Chapter 3, ''Haunted'' / ''Isolation'' starts roughly eight hours until dawn. The player controls Ashley as she conducts the seance, Mike, as he and Jessica make their way to the guest cabin, Ashley yet again after the seance, and finally Chris as he explores the secret room behind the bookshelf. 


  • Tied with Chapter 6, this chapter has 10 collectibles able to be found.
    • Along with Chapter 6, this chapter has the 5th most collectibles able to be found.
  • Additionally, it is possible that Josh is actually the one controlling the board and not a spirit. This can be inferred due to the fact that whether or not you ask if the spirit is Hannah or Beth, both answer yes. Additionally, once Josh storms off, it gives him time to prepare for Ashley and Chris later on.
    • Moreover, the picture that eventually can be found behind the bookshelf is rather odd, from what is written on the picture that Chris and Ashley find it would appear that someone was out to get Hannah and Beth. But, this is most likely not the case, as Hannah and Beth were running from a Wendigo/The Stranger in the Prologue. So this picture was also most likely staged and written by Josh to instill fear.
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