Chapter 1, "Friendship" / "Memento Mori" takes place ten hours until dawn. The player takes control of Sam, Chris, Jessica, Matt and Ashley, as they make their way to the Washington Estate for the annual winter getaway at the lodge.


  • There are a total of two collectibles in this chapter.
    • Not counting the Prologue, this chapter has the least amount of collectibles.
  • The name of this chapter depends on the responses of the player in Dr. Hill's first therapy session.
    • Friendship is the harder title to get, requiring the player to say the card makes them feel happy, and still say they would stay at the cottage even though it could be haunted. An alternative is to admit your fear of darkness, but show confusion towards it. This method is recommended, as it also gives you the Darkness title for Chapter 2.
    • Memento Mori requires the player to make any other choice but the requirements of Friendship, to obtain the chapter title.
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