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Awyman13 Awyman13 1 August 2020

Your New Fandom Wiki Manager

Hello everyone! My name is Awyman13 and I have replaced Shrev65 as the Fandom Wiki Manager for the . I am here to help the community and be a liaison to full-time Fandom staff. If you ever have a question or issue relating to the wiki, editing, styling, infoboxes, templates, etc., please contact me on my message wall.

Here are some handy links for help with wiki features:

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--awyman13 (Talk/Work) 08:08, August 1, 2020 (UTC)

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Unownshipper Unownshipper 10 May 2019

Hibernation Solves (Most) Everything

I'm not sure if this has been suggested before, but I've been thinking that a lot of lingering questions would've been explained if it was suggested in the Stranger's Journal that the Wendigos hibernate. But I'm not talking about a normal sleep-through-winter hibernation like bears and other animals do, bur rather a reverse-hibernation where they live during winter and sleep during summer and the warmer months. That would've explain SO many details:

  • 1 Wendigo Sightings
  • 2 Animal Instinct
  • 3 The Long Hunt
  • 4 Additional Thoughts

A common question brought up by players is why were the Wendigo never spotted before the events of Until Dawn?

Why did the lodge builders never encounter the Wendigo? Because they worked during the summer and the Wendigo is only a…

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Annova Annova 12 January 2019

wendihoes meet reality tv game shows

Seven idiots find themselves on various game shows, competing for cash prizes and some relevance in their lives. Follow them as they run, jump, dance, twirl, cook, suck dick (metaphorically and literally), belch on each other, and throw hands!

This is purely to distract from the fact that in the other fic they're all being murdered one by one. It's shenanigans time, bitches. 

  • Aicile
  • Annie
  • Cody
  • Infinity
  • Jerome
  • Karim
  • Liam  

and some special guest appearances here and there!!

Stay perched, thotties!

A dramatic shot of the stage. Charlie is posing with his leg in the air in the center of the stage.

  • Charlie: hey there thotties

  • Charlie: welcome to family feud

  • Charlie: instead of two families we got THREE

  • Charlie: because fuck the rules!

  • Karim: ban

  • Jerome: roast that r…

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RedDragon1024 RedDragon1024 12 January 2019

Survivor: WendiHOE Island - Episode 2 "Raw. You know?"

  • 1 Previously on... Survivor
    • 1.1 Introduction
  • 2 Orasan - After Tribal Council
  • 3 Linggo - Day 4
    • 3.1 Tree Mail
  • 4 Orasan - Day 4
    • 4.1 Tree Mail
  • 5 Reward Challenge
    • 5.1 Before the Challenge
    • 5.2 The Challenge
      • 5.2.1 Round 1
      • 5.2.2 Round 2
      • 5.2.3 Round 3
      • 5.2.4 Round 4
      • 5.2.5 Round 5
      • 5.2.6 Round 6
      • 5.2.7 Round 7
      • 5.2.8 Round 8
    • 5.3 After the Challenge
  • 6 Orasan - Day 5
  • 7 Linggo - Day 5
  • 8 Linggo - Day 6
  • 9 Orasan - Day 6
  • 10 Immunity Challenge
    • 10.1 The Challenge

  • [Charlie]: Previously on... Survivor,
  • [Charlie]: Two tribes of 10 castaways head into the Philippines Islands for a journey of a lifetime, with the same goal of 1 million smackers.
  • [Charlie]: And Anastasia quit straightaway.
  • Anastasia: I quit
  • Everyone: ;/
  • [Charlie]: Leaving Orasan down in numbers. However, Orasan won the initial Reward Challenge for a Fire-Mak…

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RedDragon1024 RedDragon1024 30 December 2018

Survivor: WendiHOE Island

ugh why am i doing another fic that nobody knows about

  • Charlie: These are the Philippine Islands! Twenty little Wendihoes have to battle it out while surviving the harsh tropical climate of the Philippines and the animals that go with.
  • Snake: *hiss* im gonna eat u *hiss*
  • Charlie: But out of these 20, only one of them can be crowned the title of Sole Survivor, and earn the grand prize of 1 million buckeroos.

