Look, an axe... I feel better with an axe.
— Matt

The Axe is the seventeenth clue in the Mystery Man Clueline. It will be found by Matt at the cable car station, in Chapter 5 of Until Dawn.


An axe stuck in the door of the cable car station.


Choice 1

The player then has a choice to either break down the door or ask Emily to go through the window nearby and open the door from the inside.

  • If Emily agrees to go through the window, the player won't use the axe.
  • If Emily disagrees or you don't ask her at all, Matt will use it to break down the door.

Choice 2

The player later has a choice to kill an elk with the axe.

  • If the player chooses to kill the elk, all the other elk will push Matt off of the cliff.
    • If the player fails to act fast enough, Matt will fall to his death.
    • If the player is fast enough, Matt will grip onto a ledge and climb his way back up the cliff.


Matt will find the axe stuck in the door of the cable car station in Chapter 5 when he is walking with Emily to try and get help.


  • Josh put the axe here as part of his plan to freak his friends out.
  • It is one of the few clues needed to proceed with the story.
  • Matt will lose the axe either when going up the fire tower, or when being backed off a cliff by the herd of elk.

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