Jessica is seen waiting at the cable car station. She gets up and walks towards the cable car then gets startled after hearing Sam and Chris knocking on the door. They ask her to let them out, since they are locked inside. Jessica does so by opening the door for them, and simply walks away.

Chris comments on how the cable car trip took so long, then jokingly snatches Jessica's letter.

  • If Sam chose to look through Chris' phone earlier, he will excuse himself for the snooping, saying Sam has taught him.

Chris, observing the letter, teases Jessica for her crush on Mike. Jessica will either demand him to give it back, or explain to them that Emily and Mike broke up, and that she is with Mike now. Regardless of her decision, Jessica will take back the letter. Chris then tells Jessica and Sam that they should head up to the lodge, but Jessica insists on staying, and Chris will again tease her about Mike.