Twenty people are on the boat in the middle of some of the islands of the Philippines.

  • [Cody]: I'm a small boy from Ukraine, and I think I can win Survivor. Everybody likes me.
  • [Bela]: (next to Cody) i don't like the guy next to me. im a boss ass bitch, and im gonna kill my way to the end, and threaten the jury to vote me or else...
  • [Bela]: i will …

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InfinityWikiaCreator12 InfinityWikiaCreator12 23 December 2018

Worst Case Scenario

“When strange murders occur around Blackwood County, ten friends are forced to re-unite in order to uncover the murderer. Best case scenario? They end up finding the culprit in no time. Worst case scenario? They go through a rollercoaster of emotions, fights and make ups, plot holes and plot twists, whilst all the while trying to find who this damn killer is.”

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Annova Annova 22 December 2018

ten little wendihoes

  • 1 ten little gay ass wendihoes
    • 1.1 Poem
    • 1.2 Weapons
  • 2 And Then There Were Nine…
  • 3 And Then There Were Eight…











Ten little wendihoes, all gathered to dine.

One choked on their envy, and then there were nine.

Nine little wendihoes, confused and full of hate,

One met their match, and then there were eight.

Eight little wendihoes, two others in heaven,

One should’ve stopped running, and then there were seven.

Seven little wendihoes, some liked to suck dicks,

One found home, and then there were six.

Six little wendihoes, just trying to stay alive,

One took words to heart, and then there were five.

Five little wendihoes, trying to even the score,

One ran out of air, and then there were four.

Four little wendihoes, al…

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RedDragon1024 RedDragon1024 21 December 2018

toawkre tohpe soelcuoqnyd lpehtjtjeir ojf eqabczh wloyrxd. uwnetritl dpalwmn foaknjfiilc tkhlrneme

I don't know.

I have no clue.

Zero idea.

What's this?

Asia or Europe.

Who knows?

Nobody knows.

Do I seek the truth?

Is it real?


Zilch and nada.

Of course I absolutely don't know.

Squeeze and wheeze.

Nonos dejes.

Escape the rain but not the pain.

No rice no chocolate.

If or when?

Am I okay?

Pen to pen.


Thanks a lot.

I love you all.

Knee-on Gravepebbles.

What does the title say?

What does the fox say?

ToAw yes I love you.

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0Abstruse 0Abstruse 10 July 2018

Protection of pages

I've noticed that due to the wiki having been completed with all its information (mostly), its activity has obviously slowed down which, more than ever, has given trolls the opportunity to vandalize pages. Especially pages of the main characters. Besides that, I've noticed that over the period of time where we as staff haven't been completely active, some incorrect or baseless information has been added to said pages as well. Thinking about it, these pages have been complete for a while and really do not need to have extra info added to them. Because of these reasons I am protecting these pages for now. I'm not sure for how long, but I at least want to take some time to revise them thoroughly and not give anyone the opportunity to vandaliz…

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InfinityWikiaCreator12 InfinityWikiaCreator12 18 April 2018

who killed ian? I one-shot

His lifeless body laid on the table, his eyes closed and an oh-so peaceful smile on his face. There were no pills, no knives, nothing to pinpoint who and what killed him.

Ian was described as a nobody by his peers, spending his time tucked away in corner of the college library. Nobody talked to him, yet so many people talked about him. He was a nerd, but he knew the ‘it’ trends and wore preppy clothing. In fact, he had so much qualities of a popular person it was a surprise that he didn’t pursue the chances of becoming one, which were so, so high.

Ian only had a couple of friends, all of which had a falling-out with him days before his death. We will be reviewing all of them and their alibis to see who the killer is. Can you guess who it is?…

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Cameron33268110 Cameron33268110 9 January 2018

Finished Until Dawn

Okay. I've finished Until Dawn. And I saved everybody! Including the wolf. And on my first try! Hooray for me! I was really scared if I didn't anyone, like Chris, or Emily, or Jess, or Matt or Mike or Sam.

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InfinityWikiaCreator12 InfinityWikiaCreator12 7 January 2018

one missed call.

unlike the other fics i actually have this one all planned out (plot-wise) so if anyone is reading this prepare for twists!

