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Go suck an egg!
— Ashley

Ashley "Ash" Brown is one of the eight main protagonists and a playable character in Until Dawn. She is portrayed by actress Galadriel Stineman.


Ashley is a young Caucasian woman with medium-length layered red hair and green eyes. Ashley wears natural-colored lip gloss and has smokey eye-shadow.

In the Prologue, Ashley wears a dark green and white striped beanie, a dark red puffer jacket, a green long sleeved shirt, black lace-up boots, and a pair of charcoal yoga pants.

When the group meets up a year later, her attire consists of a striped red and pink beanie, a light bluish-grey hoodie worn over a long-sleeved red shirt, blue jean shorts, and dark leggings. She also wears a pair of red-striped fingerless gloves. Her accessories include a green rectangular ring on her right middle finger and a silver locket.

Later, she gets splattered with blood on one side of her outfit, which remains there for the remainder of the game. She may also be given a black eye by the Psycho if she chooses to stab him with the scissors.


Ashley is... she's a little more serious than some of the other girls. She's definitely very intelligent and thoughtful, she kind of looks at the whole big picture of things. She's not quite as geeky as Chris, but they connect in a lot of ways.
— Galadriel Stineman on Ashley

Ashley is described in-game as academic, inquisitive, and forthright. According to the companion app, she loves books, dislikes horror movies, and dreams of being an author.

Despite her strong feelings about what happened at the Washington Lodge a year ago, Ashley seems to be sweet, friendly, cheerful, and generally eager to be in the company of her friends. Her attendance and actions are partially motivated by her strong feelings toward Chris, whom she has an unexpressed crush on. She is shown to be very observant as, when she finds clues like the Hidden Camera and Faked Newspapers, she's able to recognize their greater significance. However, she does have a tendency to let her imagination run away with her; while Chris is incredulous, Ashley is quick to believe in an apparent ghost she sees and also misunderstands the magnitude of Emily’s bite wound. Compared with some of her more loose and laid-back friends, Ashley is rather polite, serious, and even a little hesitant; she doesn't use profanity often like other group members and tends to follow the decisions of others.

Ashley on her own.

Her tendency to be meek and timid outlines her lack of self-confidence, and as the night progresses she becomes increasingly distressed and scared by the life-threatening and seemingly supernatural events taking place around her. As such, she at times displays reluctance in looking for Sam when the latter goes missing, though Chris can usually convince her to continue and even show courage in the face of a potential threat. Still, when in actual danger, Ashley is not as quick on her feet as Mike or Emily. This is shown when she manages to stab the Psycho in the shoulder with a pair of scissors, but then fails to either follow up on this attack or escape.

Of all the protagonists, Ashley's personality can be shaped and effected the most by the player's choices. While Ashley did partake in the prank against Hannah, she had the least involvement of the participants, being a mere onlooker. Afterwards, she has the most chances express regret about participating in the prank if the player so chooses. However, the player can also choose for her to react dismissively and lay the blame with Hannah, claiming she overreacted. Additionally, depending on the player's actions, Ashley can be shown to possess a vengeful streak. If Chris chose to shoot her and save himself, she'll later refuse to let him into the lodge, leading to him being killed by a Wendigo. However, if Chris is made to do the opposite, Ashley will wait by the door for Chris to return and let him in just in time.

Until Dawn


Ashley is a smart cookie. She's often found in the library, studying away with her nose in a book. However, her overactive imagination means that she's jumpier than a paranoid kangaroo. She's not a fan of anything scary.

After spending a lot of time with her study-partner Chris, Ashley wonders if he's interested in her as more than just a friend, but she soon snaps out of it - Chris would never ask her out anyway.


One Year Ago

The player first sees Ashley talking with Matt before they play the prank on Hannah. As they head up to the guest room, Ashley laughs as she hides behind a partition and pops out as Hannah takes her blouse off. Although she chases after Hannah to the door, she does not call out to her.

Chapter 1

A year later, Ashley returns to the lodge with the rest of her friends. She walks around outside the lodge and sees Mike and Emily in an embrace through a telescope, which she finds odd considering they have broken up. Matt suddenly jumps in front of the telescope and frightens her, coming over to her in a fit of giggles hoping to catch up with her, and wants to have a go on the telescope. Ashley is faced with the dilemma of letting Matt look through it, letting him see Mike and Emily hugging, or insist that the telescope is broken, and lie to him in order to protect him from the truth.

