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Chapter 1, "Friendship" / "Memento Mori" takes place ten hours until dawn.

The player takes control of Sam, Chris, Jessica, Matt and Ashley, as they make their way to the Washington Estate for the annual winter getaway at the lodge.


The chapter starts off with Sam getting off the bus, arriving at Blackwood Pines. After making her way to the entrance, an unknown man tightly holding a machete is shown watching her as she enters.

On her way to the cable car station, she reaches a closed gate. She notices and reads a note put on the gate by Chris telling her that the gate is busted. Sam then proceeds to climb up the stone wall beside it.

As she progresses through the woods, she notices a squirrel scurrying past her. She calls out to it and if she holds still long enough, the squirrel walks toward her and she feeds it. Otherwise, the squirrel will run away warily at the sight of her sudden movement. Sam continues walking then soon afterwards, Sam will notice a sign describing Native American Totems. She notices a totem on the ground and then picks it up, which in turn reveals a vision of a bird landing and flying away from a table.

Finally, Sam reaches the cable car station but sees no sign of Chris. While she is searching for him, she hears his phone vibrating from his backpack. She can either grab his phone and snoop or zip up his bag.

Close Bag

Sam remarks that she should not poke around in Chris' stuff as she closes his bag. Chris then greets her and takes his bag.


Sam picks up the phone and finds out that Ashley has just sent him a message. Chris suddenly appears behind her, startling her. He then sarcastically asks her if she's his secretary before taking his phone back. Offended by Sam's indiscretion, he will later criticize her for being nosy when grabbing the letter from Jess.

Chris then tells Sam that he found something amazing and asks her to follow him.

While Sam is following Chris, she can find a wanted poster for Victor Milgram on the side of the station. Chris jokingly posits if she thinks they're going to get a visit from him before reassuring her that the Washington Estate has been abandoned since their last visit. They move on and Sam finds that Chris has been leading her to a shooting range he found behind the station. She tells him to go ahead and try to shoot.


View the chapter's transcript here.

View the therapy session after the chapter here.




  • Sam finds Guidance Totem #1 as she is walking to the cable car station. It is located next to the sign describing the Native American Totems.
    • As this chapter consists of the least number of totems with 1 - along with the Prologue and Chapter 6 - this is the only totem in the chapter.


The player gets a tutorial of the aiming mechanics of the game as Chris shoots various sandbags hanging from ropes and bottles that were placed on the ground and on the tree stumps. After Chris successfully shoots several bags and bottles, a squirrel climbs onto one of the barrels. Chris can choose to shoot the squirrel or shoot another bag.

Chris shoots the bag and ignores the squirrel. Sam then tells him to go inside the cable car station to activate the cable car. As they walk away from the shooting range, a crow can be seen flying away. Because Chris did not shoot the squirrel, their relationship will increase and nature will remain in balance.

Chris aims for the head and shoots, mutilating its face as its lifeless body falls. Sam then gets mad at Chris for shooting the squirrel. Chris questions why she's getting upset and tells her that squirrels are "just rats with bushy tails". The act causes nature to be disturbed and therefore, as Sam expresses disbelief at what Chris had just done, a crow suddenly attacks her and scratches her face just above her right eye. This will later make her unable to hide from the Psycho. Because Chris shot the squirrel, their relationship will decrease.

Sam and Chris continue towards the cable car station only to find it locked. Chris tells Sam that Josh wanted to keep it locked because he claimed that he found people sleeping at the station once. He then unlocks the door.

As Sam and Chris wait for the cable car, they make small talk while Chris looks around inside the station. He can find a poster for the old Blackwood Pines Hotel and Sanatorium, and a security feed of cameras throughout the Washington Estate. The cable car then finally arrives and they both ride the cable car to the lodge.

Chris Sam Cablecar.png

In the cable car, Sam tells Chris that she hopes it was the right thing to do to visit the lodge on the anniversary. Chris then agrees, saying that this is the most excited Josh has been in a while. Afterwards, Chris will tell her the story of how he and Josh met, which was back in the third grade, as Chris had been swapped to the back of the class, sitting next to him.