"promises are worse than lies. cause you make others hope, hope for something that you're not sure you can give."

one drink turned into two. tipsy turned into drunk. and a broken phone lead to one missed phone call.
gich, a high school freshman suddenly goes missing. the culprit? eleven seniors. in those eleven two were enforced with the task of taking care of their beloved sister; but didn't. it's not their fault, they say. gich did it to herself, they point out. but she didn't. supernatural forces involved in her sudden disappearance? you can say that.

genre: angst, horror, high school au

Disclaimer - this story inclued mental…

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Emery Rosso Emery Rosso 4 January 2018

A Few Reasons Why Ashley Is NOT The Worst Character In The Game

The characters in Until Dawn are all flawed in some way or another; not one of them is perfect, which is an accurate reflection of human nature. There are always justifications presented for a character’s arguably immoral acts.

  • Josh’s psychologically damaging pranks were motivated by his wish for vengeance for the prank that led to his sisters’ disappearance coupled with debilitating mental illness.
  • Mike shooting Emily was due to the fear that she would turn into a Wendigo and kill them all.
  • Emily’s “bitchy” attitude could be attributed to being dumped by her boyfriend and having her best friend hook up with him.
  • Matt “abandoning” Jess in the mines can be seen as unintentional, as he was saying “look you see that” as he ran off, suggesting tha…
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Cameron33268110 Cameron33268110 1 January 2018

Got Until Dawn video game

So two days ago, I got Until Dawn and today I'm going to play. Wish me luck if I survive everybody. Probably not...

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InfinityWikiaCreator12 InfinityWikiaCreator12 16 September 2017


umm what is this a new fanfiction?

1984, the Beginning of an End.After the frightful war that lasted from 1975-1983, the Ingsoc (or English Socialist Party) was eventually victorious and gained control of the past continents.

The infamous Wubbzy of Ingsoc is the leader of the totalitarian government and world, ruthlessly punishing those who try to oppose him. Although, a band of teenagers who are tired of his cruel leadership attempt to start a revolution against Ingsoc; the Republic of Gijha.

Don't expect anything to be finished please ♥


  • Infinity - Commander of TBA
  • Annie - Commander of TBA
  • Cody - Commander of TBA
  • Jerome - Commander of TBA 
  • Aicile - Commander of TBA 
  • Daunte - Commander of TBA
  • Karim - Commander of TBA 
  • Elle - ???
  • Gich - ???
  • Ia…

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15Browning 15Browning 22 August 2017

Perfect Fan Casting for Until Dawn Movie Adaption

I got bright ideas on a Perfect Casting of the Eight Main Characters of the Game for a future Until Dawn Film Adaption. I found some likeable actors that they could nail in a future film:

  • Sophie Turner (Game of Thrones, Barely Lethal and X-Men: Apocalypse) for Sam
    • IMDb Profile: www.imdb.com/name/nm3849842
  • Dylan O'Brien (Teen Wolf and The Maze Runner film series) for Mike
    • IMDb Profile: www.imdb.com/name/nm3729721/
  • Nat Wolff (The Naked Brothers Band, The Fault in Our Stars, Paper Towns and Death Note) for Josh
    • IMDb Profile: www.imdb.com/name/nm1822659/
  • Taissa Farmiga (American Horror Story and The Nun) for Ashley
    • IMDb Profile: www.imdb.com/name/nm3920288/
  • Tom Holland (Captain America: Civil War, Spider-Man: Homecoming and Avengers: Infinity War) for …
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Shahzaib Mujahid Khan Shahzaib Mujahid Khan 19 August 2017


Hi My Name Is Shahzaib Mujahid Khan. I Am 11 Year Old welcome your kind and friendly suggestions to improve this page. Thank you all.I love the Uncharted When I was 9 Year old I like the Five Nights At Freddy's. I am A bigger Fan Of This Game

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TotsTomas TotsTomas 27 July 2017

Until Dawn: The Movie

Here's what I think could be the death order in an actual movie version with reasoning and little opinion.