Chapter 2

Ashley conversing with Chris.

Ashley and Chris have a brief conversation on the steps outside the lodge before Chris and Josh try to find a way in. Josh makes a few private comments with Chris about Ashley, suggesting she and Chris have the perfect opportunity to get together, but Chris has his initial doubts.

Ashley, along with Sam, will laugh at Chris when he is once again scared by a wolverine shooting out the front door after he finally opens it.

After a fight between either Emily and Jessica or Matt and Mike in the lodge, Josh sends Ashley and Chris off to find a spirit board together as a means of entertainment. He later tells Sam that he wants to give the two of them 'alone time' so they can get together.

Chapter 3

She, Chris, and Josh prepare the seance in hopes of contacting a spirit. Despite Chris seeing the whole setup as a joke, Ashley and Josh try to take it seriously as she is handed the role of 'spirit master'. When she starts to ask questions, she finds out she is talking to one of the twins and uncovers details of their demise, pointing to a clue in the library of the lodge. Eventually, the counter files off the table and the whole ordeal upsets Josh, making him leave in a fit of anger.

Chris and Ashley give Josh some time before getting up to investigate the library, and they discover a secret room behind a bookcase. Chris tells Ashley she should go in and look, but she insists that he should go in instead due to her cowardice. He ends up finding a picture of the twins with a disturbing threat written on the back. When she sees it, she agrees that they should both go and tell Josh. As they search the house for him, Chris starts piecing together the clues that he has found and theorizes that there may be a murderer on the mountain with them, with Ashley being disturbed at the thought.

The two of them then hear Josh call out for help in the kitchen, and Ashley runs to the source. Chris follows her, but as she peers in through the kitchen door she is pulled in and locked away from Chris. She gets knocked out before Chris bashes the door in and sees Ashley unconscious on the floor. When he looks up, the Psycho is standing before him, knocking him out also.

Chapter 4

After Chris wakes up and investigates the lodge looking for Ashley and Josh, he finds himself searching the shed and discovers Ashley's panicked screams, causing him to reassure her that he will find her. The lights turn on and he sees Ashley and Josh through a reinforced window, tied up and hanging from a wall opposite a sawblade on a track.

The Psycho begins talking to the trio, and gives Chris the ultimatum of saving Ashley or Josh from death. Both will beg Chris not to die; however, no matter who Chris chooses, the saw will kill Josh.

Ashley and Josh tied up.

Chris unties Ashley, both of them panicked, and the two escape the shed.

As they're leaving, they encounter Emily and Matt and inform them of the Psycho terrorizing them. They also explain that Josh is dead, though both of them are too traumatized to describe it in detail. Chris and Ashley are told to head back to the lodge to find Sam, while Emily and Matt decide to go to the cable car station to attempt to get help.

Chapter 5

Ashley, Chris, and Josh will be briefly mentioned by Matt and Emily, while the couple discuss Josh's death and the mystery surrounding it.

Chapter 6

At the lodge, Ashley and Chris find that Sam is missing. After checking the rooms upstairs, they venture into the lower levels of the lodge; while doing so, Ashley will express her gratitude at being saved from the saw trap by Chris. She can find Sam 's bracelet in various places if Sam had been caught by the Psycho (the locations depend on where Sam was caught) and Ashley will say that they have to find Sam fast. 

Ashley grows increasingly scared as she encounters candles lighting themselves, doors closing shut, and ghostly figures seemingly leading her and Chris somewhere. In the basement, they discover a dollhouse, with the dolls arranged to recreate the prank that had been played on Hannah.

Ashley and Chris exploring the basement.

After unlocking the dollhouse, they find Hannah's diary, which Ashley reads.

Immediately thereafter, a door unlocks, allowing Ashley and Chris to continue. In the next room, they can find a catalogue for industrial light bulbs and a video camera. Ashley can also pick up a pair of scissors at this point, as they are under the light bulb catologue.

The pair continue and end up in old dilapidated hallways that were part of the original hotel. Here, Ashley expresses doubt at continuing, which Chris empathizes with. The pair briefly discuss the prank they played on Hannah, before pushing on, finding several more clues, including fake newspapers. Ashley then hesitates again, worried what they could be walking into, but Chris manages to persuade her or encourage her to keep looking for Sam.

