The player gets a tutorial of the aiming mechanics of the game as Chris shoots various sandbags hanging from ropes and bottles that were placed on the ground and on the tree stumps. After Chris successfully shoots several bags and bottles, a squirrel climbs onto one of the barrels. Chris can choose to shoot the squirrel or shoot another bag.

Chris shoots the bag and ignores the squirrel. Sam then tells him to go inside the cable car station to activate the cable car. As they walk away from the shooting range, a crow can be seen flying away. Because Chris did not shoot the squirrel, their relationship will increase and nature will remain in balance.

Chris aims for the head and shoots, mutilating its face as its lifeless body falls. Sam then gets mad at Chris for shooting the squirrel. Chris questions why she's getting upset and tells her that squirrels are "just rats with bushy tails". The act causes nature to be disturbed and therefore, as Sam expresses disbelief at what Chris had just done, a crow suddenly attacks her and scratches her face just above her right eye. This will later make her unable to hide from the Psycho. Because Chris shot the squirrel, their relationship will decrease.

Sam and Chris continue towards the cable car station only to find it locked. Chris tells Sam that Josh wanted to keep it locked because he claimed that he found people sleeping at the station once. He then unlocks the door.

As Sam and Chris wait for the cable car, they make small talk while Chris looks around inside the station. He can find a poster for the old Blackwood Pines Hotel and Sanatorium, and a security feed of cameras throughout the Washington Estate. The cable car then finally arrives and they both ride the cable car to the lodge.

Chris Sam Cablecar

In the cable car, Sam tells Chris that she hopes it was the right thing to do to visit the lodge on the anniversary. Chris then agrees, saying that this is the most excited Josh has been in a while. Afterwards, Chris will tell her the story of how he and Josh met, which was back in the third grade, as Chris had been swapped to the back of the class, sitting next to him.