First, in a horror movie, it's pretty safe to say not everyone makes it out alive, and 1 to 3 survivors seems the most common numbers of active main protaganists in the end, which is why I think the two that are meant to be alive in the end, plus Josh, would be the best survivors for an actual movie finale.

Jessica and Matthew, I feel like it would be better for them to get killed off early, as probably intended to, due to their invisible edits until the last chapter, and it doesn't add much to the story if the two survive their respective chapters.

Chris, Emily, and Ashley all become under the radar in terms of actual story on…

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InfinityWikiaCreator12 InfinityWikiaCreator12 22 July 2017

my name is tana

and i am a saLOON girl


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~Jedediah Is~ ~Jedediah Is~ 6 July 2017


I am fairly interested in The Inpatient, the graphics look amazing from what I could get from the trailers. I am happy to see the Until Dawn game have this sequal (thing) and I am excited to see what they do with it :DD

I am a big fan of Until Dawn even if the graphics did seem a bit off and the dialogue was sorta cheesy. I would say my favorite character is Chris because he is like.. almost entirely innocent considering he didn't take part in the prank or anything like that. Kinda twisted that he was like.. the main person to be "Pranked". I

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Queen Amy Queen Amy 31 December 2016



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InfinityWikiaCreator12 InfinityWikiaCreator12 15 December 2016

Wiki Life of Mutual Killing 2

hey look I disobeyed you @daunte (youcanbanmenow)

After the events of Hope's Peak Academy, the four remaining graduates join the Future Foundation to try and stop the tradegy from continuing. Although, the despair overtakes the foundation and takes Bela, Jerome, Gich and Karim to a isolated island to compete in another killings game, and you already know how to graduate; kill someone without being caught! (or survive until the end without being killed)

Although, the "new" students seem familiar with the four, they can't seem to remember them throughly.

Don't expect anything to be finished cause I might be discouraged to continue this or I can't be bothered overall.

  • Gich = Ultimate Serial Killer
  • Jerome = Ultimate Writer
  • Bela = Ultimate Drama Queen
  • Ka…

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XxSolarEclipsexX XxSolarEclipsexX 14 December 2016

another killing fic

Twelve people are forced to compete in a survival game where they have to outwit the others. They each have their own device which prophesises the future in some way which can be used to their advantage. If one diary user is slated to kill another, they will be marked with a Dead End message, warning them of their demise, giving them time to change the future. The last one alive will be granted survival, and become a literal god thicc af. ripped offf from another japanese cartoon xDrofl

  1. Cody - The Random Diary - Gives details in five minute updates of events that occur in the future and present based on his viewpoint.
  2. Aicile - The Love Diary - Gives details of what occurs to his current crush every ten minutes.
  3. Liam - The Teacher Diary - Give…

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InfinityWikiaCreator12 InfinityWikiaCreator12 12 December 2016

Infinity I Wiki Life of Mutual Killings

Infinity, (無限) is one of the characters featured in Wiki Life of Mutual Killings and participated in the Wiki Mutual Killings Game. 

Infinity enrolled to Hopes Peak Academy, and was put in Class 69. She has the title, Ultimate Blogger since she is well known for the amount of blogs she posts on her wiki.  

She was killed in Chapter 4, ironically killing herself due to not being able to hold back the guilt she has of being the co-founder of the Mutual Killings game.

Infinity's death played a major role in Chapter 5, since before killing herself, she unlocked the headmaster's office to try and make people forgive her of what she's done. 

  • 1 Appearance
  • 2 Personality
  • 3 Skills and Abilities 
    • 3.1 Ultimate Blogger
  • 4 History
    • 4.1 Prior to the Tradegy 
  • 5 Wiki Life of Mutu…

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RedDragon1024 RedDragon1024 25 November 2016

Until Dawn Fanfic!!!! 2 Final

  • Annie: We gotta escape the mines like we gotta escape this country w Trump

A high pitched screech occurs.

  • Storm: Did you hear that?
  • Annie: It was just Cody speaking
  • Annie: Wait who is Cody he doesnt even talk to us anymore :(((((
  • Storm: about anything other than politics :((((((
  • Annie: :(((((((
  • Storm: :((((((((
  • Annie: ))))))):
  • Cody: =DDD
  • Annie: stfu

There's another huge screech.

