Jessica sits on a bench at the cable car station's exit, waiting for Mike. She can choose to check her phone or read a book. No matter what, Mike throws a snowball in her direction. Jessica pretends to surrender to him and she has the choice of running to the bench or grabbing a snowball. 

  • If she runs to the bench, a QTE will pop up to dodge a snowball Mike throws at her.
  • If Jessica grabs a snowball, a target will pop up for Jess to hit Mike.

After a while, a target will pop up in front of a small brown bird. Jess can choose to hit the bird, which stops the fight earlier, or she can do nothing and then hit Mike after the timer runs down.

The fight will always end up with Mike falling on top of Jessica. If Jess was hit too many times by Mike, or she dodged all of the snowballs, Mike will claim that he won. If Jess hit Mike every time, then she will state that she beat Mike. Jess will have the choice of hitting Mike with another snowball, kissing him, or not doing anything at all.

If Jessica had hit the bird, an icicle will fall down, prompting a QTE for Jessica to roll them out of the way, or if the player fails Mike will get them both out of the way. The two will then head up to the lodge, while a cable car is seen coming up to the cable car station carrying an enigmatic figure.