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Chapter 8, ''Animus'' / ''Revelation'' begins roughly around three hours until dawn.

The player takes control of Emily, Chris, Mike, and Ashley, as the mysteries surrounding Blackwood Pines start to become more clear.


The chapter opens with the Stranger catching up to Emily.

  • If Emily chose to hide in the previous chapter, the Stranger will attempt to reach out to her, but will eventually get distracted, and Emily will fall down a slope.
  • If she turned back, he'll push her down to a different route.

Either way, she ends up with a bag of flares to light up her path, which she will use if she didn't throw away her torch in the previous chapter, and she begins to look for a way out.


Strange screeching and scratching noises begin to grow louder and louder, as Emily starts to squeeze through a crack at the end of the path. The hand of a Wendigo will break through and tries to swipe at Emily, and she'll have to make two jumps over gaps in the bridge.

Emily on the conveyor belt.

The player will then be prompted to turn left or right, but choosing the right direction, or being too slow to make a choice, will prompt a scare by Hannah the Wendigo, and Emily will have to run left to the elevator anyways. After Emily pulls the lever, the elevator will go up, but it stops abruptly. She may have to hold still for a few seconds before she runs away. Initially completing all the QTEs and choosing the left path beforehand will skip the Don't Move segment. She will have to act quickly and use the objects around her to slow down the Wendigo, or else it will catch up to her. She will then reach a conveyor belt.

  • If Emily stays on the conveyor belt, she'll have to avoid falling into the ore grinder below.
  • If she jumps off or over, and has the flare gun on her, she can use it against the Wendigo and avoid being bitten.
  • If she doesn't have it at all, or made too many wrong choices during her escape, she will be bitten.

She'll then hop on to a zip line and escape from the mines.


View the chapter's transcript here.

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  • Romantic Postcard - When Emily slips down the slope, she can find a small wooden structure with a romantic postcard on it. However, this can only be found if she chose to hide.


  • Fortune Totem #4 - After passing a mine cart, there will be another wooden structure. Here, she can find Fortune Totem #4 of Mike choosing not to shoot a gun.

Character Deaths


  • If Emily doesn't pull the lever for the elevator in time, the Wendigo will catch up to her and gouge her eyes out.
  • If more than one QTE is missed after running out of the elevator, the Wendigo will catch up to Emily and gouge her eyes out.
  • If Emily misses the jump on the conveyor belt and does not regain her grip, she will fall into the ore grinder below, causing her lower half to be crushed.


Emily's scream can be heard from outside, alerting Mike (regardless if Emily survives or not). 

  •  If Emily survived in the mines, she will run back to the lodge to alert the others of the threat.

The player then takes control of Chris as he asks about Emily and Matt's well-being, he can be confused or concerned about what happened. Later, Mike will run into the lodge, and can reassure Emily or ask where she is if Emily died in the mines.

Soon after someone can be heard banging on the door, and Mike and Chris will investigate it cautiously. Chris can either let Mike handle the pistol or demand to have the pistol himself.

Mike can hand it over to him or refuse if Chris hit Josh with the baseball bat before. The Stranger will push through the door and disarm whoever has the gun. He will then note the group is in danger and inform them about the Wendigos on the mountain.

After remembering Josh is in the shed, Mike notifies that he ran out and left Josh when he heard screaming. Chris decides to go back for him with the accompaniment of the Stranger.

Everyone else proceeds to take shelter in the basement. Ashley will follow Chris and the Stranger to close the door behind them.

  • If Chris didn't shoot her, she will kiss him and tell him to return safely.
  • If he tried to shoot her before, she won't say a word to Chris.

While walking to the shed, the Stranger will tell Chris vital information about how to handle the Wendigos: how they don't like fire, how shotguns will only slow them down, how they only hunt at night, and how they can't see you if you're not moving.

They will arrive at the shed only to see a broken stool with no Josh in sight. Chris insists to continue finding Josh, but the Stranger advises to return back to the lodge and to safety, due to the Wendigo nearby. While heading back, the Stranger will stop and tell Chris to not move. No matter if you pass the Don't Move segment or not, a Wendigo will spring out and swiftly decapitate the Stranger with its nails.

