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Bringing It to Life is the ninth and the final segment featured in Until Dawn's Bonus Content. It describes the process of recreating the Wendigo from the myths: their appearance, behavior, and the sound design.


The Wendigo's character model as seen in the video.

The video starts off as Lee Robinson (Production Design Director) starts describing the appearance of the Wendigo. Sketches and concepts played a key role in recreating the Wendigo. The dead, milky eyes, the lost lips and eyelids, and the long fangs, arms and legs all fuse together to create the Wendigo.

Then, Jamie Galipeau (Animation Director) goes into the detail about the movement and the behavior of the Wendigo. The creature leaps at one moment, then crawls at another. The Wendigo has an intense hunger for flesh, which fuels its anger. The anger can be felt through the sounds of the Wendigo. The breaths and the screams are recreated through animal sounds combined with human noises.



Until Dawn Bonus Content- Bringing It To life

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