, Chris, Josh, and Ashley, appears in 9 chapters.
    • Emily is the only character that does not have a playable segment after Chapter 8.
    • Emily and Chris are the only characters who can't be played twice in one chapter.


    • Emily is tied with Sam for finding the third most totems out of all protagonists, with 4.


    (See: Clues found by Emily)

    • Emily can find the fifth most clues out of all the protagonists, with twelve.
      • Emily can find 0 clues in the Mystery Man Clueline, 8 clues in Twins Clueline, and 4 clues in 1952 Clueline.
      • Emily can find the most clues in the Twins Clueline.
      • Emily is the only protagonist able to find clues, that cannot find a clue in the Mystery Man Clueline.


    The following contains information from the companion app and the Press Kit edition of the game.

    • Her dream job is a magazine style editor.
    • She is voted most likely to work on Wall Street.
    • In ten years, she sees herself 'smashing through the glass ceiling'.
    • Emily loves fashion and hates not getting her way.
    • Emily's favorite quote is by Eleanor Roosevelt: "You gain strength, courage, and confidence by every experience in which you really stop to look fear in the face."
    • Her highest traits are curious, brave, and funny.
    • Her lowest traits are charitable, honest, and romantic.
      • Emily is the least charitable out of all the protagonists.
    • Her highest base relationship status is with Matt and Mike.
    • Her lowest base relationship status is with Jessica.
    • Emily has a fear of failure, according to Dr. Hill.
    • Emily, along with Sam and Mike, is affected by 5 Butterfly Effect segments.
      • This makes them the third least affected protagonists.


    • Emily has the most diverse deaths out of all characters, with 4 different ways to die.
    • She is the only character that can be killed in multiple ways but can be killed by a Wendigo only one way.
    • Emily is one of the three characters to have more than one way of death, the other two being Matt and Ashley.
      • Emily and Matt are the only protagonists whose death may not be caused by a Wendigo or another protagonist (falling into a grinder mill).
      • Ashley and Emily share two deaths: being incinerated in the lodge, and having their eyes gouged out by a Wendigo. They are also the only characters who can die both in the mines and in the lodge.
    • If she was killed by a Wendigo when trying to escape the mines, her corpse will be the only one that does not get decapitated. However, due to one of her deaths, her corpse can be shown to have lost the bottom half of her body.
      • If she was killed by a Wendigo when trying to escape the mines, her body will not be shown in the Epilogue in Josh's lair if he becomes a Wendigo, despite her corpse appearing in Chapter 10.
    • She is the only character that can directly be killed by another protagonist (Mike).


    • Emily is the first group member to encounter the Stranger (directly).
    • Emily has the first line in the game.
    • Emily is an honor roll student and has a 4.0-grade point average.
    • Emily comes from a wealthy background, as she grumbles about burning a 600 dollar shirt and mentions shopping on Rodeo Drive.
    • In order to achieve all of Emily's outcomes in the Credits, you will need to complete four playthroughs, the most out of all the protagonists.
    • She has her owm meme. It is "Understand the palm of the hand, bitch".
    • On an AMA held on Reddit, the developers have admitted that Emily is their favorite character.
    • As it is seen in older beta gameplays, Emily was much more active in later chapters than in the final version of the game, even replacing Mike and Sam in some scenes as in the sanatorium.
    • In beta version, she has been changed from an European-American to Asian-American.


    • She has two trophies dedicated to her, them being: "Let eM In", and "The Exorcism of Emily".


    • Jessica and Emily's fight has similarities to the "Railing of the Queens" scene from the Nibelungenlied.
    • Her trophy "The Exorcism of Emily" is a reference to the movie "The Exorcism of Emily Rose". Her other trophy "Let eM In" is also a Horror movie reference, to "Let Me In".


    • "It was just a prank, Han!"
    • "Oh did you not hear me? Was your sluttiness too loud?"
    • "At least I can think. 4.0 bitch, honor roll. Suck on that when you're trying to sleep your way into a job."
    • "Understand the palm of my hand bitch!"
    • "Rule number one, 'Emily is always right.' Rule number two, 'Nothing else matters because Emily is always right."


    • "Oh my God, I can't believe you actually did this!" - to Jessica about the prank.
    • "Just because he's Class Prez doesn't mean he belongs to everyone, Mike is my man."
    • "It was just a prank, Han!" - Emily calling after Hannah.

    Chapter 1

    • "Seriously, couldn't they have built the lodge like right where the cable car ends?"
    • "Michael, you're a jerk." - to Mike after he scares her and Matt.
    • "You guys gonna make out now?" - Emily after Matt welcomes Mike.
    • "You're kind of hot when you get all alpha, you know that?" - to Matt if he threatens Mike.
    • "You're gonna protect me from it being dark out?" - to Matt after he persists to go with her.

    Chapter 2

    • "Oh. My. God. That is so gross. Are you trying to swallow his face whole? Seriously, can she be any more obvious? No one wants in on your territory, honey." - Emily starting a fight with Jessica.
    • "Oh, did you not hear me? Was your sluttiness too loud?"
    • "Yeah, it's all a big cattle call with that dreamboat. Congrats, you're top cow."
    • "At least I can think. 4.0, bitch, honor roll. Suck on that when you're trying to sleep your way into a job."
    • "Jessica, you need to shut your mouth, okay?" - Matt
      • "No. You're the one who needs to keep your nose out of other people's business!" - Jessica
      • "I'm about to get right up in your business you bitch!"
    • "Right. Because she gave a shit about your 'designer' letter jacket." - Emily to Matt.
    • "It's nice to be here with you, muscle man!" - to Matt outside the lodge.