Horrified, Chris then will run back to the lodge, turning back every few seconds to shoot the Wendigo that is pursuing him. If he fails to be quick enough, he will be decapitated.

If he manages to successfuly pass each Quick Time Event, he will reach the lodge entrance, and depending on whether he chose to shoot Ashley or himself, or no one at all, will be let back inside, or she'll leave him locked out, as the Wendigo impales him through the neck with its fingers, and tears off his head, as she watches.

Character Deaths

The Stranger

  • Unavoidable, The Stranger will always be decapitated by the Wendigo while fleeing with Chris.


  • If Chris is too slow to shoot the Wendigo away from him, he will be grabbed and decapitated.
  • If Chris tried to shoot Ashley earlier that night, Ashley will resent him for it and back away from the door, locking Chris outside to be decapitated by the Wendigo.



  • Death Totem #4 - Chris can find Death Totem #4 on the path to the shed, though this totem could have been found in Chapter 4.
  • Loss Totem #3 - Chris can find Loss Totem #3 near the shed, also could have been found in Chapter 4.


Mike, Ashley, and Chris (if he survived), enter the basement, as Sam asks where the Stranger (and Chris if he died) are. Chris tells her about the Stranger's death, while if Chris died, Mike will tell Sam about Chris’ death instead, leaving her to assume the Stranger died as well.

  • If Chris died, and he had previously decided to shoot Ashley, she coldly ignores his death when Sam asks if she is alright.
  • If Chris did not try to shoot Ashley, she appears to be very devastated by his death earlier.

In the basement, Mike decides to try to look for another exit in case a Wendigo breaks in, and Sam tries to convince him that they should all stay in the basement until dawn. Soon, Mike deduces that Josh has the key to the cable car. If Emily is alive, she’ll mention that the Wendigo probably took him down to the mines.

Emily finds the map in the Stranger's belongings, and Mike starts to share information about what he had learned in the Sanatorium.

While Emily is looking through the map, Ashley will then discover her bite if she had been bitten earlier on, to which Emily will try to reassure everyone that she is fine.

Everyone, except for Sam, will soon interrogate her and try to force her to leave, which Emily refuses to do. After Emily refuses to leave, Mike grabs his gun and backs Emily up against a wall. He will be given the option to shoot her or keep her alive, and let her stay. Regardless, Mike will leave to search for Josh outside.

Character Deaths


  • Emily can be shot in the eye by Mike.


After Mike leaves to find Josh, Ashley reads the Stranger's Journal and discovers new information about the Wendigos and their history. These discoveries include the realization that a Wendigo's bite is in fact not infectious.

Upon these discoveries, Ashley will be shocked and Sam will ask her what she finds. Depending on whether or not Emily was bitten, Ashley can tell Sam about the bite or conceal the information.

If Ashley chooses to reveal the truth and Emily is alive, Sam will grab the book and joyfully inform Emily she will be alright. Emily, outraged, will tell her that it isn’t fine as Mike almost shot her and Ashley encouraged him. Ashley attempts to apologize but instead gets slapped by Emily in return.

If Ashley chooses to reveal the truth and Emily is dead, Sam will grab the book and grieve over Emily's death. If Chris is alive, he will comfort Ashley and say that there was no way she could've known.

If Ashley decides to not reveal the truth, she will say that it's "a lot of crazy stuff" and "hard to believe." Sam will pick up the journal, but Ashley will be the only one with the knowledge of the bite. Though it is implied Sam will know Ashley is lying, as their relationship will then drop to zero.

Regardless of Ashley's decision, Sam will say that they need to go find Mike and the group will leave the basement.




  • For some reason Journal: Introduction is skipped so player needs to turn page back or miss this clue.
  • The titles of this chapter depend on whether Chris shot Ashley or not in Chapter 6.
    • You get Animus if Chris shot Ashley.
    • You get Revelation if Chris shot himself or did nothing.
  • This chapter has a total of 9 collectibles.
    • This chapter has the fourth least, or seventh most number of collectibles.
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