The chapter will open with Sam, a while after her encounter with The Psycho.

  • If she was not captured previously, she'll escape out of an air vent to the Psycho's workshop. She will then explore the workshop and can find various clues leading up to his identity.
  • If she was captured, she will wake up tied up in a spinning chair. Sam will move the chair over to Mike and he will free her from her bonds using a machete or a lighter.

She will then talk to Mike through a wall grate. Sam then opens the door for Mike and reunites with him.

After getting changed into regular clothes, Sam and Mike burst through the basement door and find the Psycho approaching Chris and Ashley, as Chris fires a few shots. The Psycho asks Chris if he's ever heard of blanks and takes off his mask, revealing himself to be Josh all along.


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All of the following clues can only be found if Sam had not been caught by the Psycho in Chapter 5.

The following clue can be found regardless if Sam had been captured or not:

  • Video Camera - This can be found in the basement by Sam near the dummy.