Beth... oh Jesus.
— Emily

Beth's Cross is the sixteenth clue in the Twins Clueline of Until Dawn. It can be found by Emily in the mine, in Chapter 7 of Until Dawn.


A wooden cross, with the date 2 February 2014 carved into it.

This clue largely hints Beth did not survive and died. The same date has been written on the rock, indicating that she succumbed to her injuries immediately after the fall.


When Emily is walking up the path after she reaches the slope she can't climb, instead of going straight ahead, turn right at the opening. The cross will be laying face down on the ground.


  • According to Hannah's journal, Beth was killed from the fall.
  • Considering Beth's grave is at a very different location in the mines, and Beth's body and cross are far away from her grave, it becomes clear Hannah moved her. Why she moved her so far, however, is not known.

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