  • Annie: stfu
  • Storm: We gotta go honeyboo
  • Cody: which way
  • Storm: you go down there *points to the pit to hell* and annie and i will go towards the light
  • Cody: no-
  • Annie: good plannie lets go quick

The trio run and reach a hiding spot.

  • Storm: Which way?
  • Annie: why the fuck is there an abandon annie lets hide
  • Storm: cody scout whats ahead
  • Cody: okay!

Cody leaves and the Wendigo runs after him.

  • Annie: *falls*
  • Sto…
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Aicilespear Aicilespear 9 November 2016

So Donald Trump won the election

Boi what even is US at this point

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SuperlyAttachedGlitch77 SuperlyAttachedGlitch77 3 November 2016

UnReal Big Brother

Set against the reality TV show, ”Big Brother", UnREAL follows a young producer whose job is to manipulate the contestants and their relationships with one another to get the vital dramatic and outrageous footage that the program's dispassionate executive producer demands. Together, they're unstoppable.

Big Brother is a fictional TV show where through the running of the show, behind the scenes will show how they improvise a manifesto on how to forcibly add more drama for their TV ratings to raise high. Beginning with over twenty contestants (housemates), they are gradually eliminated on eviction nights by the votes of the audience throughout the competition until only one remains. The show is produced by Gich & Ellie.

The housemates are given…

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RedDragon1024 RedDragon1024 2 November 2016


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RedDragon1024 RedDragon1024 31 October 2016

How to Get Away With Until Dawn Wikilympics

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RedDragon1024 RedDragon1024 31 October 2016


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RedDragon1024 RedDragon1024 31 October 2016

How To Get Away With Until Dawn Wikilympics/Prologue

It's dark. It's night time. Hey, the moon is out. It's silent. There are occasional cars driving around in the streets. It's a peaceful night in the Australian city in Brisbane.

Oh, hey. Look at that, it's the Gabba. A sleeping stadium after a long days work. Did you hear that? What was that?

It was a scream.

  • Ian: Okay... We on air?
  • Unhelpful: Yep. Let's stomach roll.
  • Ian: Welcome to the 2016 Until Dawn Wikilympic Games! Here's your hosts...

In the hotel room, Cody sits alone, rewatching the broadcast, with a smile on his face.

Stay tuned for the next Chapter, Chapter 1, where everything begins!

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Aicilespear Aicilespear 26 October 2016

Survival of the forgotten

June 19th, 1970...

  • Merciless: *coughs*
  • Merciless: ugh... where the fuck am I

Merciless suddenly fell off from a pretty high distance

  • Merciless: WOAH!
  • Merciless: Ow...
  • Merciless: Ok but why am I waking up from an air vent????
  • Merciless: Ugh... a paper?

Please save them.

  • Lil: Um... hello?
  • Merciless: O I have a walkie-talkie?
  • Lil: O thank goodness... Sorry for the high dose of sedation
  • Merciless: Did you just
  • Lil: Sorry!!!! I'm barely a registered nurse I almost failed my entrance exam please have mercy!!!
  • Merciless: Ok but, what's going on?
  • Lil: O yes, hai, er, sorry for calling you on such short notice, especially when you're super confused.
  • Merciless: Yea u better why the fuck am I waking up looking so wrecked in this weird building
  • Lil: Um, I can help you,…
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InfinityWikiaCreator12 InfinityWikiaCreator12 18 October 2016

The Amazing Race of Until Dawn

Welcome to my fic!

For once not a fic about death and despair! This fic is mainly inspired by The Amazing Race series, but it does have some elements of Total Drama in it as well as it will have drama! ♥ seven teams fly around the world for the chance to win $1,000,00 (tbh who would run around the world for $1,000,00 never in a million years) but chapter by chapter, one team to one team, will fall and lose the chance to win the big bucks! Last team standing (definitely not Karim) will win the big $1,000,00 and not "absolutely" regret their decision to compete! 