Depending on the amount of clues they found, Ashley can voice her suspicions that someone is constructing a story for them and watching how they react. In the next room, they can discover more disturbing material, including the hollowed out body of a pig, bloody hooks and chains, a hit-list of their friends, and a recording of the prank played on Hannah, which causes Ashley to freak out. After Chris calms her down, they continue and find a trail of blood that leads to a heavy door. As Chris is opening it, Ashley spots a figure she believes to be Sam and is faced with the decision of either following Chris or investigating the figure.

Follow Chris
If Sam did not escape, they discover a dummy that the Psycho dressed in Sam's clothes - depending on the player's answers to Dr. Hill's questions, the dummy will either be wearing a scarecrow, clown, or zombie mask.

Investigate Noise
Ashley is separated from Chris and runs over to the wall. She catches a glimpse of the Psycho and ducks to avoid him detecting her. After the coast is clear, she walks around the path and meets up with Chris again. Depending on whether or not Sam escaped, Chris can unintentionally scare her with the dummy he found.

Afterwards, they hear Sam crying out and venture into the next room, where they find a figure strapped to a chair; depending on whether or not Sam managed to escape the Psycho, the figure will either be a dummy in Sam's clothes, or Sam herself, unconscious. While they're distracted, the Psycho sneaks up behind them and knocks out Chris with sleeping gas.

Ashley panics and fumbles, causing her to drop the flashlight and waste time picking it back up. If she previously took the scissors, she can attempt to defend herself by stabbing the Psycho with them. However, doing this causes the Psycho to grow angry and, rather than use the sleeping gas, he knocks her out by punching her in the face, giving her a black eye.

Chris aiming the gun at Ashley.

Ashley and Chris wake up and find themselves strapped into chairs with two different saws descending from the ceiling. The Psycho tells Chris from somewhere off-screen that he has another choice to make: he can shoot Ashley and walk free or kill himself and save Ashley.

If Chris aims the gun at Ashley first, she will plead for him to spare her life, but if Chris aims the gun at himself first, Ashley will tell Chris to give her the gun and let her make the choice to save him, since he had already "saved" her life in the saw trap scene earlier. Chris can choose to shoot Ashley, shoot himself, or not shoot at all.

Chapter 7

Regardless of Chris' choice, the Psycho will advance on them as Mike and Sam burst into the room. Ashley shouts at the Psycho to stay away, with Chris attempting to shoot him with the gun, only to realize that it was loaded with blanks. The Psycho mocks this attempt, before revealing himself to be Josh, the whole set-up having been a prank in retaliation for the ones that had caused his sisters' disappearances.

Ashley and Chris are freed from their restraints by Sam and Mike, who then proceed to question Josh. During the exchange, Ashley remains quiet, seemingly in shock. She and Sam stay at the lodge while Mike and Chris take Josh to the shed to lock him up.

Chapter 8

If Emily survived her escape from the mines, she will run back to the lodge and be questioned by Chris, Sam, and Ashley. Ashley will express concern for her well-being and confusion about Matt's disappearance, but the group will be interrupted by a figure banging on the front door. Ashley and the others are later visited by the Stranger, who tells them of the Wendigos that live on the mountain. The group agrees to hide in the basement, but Chris is determined to get Josh, who Mike left in the shed.

The Stranger will agree to take Chris with him, and depending on the state of their relationship, Ashley will either see Chris off with a kiss and a request that he return safely or stare coldly at him before slamming the door shut. She then locks the door behind them and looks on as Chris and The Stranger leave.

Chris shot Ashley
If Chris chose to shoot Ashley while in Josh's trap, their relationship will worsen. This results in Ashley deciding not to open the door if Chris makes it back to the lodge. When Mike appears and sees Chris' decapitated head lying on the ground, she says "it was too late" and appears to be in a daze, as if the reality of what she did had not settled in yet. Mike has to snap her out of it and pulls her along, away from the door.

Chris shot Ashley and died
If Chris chose to shoot Ashley, but gets killed by the Wendigos before making it back to the lodge, she will cry at seeing his severed head roll to the door and apologize, before regaining her composure and leaving to join her friends in the basement.

