The Cree is a group of Algonquin-speaking Native Americans. They represent the largest group of the First Nations in Canada, with a total number of 220,000 members, and 135 registered bands.


The Wendigos in Until Dawn are based on the Cree legends of a creature or spirit that was transformed from human into a cannibalistic monster.

The Algonquian people believed those who indulged in eating human flesh were at particular risk for the spirit of the Wendigo to possess them around the Blackwood Mountain.

It is often described in Algonquian mythology in terms of a balance of nature.

According to the the Stranger's Journal, the Cree believed the mountain they inhabitated was a sacred land. They foretold prophecies of butterflies guiding ones good or bad fortune, and believed harming any animal on the mountain would bring bad luck to that person and the Cree.

When the miners arrived to prospect the mountain in 1893, they found tin and traces of radium. They mined deep into the sacred mountain. The Cree says at that moment the mountain cried out and the Wendigo spirit was released. Later, another group of miners came to dynamite the mountain in 1951-1952. During that period, the spirit still cursed the mountain and a terrible faith grasped onto the miners after being trapped in a cave-in.

According to Melinda Washington's Native American Letter, it is believed the people of the tribe still feel an attachment to the land of their ancestors.

Signs and Symbols

The Stranger found native artifacts of the Cree on the mountain. The Cree's former Shamans wrote of rituals to protect yourself against the Wendigo. The Stranger copied these artifacts, as can be seen in multiple places, such as when Mike and Jessica walk through the mineshaft in Chapter 2, or when Sam explores the mines in Chapter 10. These artifacts will only work on the mountain. They keep the Wendigo at bay. Not entirely, but enough. But inside buildings, they do not work.

According to the Native American Book, which can be found in the cabin, tribes such as the Cree used signs and symbols to communicate with other tribe members. Some warned of danger, but they believed some symbols were a genuine protection against evil. The deer skull symbol drawn in various places is to protect against the Wendigo.


  • The totems found on the mountain by the group of friends were put there by the Stranger who copied their artifacts in order to protect people against the Wendigos.

The 1950's

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