    Chapter 3

    The character does not appear in this chapter.

    Chapter 4

    • "Em, we should look for the others." - Matt
      • "Mike and Jess are off 69'ing each other and who knows where Sam is."
      • "I think she's in the lodge-" - Chris
      • "Fine. Fine you're right. Get everyone else together. But if there's a maniac running around I think we need to get some help too, right? Not just wait around?"
      • "But what about--" - Matt
      • "Why are we still talking about this? Let's go!" - after she and Matt find out about the Psycho from Chris and Ashley.

    Chapter 5

    • "Are you nuts you're gonna shove my ass through that little hole?!" - Emily to Matt after he suggests for her to go into the cable car station through a small window.
    • "Damn right I'm right. I'm always right." - Emily to Matt.
    • "We can use the radio to call for help. Somebody's gotta pick up the signal." - Matt
      • "Oh. Well somebody's learning to play by the rules."
      • "What? What rules?" - Matt
      • "Rule number one: Emily is always right. Rule number two: nothing else matters because Emily is always right." - Emily and Matt after he agrees with her about going to the fire tower.
    • "I dunno, Em... that could work but I kinda think maybe we should get back to the lodge for now, everyone's been split up for so long...." - Matt
      • "Wait. For real what is it with you and going back to the lodge? You just want to hide out in your room and cry?" - Emily and Matt after he disagrees with her about going to the fire tower.
    • "Snooze you lose, slowpoke! Maaaaaaaaatt! Matt Matt MattMattMatt! MattyMattyMatty! Maaaaaatt! Come on. Come on. Matt! Come on." - to Matt if he keeps Emily waiting.
    • "What's cookin' good lookin'?" - Matt.
      • "Gettin' us out of here, Mister Meat For Brains!"
    • "Look at this bad boy. You're comin' with me, buddy. And just like magic. Come on down, we can totally get out of here this way!" - to Matt.
    • "Yes Matt, given the choice I would prefer not to spend my evening plummeting to my death off a snowy cliff top ." - Emily by the cliff's edge.

    Chapter 6

    • "We're on... Blackwood Mountain by the ski lodge... there's a killer and he's after us and he's already killed one of our friends. Oh my God please help, you've got to help us!!" - Emily calling for help through a radio.
    • "No you stop it! Why do you question every little thing I say! I'm goddamned sick of it!" - Emily aggressive with Matt.
    • "Okay, you're a person! You're a person! Now will you please get me off this goddamn tower!? Please please please Matt! Just do something!" - Emily to Matt on the fire tower after he demands her to treat him better.

    Chapter 7

    • "Oh God. Here goes six hundred bucks. Better be worth it. I looked great in that top."

    Chapter 8

    • "I don't want to talk about that fucking sack of shit!" - to Chris after he asks her about Matt and if Matt decided not to save Emily earlier.
    • "Michael, I'd like to maybe focus on how we're going to get the fuck out of here please?" - to Mike after he tells the group about his findings in the Sanatorium.
    • "You sure you weren't at a truck stop?" - to Mike after he tells the group about his findings in the Sanatorium but hadn't found any clues.
    • "Oh no you're just making yourself feel better about sending me to my death since you know there's a Wendigo out there rip me to pieces like it did with-" - to Mike after he demands her to leave the lodge.
    • "I thought that... that he was going to help us."
      • "Who the flamethrower dude?" - Sam
      • "Now we don't a chance..."
      • "No guys, it just means we've got to be tough. We gotta do this on our own." - Sam
      • I don't know if I can..." - Emily and Sam talking about the Stranger.
    • "Understand the palm of my hand, bitch!" - Emily to Ashley.

    Chapter 9

    • "Shouldn't we stick together?! Sam!" - to Sam after she tells her to go back to the lodge.

    Chapter 10

    The character has no notable quotes in this chapter.


    • "He held it right up to my face... right here - right in front of my nose and he could have shot me, he almost shot me, the prick! I mean you go out with a guy for however long and you think you know him, but man, this one really takes the cake."
    • "You bringing in Meatbrain next? Gonna kick him around a bit for me?"
      • "I'm sorry?" - Interviewer
      • "Meatbrain? Mister Musclebrawn? Matt, the incredible sulk?"
      • "Is there something we need to know?" - Interviewer
      • "Oh no nothing important, except um, how he basically left me to die up on a freakin' tumbling tower like a world class douche nozzle?" - if Matt lived and they had a low relationship status.
    • "About Matt. Have uh... have you found him?"
      • "No... not yet." - Interviewer
      • "Oh god... He's dead. Isn't he?"
      • "Why do you say that?" - Interviewer
      • "Oh no nonono... He's just... Oh my god I was such a bitch and I-I you know, I maybe could have helped him, maybe I could have saved him?" - if Matt died and they had a high relationship status.
    • "No no no. It is not an animal and it is not a person but it has a home down there and it collects things like a person would and I found all this stuff, it's horrible-!"
      • "What did you find?" - Interviewer
      • "I found her head. I found Beth's head."
      • "Beth Washington?" - Interviewer
      • "Beth freaking Washington."
      • "Please make a note to investigate further... and Josh?" - Interviewer
      • "I didn't see him... but there's no way he could have survived so if you haven't found him yet... that's where he's gotta be."


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