Chris didn't shoot Ashley and died
If Chris did not shoot Ashley but still dies, she will break down and start sobbing at the door, with Mike having to drag her inside and tell her to stay with him.

Chris didn't shoot Ashley
If Chris did not shoot Ashley, she will open the door for him, allowing him to get inside safely before the Wendigo catches up to him. The two then make it to the basement.

If Chris had died, Ashley's reaction to it in the safe room will also change regarding his decisions.

  • If he tried to shoot her before, she will coldly ignore his death.
  • If he didn't shoot anyone or shot himself, she will appear to be devastated by his death, seeking consolation in her friends.

If Emily survived but was bitten during her escape from the Wendigo in the mines, Ashley will notice her bite while the group is huddled around the Stranger's journal. Panicking, she mistakenly believes that Emily will turn into a Wendigo herself, thus putting them all in danger. Mike, agreeing with her, orders Emily to leave. Ashley, backing up Mike's claims gets angry with Emily and tells her to get out of the safe room.

When Mike escalates the situation by grabbing a gun and pointing it at Emily, Ashley stays quiet. If Mike does not shoot Emily, Ashley says she hopes that he made the right choice, but if he does shoot her, Ashley will become upset and back into a corner, away from Mike. Shortly thereafter, she discovers in the Stranger's book that Wendigo bites are not fatal or infectious and can tell the others.

If Mike didn't shoot Emily and Ashley chooses to reassure Emily, Emily will become outraged with the others, and Ashley in particular, ultimately slapping her despite Ashley's apologies. If Mike shot Emily, Ashley starts to sob - Chris attempts to comfort her at this point, if he's still alive. Shortly thereafter, the group leaves the "safe room" at Sam's urging and go after Mike.

If Emily wasn't bitten or didn't survive the mines at all, the former scenario won't happen. Ashley will warn the group about the Wendigos regardless and leave the safe room.

Chapter 9

Ashley answering the voice in the mines.

If Chris is alive, he will ask the others to go without him due to his injured ankle slowing him down. Ashley can insist on him coming with them, or agree and let him rest while they continue. The group carries on, but discovers a locked door that prevents them from following Mike. Ashley finds a manhole they can use to circumvent the obstruction.

Ashley is the last to descend into the underground passageway, but delays, either to close the manhole or to leave a sign for Chris so he will know where they went. As a result, she gets separated from the others, who went slightly ahead. While she's catching up with them, Ashley hears Jessica's voice come from a side tunnel and is faced with the decision of either investigating the voice or rejoining the others.

Investigate the Voice
If Ashley decides to follow the voice, she drops down into the side tunnel and discovers a small room with a trapdoor, from which banging can be heard. Unlocking the trapdoor will cause a Wendigo to reveal itself and decapitate Ashley, before dragging her head and body back to its lair. The Wendigo will now be free to kill Chris if they had left him alone. However, it is possible for Ashley to ignore the trapdoor and exit the small room, allowing her to rejoin the others unscathed.

Rejoin the Others
If Ashley manages to rejoin the group, they will find themselves in a large cavern, with a broken ladder preventing them from progressing. Ashley is then told to go back to the lodge, while Sam will climb the rock wall and find Mike.


Chapter 10

If Ashley died before Chapter 10, her body won't be seen in the initial founding of the bodies. Instead, her decapitated head will be shown lying in a cage, and her body will be seen hanging later on as Josh traverses the mines with Mike.                                                                  

When Sam and Mike return to the lodge, they will go to the basement, just in time for Ashley and potential other survivors to run out, chased by Wendigos from the Sanatorium. Emily may push past her if she revealed the truth about the bite earlier on, putting Ashley at risk and making her the last one to leave. If Emily had not been bitten, or Ashley concealed the truth she will be the second or first (if Chris died) one to leave. Ashley will run upstairs, but the presence of another Wendigo (Hannah) on the ground floor causes her to freeze up and not move so that the monster cannot detect her.

