Chris wakes up in the kitchen of the lodge and begins searching for Ashley. He walks through the lodge and becomes concerned when he finds Ashley's bloodied coin purse and a large blood stain on the wall. Chris exits the lodge, and walks towards the lodge's shed.

As he enters, he hears Ashley quietly crying and calling out for him. He follows her voice, until he sees her and Josh tied up against a wall with a rusty saw blade pointing towards them.

Chris hears The Psycho telling him that he can only choose to save one of them. The saw activates, and both Ashley and Josh start pleading to Chris to keep them alive.

  • Regardless of which option Chris chooses, the lever will automatically switch to Josh's side, and he will be sawed in half. 

As Ashley and Chris are leaving, they run into Matt and Emily, and in panic, tell them that Josh is dead. Emily will start to maneuver the group to get help and suggests to get the rest of the group together. Emily and Matt then proceed to go get help, while Chris and Ashley look for Sam at the lodge.



  • Pig's Head - While going to the shed, take the left route and Chris can find a pig's head.


  • Death Totem #4 - At the same place where Chris finds a pig's head, he can also find Death Totem #4 showing himself getting hung up by a screeching creature.
  • Loss Totem #3 - Before entering the shed, go to the right. At the dead end, Chris can find Loss Totem #3, showing Ashley's decapitated head fall and roll on the ground.