Thanks to Jerome/Daunte for inspiring me, you absolute perfections ♥

Btw: Teams have not been decided by me, they have been decided by a random name generator. Don't be offended if you…

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InfinityWikiaCreator12 InfinityWikiaCreator12 14 October 2016

♥ welcome to my page ♥

♥ welcome ♥

hi bbys its infinity and im here forever (until i take another hiatus)

i'm just a innocent australiana girl, and i'm the ultimate blogger, seriously check it out :)

im usually nice, but if you double cross me, i probably wont talk to you :)

im really lazy when it comes to editing, but i do edit pages from time to time to try and get my edit count to 1k :)

i already mentioned this, but i probably have the most blogs in the wikia. tell me if you think you have more than me, and i'll edit this (terrible, self-centered) fact out :) 

im kind of active on the wiki if theres a event going on ? idk. like hurt and heals ? character tournaments ?  stuff. :)(:

if you need to chat, feel free to message me. (!) i'll try to respond as soon as possi…

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RedDragon1024 RedDragon1024 10 October 2016

Until Dawn Wikilympics

  • 1 Update 1
  • 2 Update 2
  • 3 Update 3
  • 4 Update 4
  • 5 Update 5
  • 6 Update 6
  • 7 Update 7

  • Ellie – Left Arm Right Arm Left Leg Right Leg, Left Titty Right Titty and Head
  • The above pic: Centre flag is Brisbane, flags of Wikia, the Philippines, United Kingdom, Victoria, New South Wales, Ukraine, New Hampshire, Vietnam, and feminism.
  • Broad release date: "Coming soon this Winter/Summer after Until Dawn Fanfic!!!! 2..."

  • Annie: I finally get to judo flip Jerome into a trash can.
  • Ian: OOH Ellie is #blocked by Karim!!!
  • Karim: *perched*
  • Ian: omg they're so synchronised !!!1!!1 the pumpkin spice connection is real !!1211!!@
    • Bela: Ew
  • No deaths: "For once, some happiness in the fics."

  • "18 nations, 20 athletes"
  • Daunte: who cares about hockey more like hickey amirite
  • Ian: To fit the draw, som…

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Aicilespear Aicilespear 6 October 2016

UDwiki fanfic: I just want sum break

Karim/0Abstruse - unknown career, resistance

Mr. Wubbzy - female interviewer, neutral/monarch

Stormschg - monarch founder, monarch

Daunte/XxSolarEclipsexX - Taxi driver, resistance

Aicilespear - scientist, resistance

Ellie/7limbjessica - pro-protester, resistance

Jerome/RedDragon1024 - scientist, monarch

Cody nara - underground cop, monarch

Annie/Omgitsfirefoxx - Monarch soldier, unclear affiliation

Liam/3fingermike - Samural hacker/Infinity's mentor, monarch

InfinityWikiaCreator12 - Monarch HQ trainee, monarch

IanBrettCooper - doctor, deceased (cameo)

  • Karim: Number One Killer Is Time
  • GamingSins: Roll credits.
  • Karim: Here's what you need to know. Her water I mean time broke. A growing fracture(d but whole), lead to the end of pussytime
  • Wubbzy: Karim are y…

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3fingermike 3fingermike 4 October 2016

The Flabulous 7 - A fic by Liam



Karim - The Bounty Hunter (Flab 1)

Liam - The Gambler (Flab 2)

Infinity - The Grenadier (Flab 3)

Jerome - The Technician (Flab 4)

Annie - The Assassin (Flab 5)

Daunte - The Hunter

Cody - The Warrior

Ellie - Villager 

Aicile - The Villain.

In some Western town in some Western State where people have Western accents and eat Western food in Western bars with Western Saloon bars surrounded by Western tumbleweed with Western Western Western Western, the villagers are at peace. Just another day in Western Creek. Farmers slaving away in the unbearable sun, the kids making kindling chains with the shortage of botany and the ones who have finished their shifts find themselves in the bar with shots of whiskey or cups of ale gambling at poker wast…

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InfinityWikiaCreator12 InfinityWikiaCreator12 2 October 2016

Final Destination: Until Dawn's Summary Page (Inspired by Jerome)

Welcome to the summary page for Final Destination: Until Dawn

By the way you could thank this summary page thats either going to be trash or amazing to Jerome ♥

On one fateful night, a group of Until Dawn users go to Blackwood Amusement Park, to have the time of their lives; which might be the last of their "time." One of the users has a premonition of the roller coaster they were supposed to ride collapsing and being set ablaze. Managing to get his friends of just barely, his supposed premonition becomes a reality. After having a severe head injury, he recovered a week later. Just after, his friends one by one face disturbing coincidences that take their lives (if the reader chooses the wrong desicions (;) he will have to use his remaining k…

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InfinityWikiaCreator12 InfinityWikiaCreator12 26 September 2016

Final Destination: Until Dawn

Welcome to my fic!