Sam and Mike settle on a plan once the Wendigos begin fighting each other, at which point Ashley's fate lies in Sam's hands. If Sam runs for the light switch immediately, she will blow up the lodge while Mike, Emily, and Ashley are still inside, thus killing Ashley. If Mike was attacked earlier on and Emily pushed past her while Sam does not pick an option, the Wendigo will find Ashley, picking her up by the head and gouging her eyes out. However, if Sam distracts the Wendigo, Ashley will be able to run out of the lodge and escape to safety. She is then seen first outside watching the lodge burn as a helicopter flies over to pick up the survivors.


During the Interview.

If Ashley survived the events of the game, she will have various scenes throughout the credits in which she is interviewed by a police officer. Her dialogue may vary if certain choices were made throughout the game.

  • If Ashley survived until dawn, she will tell the interviewers that she heard Jessica in the mines.
  • If Chris did not shoot her and died before making it back to the lodge, Ashley will sob, expressing sadness and disbelief over the idea of Chris being dead.
  • If Chris shot her earlier, she will claim that she could not move, being too scared to do anything.
  • If Ashley stabbed the Psycho, she will say that she stabbed him and tried to get away from him but she didn't know that the Psycho was Josh.
  • If Sam, Mike, Jessica, Matt, Emily (or she survived, but did not find Beth's head in the mines) died, she is asked about Josh, whom she believes to have been taken by the Wendigo. She then mentions how Sam and Mike went to find him and were supposed to meet up at the lodge.

She may also be mentioned during one of Jessica's interviews:

  • If both Jessica and Ashley survived, one of the rangers will tell Jessica that Ashley claimed that she heard her voice, to which Jess will respond that it wasn't her.

Possible Deaths

  • She can be decapitated by a Wendigo if she chooses to open a locked cellar door.
    • If she only unlocks the lock and doesn't open the cellar door, she will stand to leave but the Wendigo will still get out and decapitate her.
  • If Sam fails the first Don't Move segment, is successful in the second, and does nothing when given the option of saving Ashley, her eyes will be gouged out by a Wendigo.
  • Ashley can be burned alive in the lodge if Sam chooses to run to the switch while she is still inside.

Killed Victims

  • Chris (Intentional, Indirect, Determinant)


Hannah and Beth

The player can choose whether Ashley says that she is sorry for what she and her friends did to Hannah or says that going to the woods was her own choice. Chris notes how Ashley was "such a willing participant" in the prank the survivors played on Hannah and looked like she was enjoying herself. As a Wendigo, Hannah uses Jessica's voice to lure and swiftly decapitates Ashley if she succeeds.

Beth and Ashley weren't good friends, as Ashley is tied with Emily for Beth's lowest relationship. Much like Hannah, Ashley can express remorse or indifference over her disappearance.


See Ashley and Chris for more information.

Ashley Chris Kiss.png

Chris and Ashley have a mutual crush on each other. Their friends, Josh and Sam often tease them about their feelings for one another. Depending on the player's choices, you can either have them start a relationship, remain friends or even grow cold.

If Chris and Ashley fall into the trap and Chris is forced to kill either himself or Ashley, they will confess their feelings for one another right before one of their deaths. Depending on their relationship, Ashley will kiss Chris before he heads out in search of Josh, and asks him to come back safe. Ashley will also defend Chris if he hit Josh while he and Mike were with him, saying "maybe he deserved it."

Their relationship can be severely damaged if Chris decides to shoot Ashley over himself, despite her plea for him to shoot her instead. When Chris heads out to save Josh, Ashley will give him no reply, and shuts the door behind him. If Chris makes it back, she will remember that he chose to shoot her and ultimately not let him back in, resulting in his death. If Chris does shoot her, but dies before reaching the lodge, Ashley will burst into tears at the sight, and apologize.

  • If Chris was confident when talking to Ashley, her relationship with Chris will slightly increase.
  • If Ashley is flippant during the seance, her relationship with Chris will slightly increase.
  • If Ashley is apologetic during the seance, her relationship with Chris will slightly increase.
  • If Chris chooses to save Ashley, her relationship with Chris will increase.
  • If Ashley shows sympathy towards Hannah, her relationship with Chris will increase.
  • If Ashley is courageous about finding Sam, her relationship with Chris will increase.
  • However, if Ashley is reluctant about finding Sam, her relationship with Chris will only slightly increase.
  • If Ashley is apologetic about the prank, her relationship with Chris will increase.
  • If Chris doesn't shoot Ashley, her relationship with Chris will be maximized.

