I was down there. It was horrible...

The Blackwood Sanatorium was a private clinic owned and operated by Jefferson Bragg, who built the facility over a natural geothermal hot spring. The Sanatorium is a recurring explorable location in Until Dawn, and the primary location in the game's prequel The Inpatient.


The Sanatorium features multiple above and underground levels. The facility contains a psychiatric ward, a restraining area, a morgue with a functional crematorium, a clinic, administrative, staff, and security offices, dormitories, and cell blocks. There is also a chapel inside which provides access to an underground tunnel leading to the Washington Lodge.



The building was opened in 1922 as a health resort and spa, and it became a magnet for the wealthy set of the Roaring Twenties. The Great Depression hit the resort hard, and as the years went by, the parties of the '20s became a dim memory.


In 1950, the resort had been forced to cater to a less prestigious clientele. The survivors of the 1951 North West Mines collapse were treated at this location, leading to the clues found in the 1952 Clueline, outlining the origin of the Wendigos on Blackwood Mountain. Some of these survivors had already resorted to cannibalism, and others were experimented on. The staff at the Sanatorium recorded the transformation of the miners into Wendigos until the remaining survivors completed their transitions, and killed whatever staff had not already escaped or died.


In 1955, Blackwood's entire operation closed, and the mountain lay without a tenant for many years.

February 2015

Mike encounters a number of Wendigos trapped in the Sanatorium, which have successfully been captured by The Stranger, who resides in the Sanatorium. The Sanatorium was eventually destroyed by Mike, who burned it down and released the spirits of the Wendigos enclosed within the walls of the building.


  • The Blackwood Sanatorium bears some resemblance to hot springs resorts in Banff and Kootenay National Parks.
  • The Latin phrase serving as the Sanatorium's motto, "Mens Sana in Corpore Sano" translates to "a healthy mind in a healthy body." This is usually used in educational and athletic contexts referring to a need for excercise to maintain a sound mind.
  • Mike is the only playable character to enter the Sanatorium.
    • Sam can briefly enter, but only if Mike did not yet blow it up.
  • The Sanatorium resides the most Wendigos the player will encounter throughout the game.
  • The place has the most clues able to be found for the 1952 Clueline.


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