The Dollhouse is an item that is found in the basement of the lodge in Until Dawn.

It can make its first debut in Chapter 2 if Sam chooses to look at it when investigating the strange noise, or in Chapter 6 when it is discovered and opened by Ashley.

It can only be opened with the key found by Ashley. It contains Hannah's Diary, which the player can read.


The dollhouse represents a recreation of the prank pulled a year prior, set up by The Psycho.


Inside the dollhouse, the player will find six dolls of the main protagonists in the exact same positions they were during the night of Hannah and Beth's disappearance. On the dollhouse's upper floor, Chris and Josh's dolls can be seen lying down and surrounded by tipped-over bottles to show they were passed out drunk that night. Matt appears to be filming Hannah, standing as well as Mike, while the rest of the dolls sit and watch Hannah around a table. Sam and Beth's dolls are not present, as they were not involved in the prank.


When you enter the basement, head to the left. The dollhouse will be sitting on a table. 



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