  • If Ashley insists about seeing a ghost, her relationship with Chris will decrease.
  • If Ashley is dismissive about Hannah, her relationship with Chris will decrease.
  • If Ashley is unrepentant about the prank, her relationship with Chris will decrease.
  • If Chris shoots Ashley, her relationship with Chris will drop to zero.

  • Emily


    Emily and Ashley are not very close friends, though Emily will comfort her if Chris died and Ashley had a good relationship with Chris. Ashley will also listen to Emily and care about her well-being after her escape from the mines. However, their friendship may be severely damaged if Ashley argues to exile Emily from the basement after the survivors notice that Emily has been bitten. If Emily finds out that the Wendigo bite is harmless, she will respond by initially slapping Ashley, then later pushing Ashley out of the way when the survivors are escaping from the lodge basement during the final Wendigo attack.

    • If Emily was bitten, but wasn't shot by Mike and Ashley tells the truth about the bites, her relationship with Emily will drop to zero.


    Ashley and Jessica are not seen interacting with each other in-game. However, when she hears Jessica's "voice" in the mines, she can consider going down there on her own to save her, but doing so may lead to her brutal demise. Although they do not interact with each other, Ashley is Jessica's highest relationship status out of all the other females. If Ashley survives, she will briefly mention hearing Jessica in the mines in her interview.


    Ashley and Josh have a positive relationship. Josh asks her to speak when they are using the spirit board, and Ashley tries to run to Josh's aid when she hears him screaming. The Psycho believed that Ashley and Josh had a good enough relationship for his scream to serve as bait for her. However, in Chapter 7, their relationship seems to worsen as Josh reveal himself as the Psycho as Ashley trying to convince Chris not to rescue Josh in the shed.

    • If Ashley is apologetic during the seance, her relationship with Josh will slightly increase.
    • If Josh prefers Ashley over Chris, her relationship with Josh will slightly increase.

  • If Ashley is flippant during the seance, her relationship with Josh will slightly decrease.
  • If Josh doesn't prefer Ashley over Chris, her relationship with Josh will slightly decrease.

  • Matt

    Matt and Ashley are seen talking together in the prologue, and despite them not having many interactions in the game they seem to be really close friends. When Ashley is looking through the binoculars, Matt will playfully prank her. The two are very good friends and Ashley can try to reassure him after he sees Emily and Mike in an embrace. At the beginning of the game, Ashley and Sam are tied for Matt's second highest relationship. Ashley seems to be particularly worried about Matt after Emily returns to the lodge, continuously asking about his well-being.

    • If Matt saw Mike and Emily flirting, challenges Mike, but then apologizes afterward, her relationship with Matt will slightly increase.

  • If Matt saw Mike and Emily flirting, then warns Mike to stay away from Emily, but backs off, her relationship with Matt will slightly decrease.
  • If Matt saw Mike and Emily flirting and fights with Mike, her relationship with Matt will decrease.
  • If Jessica and Emily fought and Matt tells Jessica to shut her mouth, her relationship with Matt will slightly decrease.

  • Mike

    Ashley and Mike don't have a very close relationship. Their relationship starts off low on both ends. However, Mike will comfort her if Chris died on his way back to the lodge. If Emily was bitten in the mines and got shot by Mike, Ashley will seem frightened by Mike as she is seen stepping away after he tries comforting her after he shoots Emily.

    • If Emily was bitten and Mike shot Emily, her relationship with Mike will drop to zero.


    Sam and Ashley have a positive relationship and seem to be good friends throughout the game. Sam can look into Chris's phone and watch him receive a message by Ashley. Later on, she could ask Chris if he's seen Ashley yet and ask how she was doing.

    She can encourage their relationship when talking to Josh. After Sam's encounter with The Psycho, Ashley, and Chris will search for her in the lodge and Ashley will show concern for Sam's safety and well-being, especially if she got caught earlier on, causing them to stumble upon her being unconsciously tied up on a chair.

    The two are later seen in the lodge listening to Emily and The Stranger's story, and they will accompany each other when walking through the sewers in search of Mike. During the final confrontation, Sam could be the possible cause of Ashley's death if she ran to the switch too early, causing Ashley to be burned alive in the explosion.

