Continuing from the previous chapter, Matt and Emily are shown to be cornered by a herd of elk at the edge of the cliff where Hannah and Beth fell one year ago. Emily will then start to panic and ask Matt what he will do.

Matt then has option of either calming or rebuking her. The couple will then start making their way through the herd.

At one point, the couple encounter an elk that blocks their path, with the animal being either be aggressive or calm depending on how you had been treating nature. Since Matt has hold of the axe, he has the option of either ignoring or attacking the elk.

If Matt ignores the elk, he and Emily will walk calmly through the herd and escape the threat unscathed. They will continue to the fire tower.

If Matt attacks the elk, the herd will retaliate and force Matt off the cliff. The player must complete the QTEs to help Matt climb up the cliff, or else he will fall to his death. If he is able to climb to the top, Emily will tell him to grab her arm. If he grabs her arm, she will pull him up and they will continue to the fire tower. If Matt does not survive the encounter, Emily will cry and run over to the edge of the cliff to see his body. She will suddenly see his body being dragged away by someone. After that, she will still continue to the fire tower by herself.


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Character Deaths


  • If Matt chooses to attack the elk and misses one quick time event, he will fall off the cliff to his death.