Sam is drawing a bath and realizes that there is no hot water. She then looks around the lodge to find Josh. While Sam is walking down the stairs, Josh will send Chris and Ashley to find a spirit board, while he and Sam go down to the boiler room to turn on the hot water.

Josh will tease Chris and Ashley, about how they needed some alone time, and Sam can either say they are sweet together, or that Chris needs to make a move on her.

On their way, Josh will express that he is glad everyone came back, especially her, in which Sam can either say it's weird to be back or tell him that they're all here for him.

In the boiler room, Sam can find a baseball bat and either be serious or humorous about it. Josh will talk about his family and put the bat in a nearby box. After Josh and Sam fix the boiler, Sam will hear a noise and Josh will tease her about it. Sam can either try and prank him or tell him she wasn't scared.


Josh and Sam hearing strange noises in the basement.

Regardless, they will hear a repetitive noise and investigate. Soon after, they are scared by an unknown masked man. The man will chase Sam and Josh up to the stairs. Sam will find the door is locked, but the man reveals himself as Chris, who was just playing a prank on the two.

After that, Sam, Josh, and Chris make their way back upstairs. Ashley asks Chris if he found the spirit board and he pulls it out of the borrowed robe he is wearing. Sam goes upstairs to take a bath, while the others go to the upper library to use the spirit board.



  • Tattoo Card - Sam can find a card of Hannah's tattoo artist in her room, by the table to the right.
  • Postcard - Sam can find a postcard to her Halloween party in Hannah's room, right by her bed.
  • Compatibility Test - Sam can find a compatibility test from a magazine in Hannah's room, in her closet.
  • Beach Photo - After talking to Josh, on the table where the flashlight was, Sam can find a photo of Josh and his sisters on the beach.
  • Prom Night Photo - Sam can find a picture showing herself, Hannah, Mike and Emily during their senior prom.
  • Answerphone Message - Sam can find a message from the sheriff about an escaped convict on an answerphone, located in the dining room.
  • Film Trophy - Sam can find a trophy for a movie Josh's dad directed, to the right of the hallway that leads to the bathroom and Hannah's bedroom.