    • If Emily was bitten, Mike shot Emily, and Ashley confessed the truth about the bites, her relationship with Sam will drastically increase.

  • If Emily was bitten, but wasn't shot by Mike and Ashley concealed the truth about the bites, her relationship with Sam will drastically decrease.
  • If Emily was bitten, Mike shot Emily, and Ashley concealed the truth about the bites, her relationship with Sam will drop to zero.

  • Trivia


    • Ashley is playable in 5 chapters (1, 3, 6, 8, 9).
      • She also has 6 playable segments. One in Chapter 1 (21:32), two in Chapter 3 (23:00, 23:14), one in Chapter 6 (02:03) one in Chapter 8 (04:51), and one in Chapter 9 (05:16).
      • This makes her the fourth most playable protagonist.
    • Ashley, along with Emily, Chris, and Mike, appears in 9 chapters.


    • Ashley can find the fourth most totems out of all protagonists, with 2.


    (See: Clues found by Ashley)

    • Ashley can find the third most clues out of all the protagonists, with 17.
    • She and Mike are the only protagonists able to find clues from all three cluelines.
    • Ashley, Sam, Matt, and Chris are the only protagonists able to find clues that have been missed or already have been found by other protagonists.


    The following contains information from the companion app and the Press Kit edition of the game.

    • Her dream job is an author.
    • She was voted most likely to publish a novel in the yearbook.
    • In ten years, she sees herself as a struggling writer in Greenwich Village.
    • Ashley's favorite quote is by Virginia Woolf: "Someone has to die in order that the rest of us should value life more."
    • Her highest traits are curious, honest, and charitable.
    • Her lowest traits are brave, funny, and romantic
      • Ashley is the most curious and one of the most honest out of all the protagonists.
    • Her highest base relationship status is with Chris.
    • Her lowest base relationship status is with Mike.
    • Ashley has a fear of the dark, according to Dr. Hill.
    • Ashley, along with Matt, is affected by 7 Butterfly Effect segments.
      • This makes them the second most affected protagonists.


    • Ashley is one of the three characters to have more than one way of death, the others being Matt and Emily.
      • Emily and Ashley are the only characters who can die both in the mines and in the lodge.
      • Ashley and Emily share two deaths: being incinerated in the lodge, and having their eyes gouged out by a Wendigo.
      • Ashley is one of the two protagonists - the other being Matt - to have more than one way of getting killed by a Wendigo.
    • Ashley is the only character whose body is not hanging up in Hannah's lair in the initial founding of the bodies in Chapter 10. Instead, her head will be shown in a cage.


    • She is the first character to encounter the Psycho.
    • She has the most encounters with the Psycho.
    • Along with Matt and Jessica, she is one of the youngest among the protagonists, at 18 years old.
    • Ashley is able to be heard in Josh's hallucinations.
    • If the player chooses Ashley as their most disliked character in Dr. Hill's fourth therapy session, he will comment on their lack of fondness for her. In a later session, Hill will hold Josh accountable for that, questioning him on why he would despise Ashley, claiming that she did nothing to him.
    • She is one of the three protagonists who could possibly kill another protagonist by intention (Chris). The other two being Mike, who directly kills Emily if he chooses to shoot her, and Matt, who indirectly kills Jessica if he chose to abandon her in the mines.
    • Ashley and Josh are the only characters to not have "Don't Move" segments.
      • They are also the only protagonists unable to die by failing QTE or "Don't Move" segments.


    • She has three trophies dedicated to her, them being: "Ashley Snaps", "Fatal Grudge", and "You Let The Wrong One In!"
      • The trophy "Ashley Snaps" is a reference to the 2000 cult horror movie Ginger Snaps.
      • This makes her the character with the most trophies dedicated to her.


    • In the original script, Ashley was supposed to be written as "a drug addict who would go around the house pretending she was in an Agatha Christie novel", but this was changed very early into development according to the developers.
      • This idea was referenced in Matt's line when finding the Cigar Stub: "Maybe Ashley's got a weird stogie habit."


    • "We're freezing our buns off out here!"
    • "Yeah totally, Woo! Let's go Jo-osh, let's go!"
    • "You were looking at your phone, you dip! What are you tweeting!? 'Hashtag there's a freaking ghost after us?!"
    • "Go suck an egg!"
    • "Wait! Stop! You can't do it, Chris. It should be me! You chose to save me before, let me choose this time... Let me choose to save you. If I do one last thing in my life let me do this!"
    • "No. Chris. We are not leaving you. We're sticking together. Mike will just have to wait."