The newest installment of the Until Dawn fanfic franchise has some of its Until Dawn users face death in a ultimate battle with it. The premise is simple, a group of Until Dawn users go out to have a "fun" time in a amusement park, to face the scariest roller coaster of all time; "do u rlly wanna do this you have a high chance of dying on this ride" Someone then has a premonition of the roller coaster malfunctioning (btw, why do ppl even go on roller coasters ? they're scary af) and takes his/her her/his friends with them of the ride, only for the ride to malfunction just moments later. One by one, they will have to cheat death even more to get out of its list they ruined.

Based on the film franchise "Final Destination"


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MrWubbzy MrWubbzy 26 September 2016

I need playerZz


No knowledge of this game is necessary cause fuck that shit. Please join :)

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InfinityWikiaCreator12 InfinityWikiaCreator12 23 September 2016

♥ me ♥

  • 1 Infinity 
  • 2 Personality
  • 3 Until Dawn Fanfic!!! 2
    • 3.1 Involvement 
    • 3.2 Prolouge
    • 3.3 Chapter 1
    • 3.4 Chapter 2
    • 3.5 Chapter 3 

Infinity, known to some of her friends as Creator, is one of the ten main protagonists and a playable character in Until Dawm Fanfic!!! 2. She is based on the real life user Infinity/InfinityWikiaCreator12

Described in the game as ('TBA)' Infinity is the typical naive (again screw u Jerome) girl heading into adulthood, which is really bad tbh. 

She is typically a laidback person, but can get feisty when provoked. It seems that she is also very protective of her belognings shown when getting annoyed when Cody stole her letter. Infinity is also very impatiene when it comes to lazy fatass Jerome's updates. She can also be a attention hog, …

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RedDragon1024 RedDragon1024 21 September 2016

Until Dawn Fanfic!!!! 2 Summary Page

The Summary Page for the Until Dawn Fanfic!!!! 2.

  • 1 Overview
  • 2 One Year Ago
  • 3 Present Day
    • 3.1 Chapter 1
      • 3.1.1 Totems
    • 3.2 Chapter 2
      • 3.2.1 Totems
    • 3.3 Chapter 3
      • 3.3.1 Totems
    • 3.4 Chapter 4
      • 3.4.1 Totems
    • 3.5 Chapter 5
      • 3.5.1 Totems
    • 3.6 Chapter 6
      • 3.6.1 Totems
    • 3.7 Chapter 7
      • 3.7.1 Totems
  • 4 Characters
    • 4.1 Character Roles
      • 4.1.1 Lodge Survivors
      • 4.1.2 Other
    • 4.2 Chapter Appearances & "Playability"
  • 5 Butterfly Effects
    • 5.1 Butterfly Effect 1
      • 5.1.1 Choice 1: Aicile (7-1)
    • 5.2 Butterfly Effect 2
      • 5.2.1 Choice 1: Yes, let Codiam live in peace.
    • 5.3 Butterfly Effect 3
      • 5.3.1 Choice 1 + 3: Scissors & Porque no los dos (4-0-4)
    • 5.4 Butterfly Effect 4
      • 5.4.1 Choice 3: Herself (0-1-4)
    • 5.5 Butterfly Effect 5
      • 5.5.1 TBA.

A year after the disappearance of two of their friends, 10 teenagers return to Blackwood Mountain for a night of fun, bu…

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XxSolarEclipsexX XxSolarEclipsexX 20 September 2016

wiki life of mutual killing

Tba. will be posted soon like a few weeks!!! dont expect me to finish anything. guess what its about

Hope's Peak Academy scouts out the most talented students from across the globe, and those who successfully enroll are dubbed with their own talent, at which they are one of the best in the world in. These fifteen students soon realise that things aren't as they seem.

