The Cable Car Station is a location on Mount Madahee (Blackwood Mountain). It consists of a lower and upper cable car station which the characters make use of to get to the Washington Estate.


The cable car stations are used as a transfer to travel back and forth to the higher and lower parts of the mountain, including the lodge.

Events of Until Dawn

Sam starts off making her way to the lower cable car station, where she later meets Chris. As they wait for their ride, Chris may explore the inside building of the cable car station before the pair step inside the cable car, taking them upwards. They have a small conversation as the cable car eventually stops with the two stuck inside.

Jessica, waiting at the upper cable car station for Mike, opens the door for them and they discuss her relationship with Mike before Chris and Sam decide to move to the lodge. Jessica decides to stay in order to wait for Mike.

Afterwards, Emily complains to Matt about the cable car's distance from the lodge. They bump into Mike who will later follow the trail in search for Jessica. Here the two engage in a snowball fight while teasing each other and continuously making sexual innuendos before they also make their way to the lodge. The Stranger is afterwards seen in the cable car.

After Matt and Emily find Chris and Ashley disconcerted about Josh's "death", Emily will insist on getting help by going to the cable car station. When the couple arrives, they find the station completely demolished by The Psycho, with the cable car itself being unreachable. Looking around for a solution, they find a map and will proceed to the fire tower.


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