Chris will explain the rules of the spirit board and volunteers Ashley to conduct the seance. She will ask if anyone is there.

The spirit board will spell out the letters ''HELP''.


  • If Ashley chooses to ask how they can help, the board will spell out the letters "WARNING."
  • If Ashley chooses to ask who it is, the board will spell out "SISTER."
  • If Ashley had chose to ask how they help before, she has a chance to ask what the spirit is warning them about or who it is. Both choices will spell out the word "SISTER."

Josh will tell Ashley to ask who's sister, and she can either ask if it is Beth or Hannah. Both choices will say yes.

Regardless, Ashley will either apologize, or ask what happened, and will follow up by asking either who killed them, or how they died. Once Chris and Ashley figured they should go down the basement to look for proof, the pointer flips off the table suddenly, and Josh assumes either Chris or Ashley is playing a prank on him and storms off, because of his anger and grief for his sisters.


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