Please note that the following segment is only available for those who pre-ordered the game.

Matt and Emily begin to walk back to the cable car station in search for her bag. Matt opens the gate for Emily and then has the option of looking through a pair of binoculars in a gazebo. He then talks to her.

  • If Matt fought Mike, Emily will ask him about his motivations behind the attack.
  • If Emily and Jessica fought, Matt can either criticize her, or tell her that they should start the weekend over.

They continue walking only to have a light turn on suddenly, which startles Matt. Emily stops to talk to Matt and thanks him for helping her find her bag.

They keep going, only to stop again and comment on how pretty the scenery is. They flirt a bit, before Matt starts clearing snow off a picnic table. Emily tries to persuade him to go somewhere else.

  • If he clears off more of the snow, he sees a heart carved in the table containing the words 'Mike x Em'. Matt is irritated, but Emily reassures him.

Matt questions what's in the bag they're getting, and Emily flippantly says that it contains her underwear. Matt can either flirt or act impatient, and then they keep moving.

They find a giant totem pole, which Emily dares Matt to stick his hand into. She sticks her hand inside the mouth, seemingly being sucked into it herself. Matt may try to save Emily, either by pulling her away or investigating the threat. He soon realizes that Emily was just playing a prank on him.

If he does nothing, Matt assumed it was just a prank, which disappoints Emily in her failure to trick Matt. They immediately hear a loud noise in the distance, but pass it off as an animal. They continue on their path and find a pig's head with a bloody note that says, "WELCOME BACK". Emily decides that she does not want her bag anymore and they head back to the lodge.



  • Cigar Stub - Matt finds the stub if he walks down the side of the lodge.
  • Axe Holder - Matt sees an axe holder on the side of the lodge.
  • Pig Head Note - Matt can find the note as he progresses more than half of this segment of the game.


  • Guidance Totem #2 - Matt finds Guidance Totem #2 on the ground by the first gate he comes upon, showing Mike's fingers getting caught in a bear trap.