Chapter 2, "Darkness" / "Jealousy", takes place roughly nine hours until dawn. In this chapter, the player takes control of Chris, as he and Josh try to find their way into the lodge, Matt, interacting with the others in the lodge, Mike while leading Jessica to the guest cabin, Sam while following Josh into the basement to fire up the boiler and possibly Matt again, helping Emily find her bag.


  • The titles of this chapter depends on the player's choices in Dr. Hill 's first therapy session.
    • The requirements of Jealousy is for the player to say he/she wouldn't stay at the barn if it was haunted.
    • To obtain Darkness, the player must say he/she is afraid of darkness or would stay at the barn if it was haunted.
  • This chapter, along with Chapter 10, are the only chapters in which all protagonists appear if they had made it through the night.
    • This chapter is the only chapter in which all protagonists appear in regardless of choices.
  • This chapter has 20 collectibles able to be found, or 18 without the pre-order DLC.
    • This chapter has the second most collectibles able to be found, beaten by Chapter 5.
      • Without the DLC, this chapter is tied with Chapter 7 for the amount of collectibles.
  • This chapter has the second most totems able to be found - tied with Chapter 9, with 5 totems, only beaten by Chapter 5.
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