Jessica is seen waiting at the cable car station. She gets up and walks towards the cable car then gets startled after hearing Sam and Chris knocking on the door. They ask her to let them out, since they are locked inside. Jessica does so by opening the door for them, and simply walks away.

Chris comments on how the cable car trip took so long, then jokingly snatches Jessica's letter.

  • If Sam chose to look through Chris' phone earlier, he will excuse himself for the snooping, saying Sam has taught him.

Chris, observing the letter, teases Jessica for her crush on Mike. Jessica will either demand him to give it back, or explain to them that Emily and Mike broke up, and that she is with Mike now. Regardless of her decision, Jessica will take back the letter. Chris then tells Jessica and Sam that they should head up to the lodge, but Jessica insists on staying, and Chris will again tease her about Mike.


Matt and Emily arrive at the mountain and cross a bridge to get to the lodge. As they reach the end of the bridge, Mike jumps down at them, causing them to jump back in fear. Mike starts laughing and Matt can either be confrontational, or welcoming to him.

Mike walks across the bridge in the direction, where Matt and Emily came from.

Soon after, Emily tells Matt she needs to talk to Sam before getting to the lodge, but later to be revealed as just an excuse to meet Mike, and for them to hug each other. She subsequently asks Matt to bring her luggage to the lodge. He can either protest, or comply with her request.

Either way, he grabs the rest of the luggage, as Emily walks off in Mike's direction.


Ashley, having already reached the lodge, looks through a telescope to admire the mountain. As she moves the viewer down, she notices Mike and Emily, who had broken up in the year since their last visit, embracing each other.

Suddenly Matt, Emily's new boyfriend, pops up in front of the telescope and screams, startling Ashley. She jumps back and chastises Matt for scaring her. Matt sincerely apologizes, then asks her if she found anything interesting through the telescope, and asks her to let him check it out.

Don't Show Matt (Mislead & Insist)

Ashley tells Matt that there's nothing interesting through the telescope. Matt then says that they might find something "cool", but Ashley insists on not using it, telling him that it's giving her a headache and it's "not worth straining your eyes". He believes Ashley and they walk out together.

Show Matt (Encourage)

Ashley lets Matt look through the telescope and he gets angry at the sight of Mike and Emily hugging. Ashley tells her that it's probably nothing, but Matt storms off. Ashley then follows him.


Jessica sits on a bench at the cable car station's exit, waiting for Mike. She can choose to check her phone or read a book. No matter what, Mike throws a snowball in her direction. Jessica pretends to surrender to him and she has the choice of running to the bench or grabbing a snowball. 

  • If she runs to the bench, a QTE will pop up to dodge a snowball Mike throws at her.
  • If Jessica grabs a snowball, a target will pop up for Jess to hit Mike.

After a while, a target will pop up in front of a small brown bird. Jess can choose to hit the bird, which stops the fight earlier, or she can do nothing and then hit Mike after the timer runs down.

The fight will always end up with Mike falling on top of Jessica. If Jess was hit too many times by Mike, or she dodged all of the snowballs, Mike will claim that he won. If Jess hit Mike every time, then she will state that she beat Mike. Jess will have the choice of hitting Mike with another snowball, kissing him, or not doing anything at all.

If Jessica had hit the bird, an icicle will fall down, prompting a QTE for Jessica to roll them out of the way, or if the player fails Mike will get them both out of the way. The two will then head up to the lodge, while a cable car is seen coming up to the cable car station carrying an enigmatic figure.


  • There are a total of two collectibles in this chapter.
    • Not counting the Prologue, this chapter has the least amount of collectibles.
  • The name of this chapter depends on the responses of the player in Dr. Hill's first therapy session.
    • Friendship is the harder title to get, requiring the player to say the card makes them feel happy, and still say they would stay at the cottage even though it could be haunted. An alternative is to admit your fear of darkness, but show confusion towards it. This method is recommended, as it also gives you the Darkness title for Chapter 2.
    • Memento Mori requires the player to make any other choice but the requirements of Friendship, to obtain the chapter title.
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