After being locked in the school they soon learn that the only way to graduate and return to the normal world is to kill someone without being found out, or risk execution.

  • Ian - Ultimate Emily Stan
  • Cody - Ultimate Snapchatter
  • Annie - Ultimate Model
  • Karim - Ultimate Administrator
  • Daunte - Ultimate Escape Artist
  • Jerome - Ultimate Writer
  • Bela - Ultimate Drama Queen
  • Gich - Ultimate Luck
  • Infi…

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InfinityWikiaCreator12 InfinityWikiaCreator12 19 September 2016

♥ fanfic review ♥

the review will come as soon as its finish (so jeorme you' better hurry up)

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RedDragon1024 RedDragon1024 17 September 2016

Until Dawn Fanfic!!!! 2

  • 1 Cast
    • 1.1 Lodge Survivors
    • 1.2 Supporting
    • 1.3 Cameoed
  • 2 Prologue
  • 3 Chapter 1
    • 3.1 21:02
    • 3.2 21:11
    • 3.3 21:17
    • 3.4 21:24
    • 3.5 21:32
    • 3.6 21:41
  • 4 Chapter 2
    • 4.1 22:00
    • 4.2 22:28
    • 4.3 22:43

  • Omgitsfirefoxx - Annie (Matt, Emily, TBA)
  • 0Abstruse - Karim (Emily, Jess, Mike, TBA)
  • Cody nara - Cody (Chris, Sam?, Matt, TBA)
  • Aicilespear - Aicile (Josh, TBA)
  • 7limbjessica - Ellie (Sam, Chris/Ashley, TBA)
  • InfinityWikiaCreator12 - Infinity (Jess, Chris/Ashley, TBA)
  • RedDragon1024 - Jerome (Sam, TBA)
  • XxSolarEclipsexX - Daunte (Mike, Jess, TBA)
  • Stormschg - Storm (Ashley, Chris/Ashley, TBA)
  • 3fingermike - Liam (Matt, TBA)

  • Sheda15 - Sheda (Beth)
  • TGLT FrenZy - Frenzy (TBA)
  • Charlie1121 - Charlie (The Stranger)
  • LostKunai - Kunai (Hannah)
  • SuperlyAttachedGlitch77 - Gich (Squirrel, Bird, Wolverine, Deer)
  • TheUnhelpful - Jack (TBA)
  • MrWubbzy - Wubbzy (Park Ranger)
  • TBA…

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InfinityWikiaCreator12 InfinityWikiaCreator12 16 September 2016

♥ about me ♥

Boom I stole both of you're formats hah ♥

Live in: Near the land down under ♥

Im a: The actual greatest procrasinator, I sleep about 7-8 hours a night but I manage to maintain a "healthy" sleeping routine

Good at: Eating, sleeping and being really ugly.

Bad at: Hiding my emotions, and being pretty :') 

My favorite color is lime, it suits me

Dog-person come hate on me now

Really hate coffee, my mum made me drink it really ruined my life

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InfinityWikiaCreator12 InfinityWikiaCreator12 16 September 2016

Do People Still Remember Me? ♥

please be honest cause lbh i haven't been active :( 

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Stormschg Stormschg 11 September 2016

Matt & Emily

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TGLT FrenZy TGLT FrenZy 3 September 2016

Peter Stormare?

Anyone else think he looks like your 44 year old drug dealer?

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MrWubbzy MrWubbzy 3 September 2016

I need help (This is Serious)

It all started a few days ago, one of my friend's mother died. Of course my heart went out to her, I comforted her and all, but I didn't think much of it. Then, I was bored online, and decided I wanted to listen to a song I liked when I was in middle school. The song is called "Slipping Through My Fingers". When I heard it, I started to cry because it just really touched me, then I started thinking, "What's after death?". Now, basically, I'm parinoid. Tonight, I can't sleep because of the possibility i might not wake up, and I might cease to exist, I'm freaking out here, constantly checking my temp. I'm scared, I need help.

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