    The character has no notable quotes in this chapter.

    Chapter 1

    • "Whoa, hello... Somebody's getting a little friendly... and not in the "friendzone" kind of way. They might need to check the expiration date on their big breakup." - Ashley seeing Mike and Emily flirting through a telescope.

    Chapter 2

    • "Mm... good! But a little cold. I think I could use some time curled up by the fire..." - to Chris if he chooses to be confident.
    • "Yeah... aside from being kinda cold... and vaguely creeped out by this place." - to Chris if he chooses to be unsettled.

    Chapter 3

    • "Hello...? Pick up the phone... Spirits... Spirit phone. Um... abracadabra?" - Ashley being flippant during the seance.
    • "I don't blame him. That was crazy! The pointer flew right off the table!"
      • "I mean if- If you were faking it you were doing one hell of a job-" - Chris
      • "I wasn't faking anything... I think we should what it says. We should look in the library." - Ashley and Chris after the seance.
    • "Chris, if this is your way of trying to make me feel better... you're fired!" - to Chris.

    Chapter 4

    • "This is insane... This is nuts! This isn't happening, Chris. Please tell me this isn't happening!"

    Chapter 5

    The character does not appear in this chapter.

    Chapter 6

    • "Are we going crazy down here?!"
    • "Chris, we made her look so stupid, in front of all her friends and the guy she liked. I can't imagine doing anything worse to somebody." - Ashley being sympathetic to Hannah's crush on Mike.
    • "I'm just saying... maybe she kind of overreacted, you know?" - Ashley being dismissive.
    • "This is horrible. I couldn't feel any worse."
      • "You look like you were enjoying yourself." - Chris
      • "That's the worst part, isn't it? We were just playing a joke. It was supposed to be funny."
      • "Yeah." - Chris
      • "I never want to see this video ever again." - Ashley apologetic.
    • "I didn't know what was going to happen! It was a dumb prank, Chris, and maybe we shouldn't have done it, but it's not like I personally made her run into the woods!"
      • "Kinda splitting hairs a little..." - Chris
      • "Look, she chose to do that. It's not our fault she did that." - Ashley unrepentant.
    • "Get BACK! Stay the hell away from me!" - Ashley encountering the Psycho.
    • "I wish I could tell you... it's just not fair!"
      • "What? ... Tell me what?" - Chris
      • "It's too late! Chris, what's the point?!"
      • "Stop it, just say..." - Chris
      • "We're always talking around it, and now, I mean, we've wasted everything!"
      • "Ashley... none of it was wasted." - Chris
      • "What do you mean?"
      • "Every second that I spent with you was the only thing I ever wanted to do with my time." - Chris
      • "What are you saying, Chris?"
      • "I'm sorry... I should have told you how I felt." - Chris
      • "Chris..." - Ashley attempting to confess to Chris.

    Chapter 7

    • "Noo! No no no! Get away!" - to the Psycho.

    Chapter 8

    • "Hey... come back safe." - Ashley to Chris before he leaves the lodge with the Stranger.
    • "This guy's a little OCD." - Ashley after reading the first page of the Stranger's Journal.

    Chapter 9

    • "Oh god, Chris. Are you gonna be okay?" - Ashley choosing to inquire of Chris
      • "Yeah, yeah! Just go on... I... I can't keep up with you macho ladies..." - Chris
      • "Oh God Chris just stop it, okay?"
      • "Listen, just... just go on ahead, okay? You gotta warn Mike. I'll be right behind you... I'm just gonna take a breather." - Chris.
    • "The ladder's toast, we're never going to make it up there!"


    • "I can't believe Chris is gone.. He was my best friend and... Maybe I-... We never had a chance." - Ashley if Chris did not shoot her and was killed
    • "The Wendigo... it has to be..."
      • "What?" - Interviewer
      • "The monster... it... took him down into the mines... where it lives... And Sam... and Mike... They went to go find him... and we were going to meet back at the lodge but..." - Ashley theorizing about Josh's fate if Sam, Matt, Mike, Jessica and Emily died.


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