Emily and Matt (depending on if he survived the previous deer encounter) walk up to the fire tower, and are stunned by the security light. They traverse up the tower using a series of ladders until they reach the top.

Emily switches on the power, and can also find a flare gun, which she will either keep to herself, fire it into the air, or give it to Matt if he is with her. If she gives it to Matt, he will either shoot it if he agreed with Emily on the idea of going to the fire tower or stow it away for later if he disagreed.

Emily will attempt to contact the park ranger through the radio. Despite failing to be heard the first few attempts, the park ranger finally reaches Emily and informs her that they cannot send a helicopter until dawn after the storm has subsided.

After hearing the message, someone attempts to break through the hatch and enter the tower, but fails. The attacker then cuts the support lines of the tower, causing it to tip over onto it's side. Emily will have to dodge the debris that come flying at her. She then falls out one of the towers windows and lands on the railing. The tower begins to slide into the mines and Matt gets a grip on a support beam in the tower.

If Matt died earlier on, Emily will make her way to the fire tower alone. The choices will not differentiate apart from the flare gun, where she will have the option between shooting and stowing it. The same choices would occur if she were to keep the flare gun for herself when Matt is with her. The dialogue will also be different.




  • Guidance Totem #6 - Right after Emily approaches the fire tower, she can find Guidance Totem #6 depicting Chris putting down a gun that was initially pointing at his chin.