Ashley, having already reached the lodge, looks through a telescope to admire the mountain. As she moves the viewer down, she notices Mike and Emily, who had broken up in the year since their last visit, embracing each other.

Suddenly Matt, Emily's new boyfriend, pops up in front of the telescope and screams, startling Ashley. She jumps back and chastises Matt for scaring her. Matt sincerely apologizes, then asks her if she found anything interesting through the telescope, and asks her to let him check it out.

Don't Show Matt (Mislead & Insist)

Ashley tells Matt that there's nothing interesting through the telescope. Matt then says that they might find something "cool", but Ashley insists on not using it, telling him that it's giving her a headache and it's "not worth straining your eyes". He believes Ashley and they walk out together.

Show Matt (Encourage)

Ashley lets Matt look through the telescope and he gets angry at the sight of Mike and Emily hugging. Ashley tells her that it's probably nothing, but Matt storms off. Ashley then follows him.